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Carbon Audit • Green Partner
Carbon Audit • Green Partner
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Description of Carbon Reduction Activities

i-CABLE Communications Ltdi-CABLE Communications Ltd

Ms Christy Chan, External Affairs Department
Tel: (852) 2112-5927  Fax: (852) 2112-7855

  • Reduce operating hours of public lighting
  • Re-zoning to enhance automated switching off of air-conditioning & lighting
  • Retrofit lighting system by replacing energy efficient T5 flourescent tubes and LED lamp
  • Replacement of aged chillers to facilitate smooth operation and energy conservation
  • Adjust indoor temperature settings
  • Measures to enhance automated office environment such as email communication to reduce paper consumption
  • Adopt and actively apply 4Rs – Reduce, Recycle, Re-use and Replace in every applicable area
  • Purchase energy efficient office equipment
  • Reduce the number of company vehicles and optimize vehicle utilization
  • Regular vehicle maintenance to reduce carbon emission and extending the life span of vehicles
  • Guidelines to enhance proper driving practice to switch off vehicle when idling
  • E-statement and notification system to customers
  • Participation in public activities and encourage staff behavior towards “Green Environment”
    • Earth Hour 2009 – by WWF
    • Charity (Green) events organized by Community Chest
    • Recycling programs for paper, toners, moon cake boxes, batteries, computers…etc

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  • Recycle all recyclable materials
  • Set the central air-conditioning system at 25.5°C
  • Turn off electrical appliances when they are not in use
  • Do not leave electrical appliances on standby mode
  • Use as little paper as possible

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Info-Sky LimitedInfo-Sky Limited

Ms Peggy Chan, Assistant Marketing Manager
Tel: (852) 2103-1312 E-mail: peggy@infosky.hk

Waste reduction

  • Use paperless communication such as e-mail and fax to save paper
  • Remind staffs to use / print paper on both sides
  • Reuse office materials (e.g. envelopes)
  • Use rechargeable batteries and re-writeable CD-ROM to reduce waste
  • Provide reusable tableware in office. Avoid using disposable dinnerware

Energy saving

  • Use LED lightbulbs or other appliances with Energy Label in both the office and the shop to save energy
  • Switch off the light and air-con when they are not in use
  • Office temperature maintain at 25.5°C
  • Ensure the computers and other appliances are switched off at the end of the working day

Waste Recycle

  • Set up recycling boxes to collect recyclable materials
  • Encourage consumers to bring their own recycle bag
  • Use recycle or environmental friendly materials to produce the product package
  • Use recycled paper for office photocopying and printing

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InnoDynamics Technologies LimitedInnoDynamics Technologies Limited

Ms Clara Chan, Commercial Director
Tel: (852) 2593-9639 Fax: (852) 3009-7903 E-mail: sales@innodtech.com

  • Advise staff to use both sides of papers
  • Advise staff to think about the necessariness before printing
  • Advise staff to send email to disseminate messages instead of writing and printing
  • Used paper are gathered and recycled
  • Every staff has a unique code for printing and photocopying so that such activities can be monitored and reduced
  • Envelopes and bags are reused
  • Use more energy-efficient lamps / fluorescent lamps
  • Power saving mode of computers have been set
  • Using a refrigerator with Grade 1 Energy Efficiency
  • There are separate switches for lamps and air-conditioners for different small regions / partitions in the office
  • Temperature setting of air-conditioners will be set to 25 degree celsius
  • Water taps in the toilet are equipped with infra-red sensor as electric knob to save water
  • Stools in the toilet are equipped with two water levels of flush to save water
  • Green plants are planted in the office

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InnovAsians Limited InnovAsians Limited

Lizette Smook, CEO
Tel: (852) 3428-3102  Fax: (852) 3753-3173  E-mail: info@innovasians.com

  • Encourage printing on recycled paper or using double-sided printing
  • Adopt 4Rs – Reduce, Recycle, Re-use and Replace in office opertaions
  • Replace traditional light bulbs with LED light bulbs in office
  • Put on smart notices to encourage staff to save energy
  • Keep the air-conditioners temperature above 25°C
  • Use emails instead of paper to distribute internal news and messages
  • Do not have any flyers or promotional brochures, but electronic marketing material only
    re-fill ink-cartridges of printers
  • Re-use filing containers in office
  • Use water dispenser to eliminate PET bottles of water in the office

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InnoVic InnoVic Group International Co., Limited

Ms Kary Mak, Assistant Manager – Group Administration
Tel: (852) 3185-4124 E-mail: Kary.mak@innovicgroup.com

  • Chinese Only

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Insurance Authority Insurance Authority

Mr Johnny Lo, Assistant Administration Manager
Tel: (852) 3899-9581  Fax: (852) 3899-9993  E-mail: johnnylo@ia.org.hk

  • To maintain an average indoor temperatures between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius
  • To switch off electrical appliances and systems when not in use
  • To procure energy-efficient electrical appliances and systems
  • To display notices conspicuously inside office premises to remind staff of reducing energy consumption

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Intercontinental Hong KongInterContinental Hong Kong

Mr Harvey Wong, Director of Engineering
Tel: (852) 2313-2411  Fax: (852) 2739-2227  E-mail: Harvey.wong@ihg.com

Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Systems

  • Replaced chillers and associated primary pumps
  • Replaced sea water condenser pumps and installed variable speed drives
  • Installed balancing valves and re-balancing of chilled water system to reduce secondary chilled water pump load
  • Reviewed air handling units operating times and set points
  • Installation of Variable Frequency Drives in Guestroom Corridor and Ballroom air handling units
  • Machinery start times are staggered to reduce electrical demand
  • Maximum allowable frequency of variable frequency drives has been reduced from 50hz to 49hz
  • Installed Building Management System for monitoring and control of hotel systems

Plumbing System

  • Installed variable frequency drives to fresh water pumps
  • Installation of water restrictors to guestrooms, kitchens and staff lockers
  • Upgrade hot water calorifier controls
  • Use low temperature washing chemicals in laundry
  • Plan to upgrade hot water calorifiers to more energy efficient type
  • Plan to install heat pumps to pre-heat domestic hot water

Steam System

  • Replaced steam boilers
  • Replace laundry waste steam heat exchanger for pre-heating of domestic hot water
  • Replaced space heating system heat exchangers
  • Plan to upgrade the steam system, steam traps and replace Pressure Reducing Valves for laundry and kitchen

Electrical and Lighting

  • Upgraded capacitor banks for electrical main switch boards
  • Use energy efficient T8 fluorescent tubes in guest room bathrooms instead of T12
  • Use 4W compact fluorescent lamps instead of 40W incandescent lamps in guest room make-up mirror
  • Use of energy efficient LED strips in exit signs instead of 18W fluorescent tubes
  • Use compact fluorescent lamps in guest floor corridor wall lamps
  • Use compact fluorescent lamps in guestroom standing lamps
  • Lobby high level lighting operation times reduced
  • Plan to install LED lights to lift car handrails
  • Plan to replace fluorescent lamps in back-of-the house corridors to T5 type
  • Plan to replace halogen spot lights in guest rooms with LED spot lights
  • Plan to replace incandescent mirror lights in guestroom bathrooms with compact fluorescent lamps

Participation in Third Party Certification Schemes

  • Third Party Energy Audits conducted by Professional Energy Audit companies
  • Participation in Green Globe Program (Silver Certified)

Staff Involvement

  • Established Green Committee and Energy and Water Management Committees
  • Conducted staff communication sessions regarding Energy and Water Conservation
  • Plan to install sub meters for water consumption
  • Plan to install sub meters for electricity consumption
  • Plan to install sub meters for gas consumption 

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Intercontinental Grand Stanford Hong KongIntercontinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong

Mr David Au, Director of Engineering
Tel: (852) 2731 2807  Fax: (852) 2721 2840  E-mail: david_au@interconti.com
  • Implementation of ISO 14001 for Environmental management systems – Requirements with guidance for use in year 2000 
  • Replacement of new chillers by using R134a environmental refrigerant and more energy efficient by saving more than 10% electricity consumption
  • Adoption of chemical liquid NOVA Dispenser System from chemical powder for cleaning agent for laundry operation in order to optimize the use of chemical for energy saving and water conservation
  • Use of computerized work order system “Espresso” to reduce hard copy paper consumption and enhance efficiency with better management analysis
  • Electronic message display in guestrooms for notification of maintenance and information issues in order to reduce paper consumption for guest letters
  • Application of digital thermostat control system in guestrooms for energy efficiency practice
  • Adoption of Green Purchasing Policy such as only purchase what is absolutely necessary, purchase goods in bulk package whenever applicable to minimize packaging waste, purchase recycled toner cartridges for laser printer and purchase photo-degradable plastic bags for sanitary bag, shirt bag, garment bag, garment cover, laundry bag, dim sum bag, shopping bag, etc.
  • Guests are encouraged to play their parts in the rooms with prominently displaced dual language tent cards to change bed linen on alternate days and provide any toiletries (razor, shaving cream, tooth paste, tooth brush, comb) upon request to save environment
  • Actively recycling of plastic bottles, newspaper and aluminum cans
  • Replaced 2 sets of VVVF (Variable Voltage Variable Frequency) control for 2 service lifts in year 2007 for energy efficiency
  • Installation of frequency inverter for large sea water cooling pumps for chiller plant and chilled water pump for energy efficiency
  • Replaced more energy efficient T5 for T8 fluorescent tubes
  • Completed in year 2007 for a new electric hybrid plant (consisting of electric steam boilers and water to water heat pumps for 95% efficiency & Coefficient of Performance 2.5 respectively) for the replacement of a diesel fuel boiler plant (50~60% overall efficiency mainly due to the energy wasted through 200 oC hot flue gas exhausted to open air). The major advantages are CO2 reduction (approx. 70 cars off the road every year) and energy saving of more than 10% with full recovery of cooling energy to trim down chiller plant load during generation of hot water by heat pumps
  • Replaced an approved type new dry cleaning machine in year 2008 in accordance with the Air Pollution Control (Dry-cleaning Machines)(Vapour Recovery) Regulation
  • Replacement of LED lights for halogen lights will be the next major energy efficient project to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions in the coming years

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Internet Professional AssociationInternet Professional Association (iProA)


Tel: (852) 2778-0040  Fax: (852) 2778-0032  E-mail: iproa@iproa.org
  • To be provided

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IP&E GBA LimitedIP&E GBA Limited

Mrs Wong Yee Ting, Marketing and Brand Manager
Tel: (852) 2815-5029 E-mail: Karen.wong@citadelpacific.com


  • Reduce the amount of paper used, for example: double-sided paper, electronic documents
  • Set and maintain the air conditioner between 24°C and 26°C
  • Turn off office equipment that is not in use
  • Purchase energy-efficient electrical appliances
  • When leaving the office, the last employee will check and turn off all unused air conditioners, lighting and office equipment
  • Try to use daylight lighting when feasible
  • Five-day work week to reduce power consumption
  • Optimize the route of the transportation plan


  • Reuse pape
  • Reuse stationery, for example: clipper, folders, envelopes
  • Provide more recycling bins and facilities
  • Use recyclable ink / toner cartridges
  • Reduce the use of disposable and non-recyclable products
  • Encourage employees to bring their own drinking cups, reduce the use of paper cups and their own tableware, and reduce the use of disposable tableware


  • Use FSC certified environmentally friendly paper to make gifts for customers


  • Use energy-efficient light sources (i.e. T5 light tube)

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Island Shangri-La, Hong KongIsland Shangri-La, Hong Kong

Mr Kan Wai Ip, Director of Engineering
Tel: (852) 2820-8450  Fax: (852) 2869-4310  E-mail: waiip.kan@shangri-la.com


  • Use variable speed drive with frequency inverter to control the speed of the water pumps in order to meet various demands on water supply at different periods
  • Use programmable dimming system to control lighting levels in the ballroom and restaurants at different timing
  • Use timer control for lighting along service corridors to reduce lighting load during the night
  • Suspend overnight lift operation hours during overnight 
  • Connect roof signage – the “S” logo – to photo-sensor in order to control on/off of the signage to reduce operating hours 
  • Improve power quality (power factor) by using power factor capacitor at electricity incoming sources and lift machines 
  • Replace ceiling clip strip lights with cold cathode neon tubes, which help to reduce air-conditioning load and electricity consumption
  • Use energy saving bulbs, which reduce about 80% of electricity consumption compared with incandescent lamp bulbs

Air Conditioning 

  • Improve equipment efficiency by diverting bathroom exhaust to cool down the lift machines
  • Use guestroom energy saving and control system to reduce air conditioning load 
  • Use building management system to schedule on/off operation of air conditioning and ventilation equipment with time programme
  • Use variable speed drive to control the speed of the air handling unit in the ballroom and restaurants in order to meet various demands in air conditioning loading


  • Install water flow restrictor to control the water flow rate at the shower head and wash hand basin at 12 litre/minute and six litre/minute respectively
  • Install utilities sub-meters to monitor water and electricity consumption against benchmark figures so as to identify potential areas for improvement
  • Recycle condensate water from chiller plant to cool down dry cleaning machine

Fuel Oil

  • Reduce hot water temperature at boiler plant operation to meet seasonal demands
  • Reduce the boiler plant operation hours

Newly Implemented

  • Install photo-sensor to turn on/off the ceiling light at porte cochère
  • Use variable speed drive to control the speed of the kitchen exhaust fans to meet kitchen operation
  • Install carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor in AHU to control fresh air supply to ballroom 

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Island South Property Management LimitedIsland South Property Management Limited

Ms Wan Wong, Technical Manager
Tel: (852) 2989-6229  Fax: (852) 2989-6311  E-mail: contact@ipcchk.com

Energy Saving Achievements

  • Certificate of ISO14001 since 2005
  • Certificate of “The Hong Kong energy Efficiency Registration Scheme for Buildings - Code of Practice for Energy Efficiency of Lighting Installations” in carpark of Bel-Air
  • “Power Smart Contest” Friends of the Earth - Certification of Appreciation and Progress Award
  • Conscientious Recycling Charter
  • Old Textile Recycling Programme
  • Wood Recycling & Tree Conservation Scheme
  • Electrical Appliance Recycling and Reuse Programme
  • Rechargeable Battery Recycling Programme
  • “Class of Good“ Energywi$e Label
  • “Class of Excellence“ Wastewi$e Label (Since 2008)
  • “Indoor Air Quality Certificate” : Excellence and Good Class (Since 2006)
  • “Class of Excellence“ IAQwi$e Label
  • “Energy Saving Charter on Indoor Temperature”
  • “Energy Saving Charter on No ILB”
  • "Use Less, Waste Less in My Hands” Campaign Charter

Carbon Reduction Measures

  • Utilize renewable energy - solar lighting; solar panel power for external lighting and mosquito repeller
  • Replacement of equipments with energy efficient products (e.g. lighting, appliance and A/C split type unit)
  • Implementation of waste separation and recycling programmes (including food waste recycling, glass bottle, fluorescent lamp, rechargeable batteries, cloth, metal box, paper, plastic and metal)
  • Maintain indoor air temperatures between 24-26℃ in summer
  • Turn off one passenger lift during midnight (Bel-Air)
  • Conduct annually review on operating schedule of external lighting before and after 15 minutes sunset and sunrise
  • Installation of solar sensor control for lighting on/off at refuge floor (comply EMSD and FSD requirement), tower main lobbies and club house premises
  • Installation of motion sensor control lighting at tower refuse rooms, towers, refuge floor, tower lobbies and carparks
  • Replace LED lamp, fluorescent tube, LED flexible strip and LED exit sign box
  • Installation of solar window film for glass panel at tower lobbies
  • Installation of heat pump for spa pool – energy-efficient machine
  • Installation of coolnomix-energy saving product for A/C unit and walk-in freezer
  • Partner with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to plan and organise carbon-reduction themed programmes among our residents

Promote environmentally friendly behavior and cultivation of green habits among staff

  • Turn off idle office equipment before leaving the office
  • Offer meals to all staff at a centralised staff canteen
  • Proper food planning in corporate events to minimize food waste
  • Encourage staff to save energy by smart notices in office
  • Use double-sided and 2-page-up printing and copying, where appropriate
  • Use of recycled paper
  • Efficiently use of electronic communication and electronic filing on shared drive

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ISS EastPointISS EastPoint Properties Ltd. / ISS EastPoint Property Management Ltd

Mr Darrel Kwok
Tel: (852) 2826-9166  Fax: (852) 3711-0636
  • To comply with all applicable Environmental legislation and other relevant requirements
  • To encourage conservation of natural resources, pollution prevention, energy saving and waste reduction through “reduce, replace, reuse and recycle”
  • To communicate our environmental responsibilities and commitments to all concerned parties including employees, customers, suppliers, contractors and the general public
  • To develop a culture of environmental protection throughout the company and provide awareness training
  • To undertake a periodical review of the Environmental Management System performance including the stated environmental policy, pledge/objectives and procedures for continual improvement

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Ivy Environmental Services International LimitedIvy Environmental Services International Limited

Mr Cheng Kwok Hang, Senior Hygiene Manager
Tel: (852) 5236-2138  Fax: (852) 2555-9701 E-mail: contact@ipcchk.com
  • Encourage colleagues to go to work on foot, by mass transit system or bicycle, instead of private cars or taxis
  • Form a corporate volunteer team and participate in environmental volunteering activities, e.g. tree planting and water saving events
  • Use circulation fans in office for ventilation and thus using less or no air con
  • Encourage customers to receive E-receipts
  • Set up short-term and long-term carbon and energy reduction targets

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Ivy Pest Control Corporation LimitedIvy Pest Control Corporation Limited

Mr Henry Cheng, Senior Pest Control Manager
Tel: (852) 5236-2138   Fax: (852) 2148-6475  E-mail: contact@ipcchk.com

  • Following the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for pest control work
  • Using accurate amount of chemicals during pest control
  • Integrating the concept of sustainable development into our development plan
  • Encouraging staff to take mass transit system when come back to office
  • Turning air conditioners to 25.5℃ in the office
  • Following the principles of 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in company
  • Organizing trainings on environmental protection to improve environmental awareness of staff
  • Improving supply chain energy efficiency

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