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Carbon Audit • Green Partner
Carbon Audit • Green Partner
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Description of Carbon Reduction Activities

FAC-LEEDership FAC-LEEDership


Ms Rachel Cheng, Executive Secretary Ms Lili Pan
Tel: (852) 2529-2128 Tel: (852) 2520-2823
E-mail: info@fac-ltd.com

Permanent offices

  • Open window blinds to allow natural lighting
  • Turn off all electric appliances, air-conditioning and lighting after work
  • Reuse paper, envelopes, etc. use recycled paper, use electronic documentation whenever possible

Consultancy services to improve clients operations

  • To provide energy and carbon auditing services to reduce carbon footprint
  • Provide recommissioning existing buildings to improve energy performance
  • Provide client’s building O&M staff training
  • Encourage green building certification and provide consultancy services
  • Provide on-site IAQ management services during construction

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The University of Hong Kong The University of Hong Kong (Faculty of Engineering)
  • To carry out cutting edge researches on the impact of climate change on our environment, mitigation measures and renewable energies;
  • To make awareness to our students, through lectures, seminars and workshops, about the importance of carbon reduction and energy conservation;
  • To offer seminars to the general public on the proper and effective ways of carbon reduction;
  • To help industries and organizations to carry out carbon audit;
  • To implement ways to reduce electricity consumption in offices, laboratory and classrooms;
  • To reduce the use of paper by using more electronic communications and recycle used paper

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Federation of Hong Kong Industries Federation of Hong Kong Industries

Ms Nicole Yuen,
Senior Manager - Membership Relations Division
Tel: (852) 2732-3188 Fax: (852) 2721-3494 Email: fhki@fhki.org.hk

  • FHKI is committed to continually improving the environment by means of advocating ‘Low Carbon Emission’ in the business sector and our working environment. Early in 2010, FHKI has moved to its new 20,000sqm office in Cheung Sha Wan, which is easily accessible by public transportation.
  • Environmental initiatives will be adopted by FHKI include:
    • Promoting reduction, re-use, and recycle initiatives concerning use of office equipment, furniture and materials
    • Adoption of water purification system to reduce energy consumption during distillation
    • Adoption of green procurement with preference for environmentally-friendly and locally-made products to avoid unnecessary transportation
    • Reduction of building materials, use of environmental friendly and recyclable materials, avoiding using natural woods and paints containing hazardous substances
    • Improvement to office design to allow more natural lighting and ventilation and with adoption of an integrated intelligent system to reduce electricity consumption
    • Installment of more efficient lighting systems in full scale, including T5 and LED, saving 30% energy
  • The new office of FHKI has already been certified by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department for compliance with the Code of Practice for Energy Efficiency of Air Conditioning and Lighting Installations under the Hong Kong Energy Efficiency Registration Scheme for Buildings.
  • Moreover, three major environmental programmes have been launched: Setup of the Hong Kong Green Manufacturing Alliance, the One Factory-One Year-One Environmental Project (One-One-One) Programme and Carbon Audit Assistance Programme to encourage members to take green measures

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Finance One Limited Finance One Limited

Mr Julian Ngai, Director
Tel: (852) 3798-8018 Fax: (852) 3798-8010 E-mail:


  • Use office saving lights design and natural daylight to replace light bulbs with glass curtain wall
  • Light-emitting diode (LED) and TL5 energy saving florescent are used for office lighting
  • Use electronic products with energy labels / high energy efficiency labels
  • Office computer are set to "power saving" mode
  • Before leaving the office, turn off all computers, monitors and lighting

Paper Reduction

  • All publicity and promotion are issued by electronic means
  • Encourage the use of e-mail to reduce paper
  • Minimize copying, using double-sided copying and 1 side of the multi-page print
  • Conduct regular waste paper recycling

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Finsoft Financial Investment Holdings Limited Finsoft Financial Investment Holdings Limited

Mr. Lawrence Tang, Executive Director
Tel: (852) 2616-9987 Fax: (852) 2616-9506 E-mail: hr@finsofthk.com

Finsoft Financial Investment Holdings Limited (the "Group") is a company listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Stock Code: 8018).  Our Group implemented a 4R Environmental Management Model including Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replace, and endeavored to cultivate a green culture among staff members.


  • Use electronic means for paperless communication
  • Encourage staff to use / print paper on both sides
  • Switch off air-conditioning & lighting after using meeting room and office
  • Switch to sleep mode when the photo-copying machines, printers and computers are idle


  • Reuse office supplies including envelopes, document clips and paper bags
  • Choose products for which refills are available
  • Provide trays to collect and reuse one-sided paper


  • Set up recycle boxes to collect recyclable materials including waste paper, metals, plastics
  • Arrange recycle company to collect toner cartridges for recycling


  • Place green plants at office for improving air quality, instead of using air purifying chemicals
  • Send electronic greeting cards instead of paper cards
  • Use e-mail rather than facsimile
  • Bring own drinking cups, avoiding the use of disposable cups

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First-Class Management Consultant Company

Mr. Stanley Chow, Manager
Tel: (852) 8119-3058 Fax: (852) 3521-8732 E-mail:

  • Use energy-saving light bulbs
  • Switch off the lights and air-conditioning when not in use
  • Ensure that computers are switched off before the end of a working day
  • Make good use of the energy-saving features and options which come with the Operating System of the computers
  • Switch off all electrical appliances or, where appropriate, switch them to the energy-saving mode when not in use
  • Encourage the use of staircase instead of taking the lift for inter-floor traffic
  • Disseminate information by electronic means as far as possible
  • Set duplex printing as the default mode for most network printers
  • Order recycled paper for office photocopying and printing
  • Use e-fax to screen junk fax
  • Place boxes and trays beside photocopiers as containers to collect single-sided paper for reuse and used paper for recycling
  • Use the paper on both sides, reuse envelopes, and use the backside of letter pads with outdated letterhead for drafting or printing

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FM Investment Hong Kong Limited FM Investment Hong Kong Limited

Ms. Caroline Yung, HR & Administration Manager
Tel:(852) 3468-3610 Fax:(852) 2116-0418 E-mail:

  • In duplicate for copying
  • Printing is not encouraged
  • Paperless in the office
  • Switch off lighting when people gone

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Forward Electronics Mfg. Co., Ltd

  • To be provided

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Fook Tin Technologies Ltd Fook Tin Technologies Ltd

Dr. John Chai, Managing Director
Tel: (852) 2960-7288 Fax: (852) 2565-9672 E-mail:
  • To carry out paperless office through implementation of ERP system
  • To carry out carbon audit in China factories by third party to review and improve the current environment
  • To implement ways to reduce electricity consumption in office and manufacturing process
  • To identify for control energy-intensive operations and also continuously data-collect, monitor, analyze and communicate on fuel consumption and production efficiency of the power generators. The annual Environmental Management Program also specified the target of maintaining energy consumption rate
  • To build up more green area in the factory in order to reduce carbon rate
  • To identify, control and monitor our products and operation processes in an environmentally responsible manner including the prevention of pollution and control of hazardous materials
  • To post notice on notice board to always remind the employees comply to environmental practice
  • To comply with applicable legislation for environmental protection and Hazardous substances free and other requirements
  • To improve indoor air quality by putting in place a Smoke-Free Workplace Program

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Fook Woo Group Holdings Ltd Fook Woo Group Holdings Ltd
Mr CK Lam
Tel: (852) 2676-8700 Fax: (852) 2796-7158 E-mail: info@fookwoo.com
  • In order to reduce the consumption of resources from upstream, 4R's principle is applied throughout the group. Moreover, we work closely with the commercial sector, the industrial sector and the residential sector including the public and private estates in our waste recycling program.
  • Reduce
    • By the production efficiency in our PRC plant, we can reduce the consumption of coal by 8,000 tons per annum, which is equivalent to 16,000 tons CO2 emission or 16 hectares tropical forest annual CO2 absorption
    • Our efforts in reducing gaseous emission and improving production has enabled us to be qualified as Guangdong-Hong Kong Cleaner Production Scheme (Manufacturer)
    • We have joined WWF's Low-carbon Office Operation Program (LOOP) and we have implemented plans to reduce electricity consumption in the office
    • Joined Productwise Label of Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence, which emphasizes reduction of resource consumption in production
    • Set the office’s air conditioner temperature as 25.5 oC
    • All office lighting is turned off during lunch time to avoid unnecessary wastage of energy
  • Reuse 
    • Have in-house repair and maintenance department to fix the machine, vehicle and equipment in factory and office in order to reduce purchase of new items
    • Collection boxes for used A4 paper and stationery so that these materials can be reused
  • Recycle
    • Participate in EPD's Source Separation of Commercial and Industrial Waste
    • Joined the Wastewise program of Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence
    • Obtained FSC (recycled) certification that ensures all tissue products are made by post consumer paper. Also our tissue product obtained Hong Kong Safety Mark to meet the high quality standard
    • Offer CO 2 reduction certification to the customer who use our recycle service
  • Rethink
    • Our company has successfully passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 and we guarantee to monitor our product quality and the impact of our business on the environment continuously
    • Arrange factory visits for student, the public and NGO and let them understand more about the waste management in Hong Kong and review if they need to change their lifestyles
    • Become Friends of the Earth's Earth Partner (2010-2011) and support the environmental promotion in the long run

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Fountain Set (Holdings) Limited Fountain Set (Holdings) Limited

Ms Charmaine Cheng, Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Manager
Tel: (852) 3478-7017 Fax: (852) 2418-7048 E-mail: pr@fshl.com
  • Formulating Sustainability Development Committee to promote and monitor the environmental health projects
  • Carrying out carbon audit in the Hong Kong office and China factories by third party in order to review the current status and to find out the improvement opportunities
  • Placing boxes and trays to collect the recyclable paper
  • Using reusable paper in the printers and copy machines
  • Sharing information within the Group via electronic files to minimize the consumption of paper
  • Implementing office policies and programs, such as 5S, to reduce the purchasing of extra stationary
  • Using energy-efficient electrical appliances where applicable
  • Minimizing the number of printers and copy machines by centralizing the usage of them
  • Ensuring computers and other electric appliances are switched off by the end of every working day
  • Maintaining the air-conditioner temperature at an appropriate level
  • Switching off air-conditioning & lighting after using meeting rooms
  • Replacement of more effective lighting system like T5 fluorescent tube in Hong Kong and China offices
  • Actively promoting eco awareness in HK headquarter and Mainland factories through banners, posters, company website and internal publications
  • Recycling and reusing the extra energy generated along the production line
  • Installing desulfurizing devices for its coal-powered generations in Mainland factories

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FSE Engineering Holdings Limited FSE Engineering Holdings Limited

Mr Sean Lo, Manager – IMS & Safety
Tel: (852) 2733-4188  Fax: (852) 2722-5587  E-mail: seanlo@fseng.com.hk

Reduction of paper wastage

  • Encourage communication by email and fax
  • Setting default ink-save mode in one paper tray of every printing machine to facilitates application of one-sided recycling papers
  • Make use of papers by double-sided printing; print multiple slides on one page for training notes
  • As far as possible, use electronic storage to store documents and files
  • Select and order printing papers with Green Label
Reduction of energy wastage
  • Maintain average indoor temperature between 24-26°C
  • Maximize daylight application in order to reduce energy consumption
  • Sweeping light bulbs and light fittings regularly by means of broom to maximize lighting efficiency
  • Unplug chargers and adapters from socket outlets when not in use
  • Switch off monitor while out of the working bench for over 30 minutes; switch off the computer when leaving office or off duty
  • Switch off powers for lighting and air-conditioning before leaving meeting rooms or offices unattended
  • Choose office equipment certified with Energy Efficiency Labels

Recycling of Resources
  • If applicable, apply waste classification, set up different classes of containers (e.g. waste papers, rechargeable batteries and CDs) for disposal of recyclable wastage
  • Arrange cartridges collection by supplier(s) after consumption
  • Use up resources of all kinds and if applicable recycle or re-apply materials classified as wastage for other purpose


  • Reduce usage of paper cups, expendable plastic cups and disposable flatware
  • Display notices or posters at offices to enhance staff’s awareness in environmental protection
  • Cultivate plants viable for in-door habitat inside offices
  • Encourage participation in activities promoting environmental protection

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong Limited FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong Limited

Ms Canny Wong, Manager, Corporate Sustainability
Tel: (852) 2513-2341 Fax: (852) 2513-2020 E-mail: shm-fbhk-csr@fujifilm.com

Since our establishment as Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Limited in 1964, we have always done our utmost to contribute to the sustainable development of society which adheres to FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation’s Sustainable Value Plan 2030 with below initiatives:
  • To conduct annual in-house Energy and carbon Self Audit for driving improvement on environmental management
  • To source environmental-friendly high-consumption and energy-used products including recycled/Forest Stewardship Council™ certified , cleaning agents, etc.
  • To achieve carbon neutral operation by purchasing carbon offsets for every compliment received in support of a renewable energy project
  • To continually increase the staff awareness on carbon reduction through different activities regarding energy saving, 3R principles, environmental conservation, etc.
  • To use environmental-friendly document management products and solutions striving for “Greener Office”
  • To adopt Energy Management System for driving the improvement on energy consumption and increase in energy efficiency systematically

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Fujita Corporation Hong Kong Branch Fujita Corporation Hong Kong Branch
Fujita-China Harbour-Zhen Hua Joint Venture
Contract P568 Midfield Apron Development Works
Contract 3301 North Runway Crossover Taxiway

Mr Joe Wong, Environmental Officer
Tel: (852) 6182-0351 Email: joewong@fujitaco.com.hk

  • Use FSC certified timers to promote sustainable growth of the forest
  • Provision of carbon and waste reduction training to staff
  • Use of precast units to reduce timbers required in producing molds for formwork
  • Excavated materials are sorted by materials sorting machines and reused for different purpose
  • Recycle treated construction wastewater (muddy water) for dust suppression
  • Use of metals for scaffolding to reduce construction waste
  • Use of energy saving LED lightings
  • Implemented Green Office Programme to save energy and other materials e.g. papers in site office

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Fu Way Sun Fu Way Sun

Mr Liang, Director
Tel: (86) 755-29548799 Fax: (86) 755-29548688 E-mail: charles@solarfws.com

  • Install environmentally friendly lighting device in the office, such as LED light
  • Turn off unnecessary electrical equipment
  • Encourage double-sided printing, reducing paper waste
  • Make full use of electronic communications
  • Use environmentally friendly products, such as rechargeable batteries, Green bag and undefiled detergent, etc
  • Apply solar power supply device
  • Research solar irrigation system
  • Manufacture, sell and research hi-tech and environmentally friendly products, such as intelligent solar insect killer, solar bird repeller, solar lighting, etc.

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