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Carbon Audit • Green Partner
Carbon Audit • Green Partner
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Description of Carbon Reduction Activities

Dah Chong Hong Holdings LimitedDah Chong Hong Holdings Limited

  • Our group actively participates in various environmental protection programs, not only adhering to the long term mission of protecting the environment, but also uniting different parties to protect our planet.
  • We aim to minimize adverse factors to the environment when operating our office, workshop and workplace; we also get involved in environmental friendly projects with our business partners, suppliers and customers.
  • Advocate the 4R principles (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace) as the guiding principles in environmental protection to arouse staff’s consciousness and awareness on this issue.

Existing Environmental Protection Measures

Air-conditioning (A/C) system

  • Air-conditioning temperature is adjusted within the range of 23-25 degrees in office. Reminders are posted near the A/C control switches. Total energy consumption reduced by 4.7%
  • Posting "Energy Saving Tips" at the exits of all conference rooms to remind users to switch off the power before leaving
  • Shorten the operation hour of the central A/C system in winter
  • Conduct A/C maintenance service check regularly to ensure the system is operating efficiently in order to minimize energy wasting
  • Conduct regular A/C check in all business units and monitor indoor temperature
  • DDC system has been installed to the chiller system in the building since Feb 2010, which significantly reduced the energy consumption in the chilling system. Total energy usage reduced by around 7.3%

Lighting system

  • All T8 fluorescent tubes were replaced by T5, Super 80 energy-saving fluorescent tubes or LED quartz lamp, including office, stores, staircases, car parks and the corridor. Such measure achieved satisfactory results
  • Corridor lights were on for specific hours instead of switching it on for 24 hours
  • 2 fluorescent tubes were installed in each lamp panel instead of 3
  • Part of the lighting devices have been switched off during lunch hours and non-office hours since Nov 2009. Total energy consumption reduced by 0.24%
  • Posted "Energy Saving" label near all lighting switches as a reminder to all users
  • Replaced old lightings with LED light tubes in order to maximize the effectiveness of energy saving:
    • replaced traditional halogen lamps with 350 LED spotlights in 2011
    • replaced traditional PL-C tubes with 150 LED PL tubes in 2011
  • Installed light reflectors in the lamp panels and archived satisfactory results by saving 850 light tubes

Placing Recycling Boxes

  • Placing paper recycling bags to collect paper waste for recycling
  • Placing used toner cartridges collection bins at office
  • Placing the recycling bins for used aluminum cans and plastic bottles in the pantry for recycling
  • Placing collection boxes near copiers to collect single-sided printed documents for internal-reuse

Encourage usage of email, e-doc, e-card and e-filing system

  • Encouraged staff to use e-mail for internal documents and circulars to avoid paper consumption
  • Implemented e-leave application system, using online forms instead of paper application forms for leave application
  • Developed electronic document scanning storage system to reduce paper filing and local storage
  • Set the reminder of "SAVE PAPER - THINK BEFORE YOU PRINT" at the bottom of all email

Green procurement

  • Choose environmental friendly products and service providers, such as photocopy papers, printing matters by FSC paper and tissue hand towels

Computers recycling

  • Group IT will search for appropriate computers recycling agent to recycle old computer hardware and other e-waste

Green Education

  • Update green information via official intranet regularly
  • Encourage staff to participate green activities held by public organizations
  • Held the “lunch and learn” training courses for the staff

Environmental Protection Achievements

Our Group has successfully obtained the following awards:

  • "Class of Excellence" of Wastewise label scheme by HK Environmental Campaign Committee
  • "Class of Good" of Energywise label scheme by HK Environmental Campaign Committee
  • "Platinum Label" of LOOP by WWF
  • "Pearl membership" by WWF
  • "Green Partner Program" by Ricoh (Hong Kong) Ltd."
  • “Class of Excellence" of Energywise label scheme by HK Environmental Campaign Committee
  • “Pilot Company of GOALS” programme by WGO
  • “Better world company” by JCI

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Decor HouseDecor House

Ms Floy Cheung, Management Trainee
Tel: (852) 2578 0820 Fax: (852) 2578 1771
E-mail: marketing@decor-suite.com.hk

Saving energy
  • Optimize the use of daylight
  • Carefully arrange the position of lamp
  • Use energy saving light bulbs
  • Choose energy saving light bulb (CFL)
  • Use light color lamp shade
  • Keep light system clean to maximize lighting efficiency
  • Light on when heat sensor detect people walk pass
  • Turn off lights and air conditioning when not in use
  • Switch off air-con which is not in use
  • Close the door and window to prevent running off of air-con
  • Adjust office temperature to 25.5oC
  • Regular inspection for air-conditioning system
  • Ensure that officers turn off computer when they leave office
  • Make use of energy-saving features of computers
  • Turn off all electrical appliances or turn to energy-saving mode when they are not in use
  • Walk stairway and reducing the use of lifts
  • Use energy efficient appliances
  • Monitor electricity consumption records to reduce rise of power consumption
Saving paper
  • Order recycled paper
  • Set double-side printing setting
  • Use electronic fax to prevent junk fax
  • Use of e-notice
  • Think before multiple printing
  • Place boxes or trays next to printer to collect used paper for recycling
  • Encourage officers to use both sides of paper, recycled envelopes and loose minute jackets
  • Waste sorting
Saving water
  • Regular inspection of water supply systems
  • Repair dripping faucet immediately
  • Minimize water pressure
  • Turn off water supply system at night and on holidays
  • Reuse water for cleaning
  • Shorten hot water pipes, and separate hot and cold water pipes.
  • Post posters to encourage saving water
  • Monitor water consumption

Car maintenance and repair

  • Regular maintenance of vehicles to reduce fuel gas emissions
  • Avoid sudden acceleration to reduce fuel consumption
  • Maintain tire pressure to reduce rolling resistance
  • Switch off idling vehicles

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DiagCor Bioscience Incorporation LimitedDiagCor Bioscience Incorporation Limited

Ms. Yeung Ching Yee, Personal Assistant
Tel: (852) 2147 4088  Fax : (852) 2147 4138  E-mail: rachel@diagcor.com
  • Put a box next to the printer to collect the one-sided document paper for note or draft paper
  • Reduce copying, printing, encourage printing on recycled paper or using double-sided printing
  • Use e-mail rather than facsimile, writing and printing
  • Reuse stationery such as paper, folders, paper clips, envelopes, box, plastic bag, etc.
  • Every staff has a unique code for printing and photocopying so that such activities can be monitored and reduced
  • Switch off powers for lighting and air-conditioning before leaving meeting rooms or offices unattended
  • Set idling printer, copier and computer in sleep mode
  • There are separate switches for lamps and air-conditioners for different small regions / partitions in the office
  • Set out the room temperature at reasonable level to avoid over usage of air conditioning
  • Green plants are planted in the office
  • Encourage staff to save energy by smart notices in office
  • Develop a culture of environmental protection throughout the company

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Diamond Registry LimitedDiamond Registry Limited

Miss Pakol Wong, Marketing Manager
Tel: (852) 2116-5311 Fax: (852) 2116-5312 E-mail: pakol@diamondregistry.com

  • Keep air-conditioned at 24 oC in office
  • Regular maintenance of air conditioning system and all electrical appliances
  • Replacements of existing installations by electronics of higher energy efficiency
  • Encourage staff to print on both sides of paper
  • Provide trays to collect and reuse one-sided paper
  • Use e-fax instead of hardcopy printout and screen junk fax
  • Reuse items such as single-sided paper, paper clips, envelopes, folders etc.
  • Recycling of computer hardware, toner cartridges and other e-waste
  • Five day work reduce the energy usage
  • Switch off air-conditioning, lightings, computers and other equipment or switch them to the energy-saving mode when not in use
  • Select to purchase equipment with higher energy efficient label such as refrigerator, printers and computers etc.
  • Staff members are advised to shut down their desktop computer, monitor and laptop computers before they leave the office at the end of each day
  • Unplug unnecessary electronic equipment when it is not in use

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DICKS Dick's Sporting Goods International Limited

Ms Avery Chan, Human Resources Manager
Tel: (852) 3926 0545 Fax: (852) 2995 3023 E-mail: avery.chan@dcsg.com

  • Use light-colored wall paints to enhance the effect of natural light
  • Use energy efficient electrical appliances
  • 5-day work week
  • Base on 3R principle “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”
  • Printers are preset to 2-sided printing so to reduce the use of paper
  • Use emails or other online tools for communication to reduce paper use
  • Turn off the air-cons and lights when leaving the conference rooms
  • Reuse office stationery such as paper clips, envelopes, files, and plastic bags.
  • Product samples will be sold in the sample sale and donated to NGOs, so to help the low-income families and reduce waste
  • Place recycle bins in pantry to recycle plastic bottles
  • Promote and teach the staff members to reduce their carbon footprint and raise their environmental awareness
  • Assess our Carbon Footprint every year

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Reuse and recycling

  • Reuse items such as single-sided paper, paper clips, envelopes, folders, paper bag, plastic bag etc
    Reduce the need to copy and print
  • Use environmentally friendly materials and products with recycle content
  • Use of recycled material and light-weight paper as appropriate for business cards, corporate envelopes, newsletters, financial reports, calendar cards, cooperate gift etc.

Reduce paper usage

  • Copy and print on both sides of the paper, use multi-pages on each side, where appropriate
  • Use of electronic means for communications internally and with external parties

Reduce electricity consumption

  • In the areas that are not used, turn off the light, air conditioning and standby appliance like computers
  • Encourage the use of staircase instead of taking the lift
  • Avoid over lighting intensity by using lower power rating or reducing number of light bulb or fluorescent tube used

Improve energy efficiency

  • Replace traditional light bulbs by energy efficient light bulbs (Low Heat Emission lights)
  • Replace T8 lamp with electromagnetic ballasts by T5 lamp with electronic ballast
  • Replacements of existing installations by electronics of higher energy efficiency

Promote environmentally friendly behavior among staff

  • Switching off air-conditioning & lighting after using meeting rooms
  • Turning off idle office equipment before leaving the office
  • Climate Care Staff Campaign to promote climate change awareness/education amongst staff
  • Proper food planning in corporate events
  • Create awareness and encourage our staff in food and water conservation
  • Encourage use of public transportation

Supports recycling of equipment

  • Arrangement for the re-use and recycling of personal computers, notebook computers, equipment and electrical appliances
  • Participation in the waste computer and electrical equipment recovery programme organised by the Environmental Protection Department
  • Reduced waste by disposing of office equipment in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Encourage staff to support recycle program in the market, like rechargeable battery, printer cartage and cell phone etc.

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Dining Workshop (Hong Kong) LimitedDining Workshop (Hong Kong) Limited

Ms Pinky Chung, Marketing Officer
Tel︰(852) 3891-3891 Fax︰(852) 3891-3892

  • Promote the information of the energy saving through the memo, internet, email, etc.
  • Add the energy saving requirements when purchasing energy-consuming products
  • Remind employees to turn off the lighting when not in use
  • Remind employees to turn off the air conditioning when not in use
  • Remind employees to turn the office equipment into standby mode after use
  • Communication by electronic means
  • Re-use the holiday decorations (such as Christmas/New Year decorations, etc.)
  • Paper recycling

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DKSH Hong Kong LimitedDKSH Hong Kong Limited

Reduction of Paper Usage

  • A card reader is installed in most of the heavy duty copying/printing machines to avoid duplicating the printout
  • Send and receive faxes via computer instead of using print-outs
  • Use e-mail instead of memos and faxes
  • Don’t use non-recyclable thermal paper to print faxes. Use normal paper

Reuse and Recycle

  • Reuse stationeries such as paper clips, envelopes, folders
  • Recycle paper and printer cartridge
  • Recycle bin is set up for disposing aluminum cans and bottle

Reduction of Electricity Consumption

  • Switched off the non-essential lights at Office at lunch time every Friday
  • Replacement of T8 fluorescent lights to energy saving lights tubes in the majority of workplace
  • Replacement of halogen lamps to LED down lights in the lift lobby, reception and entrance area

Enhance Environmental Awareness

  • Encourage staff awareness of environmental protection by means of posters, green activities and intranet
  • Participated in the Low-carbon Office Operation Program organized by WWF
  • Participated in the Earth Hour event organized by WWF

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Dogaroo Group LimitedDogaroo Group Limited

Tel: (852) 2760-1331 Fax: (852) 2760-7214 E-mail: marketing@dwpgp.com

Minimize the consumption of electricity

  • Turn off all electrical appliance when not in use
  • Maintain the air-conditioning temperature at around 25 degrees
  • Turn off lighting facilities at lunch time or off work
  • Selecting electrical appliances with Grade 1/2/energy labels

Reduce use of resources and materials

  • Use recycled paper for office photocopying
  • Encourage staffs to use / print paper on both sides
  • Use rechargeable batteries and re-writeable CD-ROM to reduce waste
  • Sort garbage and recycle as far as possible

Educate/Raise the environmental awareness of staff

  • Remind staff to restrict their use of energy
  • Remind the above policies
  • Frequently evaluate and amend existing policies
  • Develop a culture of environmental protection throughout the company

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Dong Rong Electronics Co LtdDong Rong Electronics Co Ltd

Miss Bonny Woo, Sales Admin Manager
Tel: (852) 2710-9509 Fax: (852) 2710-9909 E-mail:

  • Reducing paper use
    • Use double-sided printing and photocopying
    • Print/copy only the pages you need
    • Re-using envelops, folders and carton in office
    • Sending/Receiving faxes electronically
    • Using e-mail as the company's internal and external communication media
    • Use computers to scan and save files in order to reduce printing and copying
  • Reducing electricity consumption
    • Adjusting Air conditioner temperature not lower than 25℃
    • Setting the computer to "standby" mode. When not in use, it will automatically enter into hibernation
    • Switch off air-conditioning system, lights and equipments in office sections which are not in operation
  • Avoid unnecessary outgoing trips and use public transport
  • Planting greeneries inside office area
  • Posting notices in office to encourage employee on energy saving
  • Setting up recycle bins for plastic bottles, ink cartridge and paper for recycle use

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Doo Technology LimitedDoo Technology Limited

Mr Low Junhui, Compliance Executive
Tel: (60) 10 959 0168 E-mail:

  • Use energy-saving light bulbs.
  • Use daylight whenever possible
  • Keep light fixtures and lamps clean to maximise their efficiency.
  • When buying new lighting, consider choosing compact fluorescent lamps, which use 75% less energy than standard bulbs for the same amount of illumination.
  • Switch off the lights and air-conditioning when not in use.
  • Ensure that computers are switched off before the end of a working day.
  • Make good use of the energy-saving features and options which come with the Operating System of the computers.
  • Keep track of the power consumption records and take measures to reduce the increase in power consumption.
  • Disseminate information by electronic means (i.e. via email or e-bulletin boards) as far as possible.
  • Set duplex printing as the default mode for most network printers.
  • Think carefully how many copies you need and do not copy too many.
  • Place boxes and trays beside photocopiers as containers to collect single-sided paper for reuse and used paper for recycling.
  • Encourage the staff to use paper on both sides, reuse envelopes and loose minute jackets, and use the backside of letter pads with outdated letterhead for drafting or printing.
  • For easier recycling, separate waste before disposal.
  • Carry out regular leakage tests on concealed piping and check for overflowing tanks, waste, worn tap washers and other defects in the water supply system.
  • Fix dripping taps immediately.
  • Reduce water pressure to the lowest practical level.
  • Place posters and other publicity materials in prominent places to encourage water conservation.
  • Avoid installing air-conditioners where they will be exposed to direct sunlight
  • Close off areas that do not require air-conditioning, and turn air-conditioners off in unoccupied rooms.
  • Place weather strips on doors and windows to prevent the leakage of cool air.
  • Clean or replace the filters in all air-conditioners at the beginning of summer, and clean them every two weeks from then on.
  • Set the office temperature at 25.5°C in summer and fix thermometers at various office locations to regularly cross check the temperature setting
  • Carry out regular leakage check on the air-conditioning system to check for possible leakage of refrigerants.

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Dragages Hong Kong LimitedDragages Hong Kong Limited

Mr Humphrey IP, Corporate QSE Manager
Tel: (852) 2507-1796 E-mail: humphrey.ip@dragageshk.com

Company Policy

  • Comply to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • Strive to improve continually on environmental aspect and impacts
  • Dragages is reducing building carbon footprint by seeking Environmental certification (BEAM Plus, LEED…)

Energy Saving

  • Replace all T8 light fittings with T5 light fittings
  • Switch off air-conditioning system, lights and equipment in office sections which are not in operation
  • Set in energy saving mode that automatic change to sleep mode when computer is not in specific time(usually 15 min)
  • Select and purchase electrical appliances with high energy-saving efficiency
  • Use centralized copy machines and printers

4Rs – Reduce, Replace, Reuse & Recycle

  • Reduce unnecessary copying, printing
  • Encourage double-sided printing
  • Collect and recycle the used paper
  • Reuse envelopes
  • Encourage to use electronic methods instead of paper for internal communication
  • Implement waste separation at source
  • Reduce business trips through video – conferencing

Green Innovation

  • Encourage greenery on site
  • Adopt innovative environmental friendly technology or device on site
  • In house Label “ Ecosite”, which through 66 requirements contribute to lower the impact on environmental during construction
  • In house “Green Site Office”, which through specification set 3 levels of awards, (Silver, Gold & Platinum) aiming to reduce site office environmental impact and raise staff’s awareness through training

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Ductpro Engineering (H.K.) Ltd. Ductpro Engineering (H.K.) Ltd.

Ms Wong Hiu Ching, Marketing Executive
Tel: 2344 2566 Fax: 2344 4802 E-mail: Hildawong@ductpro.com.hk

  • Turn off the lights when not in use
  • Use daylighting whenever possible
  • Keep lighting and lights clean and maximize the energy efficiency
  • Establish a policy to make a good use of air conditioners
  • Clean The filter and Fan Coil regularly
  • Turn off the air conditioner not in use
  • Reuse paper as much as possible or use it on both sides.
  • Use electronic communication technology to transfer information as much as possible.

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Dunwell Environ-Tech (Holdings) Ltd.Dunwell Environ-Tech (Holdings) Ltd.

Ms Serena Cheng
Tel: (852) 2443-8181 Fax: (852) 2789-3346 E-mail:


Energy Savings

  • Switching off air-conditioning, lighting and equipment in office zones not in operation (such as meeting rooms and conference areas)
  • Standby mode for photo-copiers, printers and computers
  • Effective temperature control in the office areas
  • Improved the air conditioning control system efficiency
  • Replacement of T8 fluorescent tubes with T5 ones in office and plant area
  • Installation of solar water heater


  • Reduce printing, print on recycled paper or use double-sided printing
  • Internal environmental trainings to staff
  • Use electronic means HR system for paper-less communications where appropriate
  • Installed sensor for urinal flushing system in the office
  • Participate in environmental programme
  • Recycle waste oil with technology State-of-the-art technology operates at low temperature and pressure
  • Promote awareness of staff by organizing related activities


  • With over 15 years of professional experience in environmental engineering, Dunwell provide technological solutions and services to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions include::
    • Provide State-of-the-art waste lubricating oil recycling technology which operates at low temperature and pressure (350°C vs. 80-90°C; Vacuum vs. 3 bar)
    • Provide Cleaner Production Assessment and Demonstration projects consultancy services
    • Provide energy, water and indoor air quality audit & consultation services
    • Provide wastewater recycling & reuse technologies

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Dynamic Progress International LimitedDynamic Progress International Limited


Mr. Steve Choi,
Executive Director
Mr. Ernest M. H. Lai,
Business Development Manager

E-mail: stevechoi@dynamic-progress.com.hk

E-mail: ernest@dynamic-progress.com.hk
Tel: (852) 2708-0033 Fax: (852) 2708-0028

Existing Activities:

  • To use B5 biodiesel in our truck and van
  • To minimize the travel distance/frequency for wasted oil collection to reduce the tailpipe emission through Centralized Collection System
  • To provide carbon reduction summary to our clients

Future Activities:

  • To reinforce promotion activities such as seminar to the general public on the environmental benefit in using biodiesel
  • To encourage diesel user to use biodiesel
  • To research more effective and eco-friendly process in biodiesel production
  • To continually increase the staff awareness on turn off air-conditioning & light in the lunch time and non-working hour and idle office equipment during working hour

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For general queries about climate change, please contact us at:

Telephone: (852) 2838-3111    Fax: (852) 2838-2155    Email: climatechange@eeb.gov.hk


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