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Carbon Audit • Green Partner
Carbon Audit • Green Partner
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Description of Carbon Reduction Activities

Ka Shing Applied Knowledge Center Ka Shing Applied Knowledge Center

Mr Lee Wing Hang, Manager
Tel: (852) 2618-2166  Fax: (852) 2120-7752  E-mail: info@ka-shing.net

  • Reduce copying, printing, encourage printing on recycled paper or using double-sided printing
  • Provide trays to collect and reuse one-sided paper
  • Use e-mail rather than facsimile
  • Set idling printer, copier and computer in sleep mode
  • Develop a culture of environmental protection throughout the society
  • Working in partnership with all the stakeholders in the community to promote best practices and behavioral changes to reduce GHG emissions

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Ka Shing Management Consultant Limited

Mr Lee Wing Hang, Manager
Tel: (852) 2618-2166 Fax: (852) 2120-7752
E-mail: info@ka-shing.net

  • Reduce copying, printing, encourage printing on recycled paper or using double-sided printing
  • Provide trays to collect and reuse one-sided paper
  • Use e-mail rather than facsimile
  • Switching off air-conditioning & lighting after using meeting room and office
  • Set idling printer, copier and computer in sleep mode
  • Develop a culture of environmental protection throughout the company
  • Bring own drinking cups, avoiding the use of disposable cups
  • Buy less takeaway food, avoid the use of Styrofoam and other plastic foam lunch boxes and disposable tableware
  • Bring own cutlery, takeaway foods such as purchasing, requiring takeaway shop obviates supplied tableware

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Kai Shing Management Services Limited

East Point City (Commercial)
Mr. Cliff Tung
Tel: (852) 2703-9346 Fax: (852) 2703-9371 E-mail: epc@kaishing.com.hk

Landmark North
Ms Lo Sau Ping, Senior Property Services Officer
Tel: (852) 2672-9225 Fax: (852) 2672-1538 E-mail: landmarkn@kaishing.com.hk

New Town Plaza Phase III and New Town Tower
Ms Ng Yee Lam, Edith, Assistant Property Officer
Tel: (852) 2609-3669 Fax: (852) 2606-1655 E-mail: newtownplaza-3@kaishing.com.hk

Tai Po Mega Mall
Ms Samantha Ho, Assistant Property Officer /
Ms Cathy Lau, Property Officer
Tel: (852) 2665 6828 Fax: (852) 2665 6086 Email:tpmm@kaishing.com.hk

V city
Ms Louise Wong, Assistant Property Officer
Tel: (852) 2960 1800 Fax: (852) 2960 1811 Email:vcity@kaishing.com.hk

East Point City (Commercial)

  • Conduct carbon audit regularly
  • Using energy saving lighting system (e.g. T5 fluorescent tubes, LED light bulbs and energy saving light bulbs)
  • Implement lighting zoning scheme to allow individual switching for different areas
  • Upgrade air conditioning chilling system by using energy efficient chilling system
  • Implement Green Roofing program
  • Conduct Indoor Air Quality Certificate Scheme
  • Encourage both-sides printing and paper recycling
  • Increase the frequency of cleaning of the central air-conditioning system and encourage the tenant to carry out regular cleaning work to the individual fan coil units to maintain optimum efficiency
  • Establish Sustainable Energy Saving Implementation Plan
  • Provide training to all staff to enhance their environmental awareness, ensuring that they are capable of implementing our environment measures
  • Practice Green Management in office

Landmark North

  • Change the air cooled chiller plants to water cooled chiller plants for shopping arcade for reducing the electricity consumption
  • Installation of renewable energy equipment, solar panels and wind turbines at L5 Podium

New Town Plaza Phase III and New Town Tower

  • Set the central air-conditioning system at 25.5°C
  • Setup computer and printers in energy saving mode
  • Use as little paper as possible
  • Encourage staff to use public transportation
  • Purchase energy-efficient office equipment
  • Turn off the lights in any rooms not in use
  • Use occupancy sensors in area where lighting usage is not frequent
  • Adopt Intelligent Fan Coil Unit to regulate fan speed automatically to gain energy efficiency

Tai Po Mega Mall

  • Encourage two-sided printing and utilize single-sided printed paper as scrap paper
  • Encourage our staff to take public transportation instead of driving cars to work
  • Adopt the skylight ceiling design to maximize the utilization of sunlight such less lighting is required at the daytime to save energy
  • Minimize the energy usage by switching off all unnecessary decoration lighting earlier on weekdays in order to lower the energy
  • Replacement of T8 (36W) Florescent Lamp with T5 models
  • Raise awareness of carbon reduction and promote low carbon living style to staff and tenants
  • Actively join different kinds of carbon reduction activities
  • Conduct regular carbon footprint calculation (Future)

V city

  • Retrofitting of T5 fluorescent tubes to dimmable LED with wireless linked master/slave motion detection
  • Air-conditioning and ventilation system retro-commissioning
  • Install solar panel and solar films in footbridge area
  • Regular carbon audit

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Kantone Holdings LimitedKantone Holdings Limited

Mr Gary Choy, Vice President
Tel: (852) 2896 6663 Fax: (852) 2868 3810
E-mail: garychoy@kantone.net

Reuse and recycling

  • Reuse items such as single-sided paper, paper clips, envelopes, folders, paper bag, plastic bag etc
  • Reduce the need to copy and print
  • Use environmentally friendly materials and products with recycle content
  • Use of recycled material and light-weight paper as appropriate for business cards, corporate envelopes, newsletters, financial reports, calendar cards, cooperate gift etc.

Reduce paper usage

  • Copy and print on both sides of the paper, use multi-pages on each side, where appropriate
  • Use of electronic means for communications internally and with external parties

Minimizing electricity consumption and enhancing energy efficiency

  • Using energy efficient electrical appliances where applicable ; replacing existing installations with appliances / equipments having higher energy efficiency
  • Replacing traditional light bulbs with energy saving lamps or light bulbs, such as LE lights
  • Dividing the office into different zones, so as to implement separate switching on/ off for lighting and air-conditioning at different areas, thereby turning off the air-conditioning, lighting and equipment when those zones (like the meeting rooms) are not in operation

Promote environmentally friendly behavior among staff

  • Switching off air-conditioning & lighting after using meeting rooms
  • Turning off idle office equipment before leaving the office
  • Climate Care Staff Campaign to promote climate change awareness/education amongst staff
  • Proper food planning in corporate events
  • Create awareness and encourage our staff in food and water conservation
  • Encourage use of public transportation

Supports recycling of equipment

  • Arrangement for the re-use and recycling of personal computers, notebook computers, equipment and electrical appliances
  • Participation in the waste computer and electrical equipment recovery programme organised by the Environmental Protection Department
  • Reduced waste by disposing of office equipment in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Encourage staff to support recycle program in the market, like rechargeable battery, printer cartage and cell phone etc.

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Karrie International Holding Limited Karrie International Holding Limited

Mr Nigel Yip, Senior Manager, HR & Sustainability
Tel: (852) 2411-0913 Fax: (852) 2415-1608 Email: nigelyip@karrie.com

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Kenece International LimitedKenece International Limited

Ms Lee

  • Reduce paper usage
    1. Minimize photocopying and reinforce double-sided copying
    2. Use e-fax instead of hardcopy printout and screen junk fax
    3. Encourage customers and employees to receive and send information by email
  • Reduce energy consumption
    1. Replacements of existing installations by electronics of higher energy efficiency
    2. Replace traditional light bulbs by energy efficient and saving light bulbs
    3. Turn off excessive electric lightings when daylight is efficient
  • Waste management
    1. Placing recycle box for collecting un- reused paper for recycling
    2. Recycling of inkjet and toner cartridges

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Kerry Properties LimitedKerry Properties Limited

Tel: (852) 2967-2200 Fax: (852) 2967-8376 E-mail:
  • Have a responsibility to bequeath a better environment to future generations. We recognise the potential impact of our property development and management business to the environment and commit ourselves to minimise these impacts throughout the life-cycle of our projects. In balancing the need for operating as a profitable business, meeting environmental concerns, and building and operating quality property development projects, we will adopt the following principles:
    • To integrate environmental considerations in the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of all properties in our portfolio
    • To prevent pollution and to protect the environment by conserving natural resources, reducing the use of energy and minimising waste
    • To promote the use of environmental-friendly materials and technologies in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of our portfolio
    • To comply with all applicable environmental regulations, and other relevant environmental requirements, and strive to go beyond these wherever practicable
    • To instruct our consultants and contractors to implement our environmental requirements, and work with them to help realize our environmental commitment
    • To seek continual environmental improvements through the establishment of environmental objectives and targets
    • To enhance environmental awareness via internal and external communication of this policy and education to our staff, consultants, contractors, and other interested parties
    • To support environmental initiatives of the communities where we operate

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Kitchee (Sports Management) Limited Kitchee (Sports Management) Limited
Mr Fung Siu Fai Edmund, Assistant PR & Marketing Manager
Tel: (852) 6133-2030

  • Switch off gym equipment at off-peak time or overnight
  • Install drinking fountain machines with pressure on buttons or automatic shut-off timer
  • Encourage shortening of showering time
  • Enable standby or low power for gym equipment
  • Separate light switches for different light zones
  • Apply anti-ultraviolet films on windows to reduce heat gain
  • Reuse paper or use paper on both side
  • Install automatic sensor water taps

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Kin Ip Manufactory CompanyKin Ip Manufactory Company

Mr. Michael Ho, General Manager
Tel: (852) 2328-3420 Fax: (852) 2351-1409 E-mail:
  • Kin Ip Manufactory Company was established in 1968. We manufacture and export wide varieties of high quality shirt accessories such as Collar Band, Collar Butterfly, Collar Stay and Hair Ornament Hanger, etc.
  • In December 2010, we are proud to obtain an environmental management system ISO 14001 accreditation. KIM is continuing to enhance businesses’ environmental performance through effective management practices. We aim to create good environment through resource conservation and reduction on pollution and waste. To achieve optimal performance, we have implemented a series of ongoing carbon reduction initiatives described below:

Prevention and Reduction of Waste

  • Reduce Paper Usage
    • Promote “Use Less Paper” culture
    • Reduce photocopying, printing and using double-sided printing
    • Utilize e-mail to eliminate unnecessary photocopies and avoid unnecessary printouts
    • Receive incoming faxes electronically through an e-fax system, and make hard copies only when necessary using used paper or both sides of papers
    • Use of electronic communications to disseminate letters, notices, receive suggestions, etc.
    • Simplify daily operational procedures by eliminating, combining or reducing the size of forms, records and notices
    • Shortened email sign-off for all staff and use of e-cards
    • Use of electronic record keeping or documentations whenever possible
    • Purchase recycled paper for printing newsletters, brochures, leaflets, letterheads, etc.
    • Provide boxes to collect one-sided non-confidential paper documents for drafts or notepads and encourage staff usage
    • Place waste paper collection boxes to collect obsolete leaflets, newspapers, booklets etc. and arrange collection by recycling dealers
  • Reduce and Reuse Stationery
    • Reuse office supplies such as paper clips, envelopes, folders, paper bags, plastic bags etc.
    • Reduce the use of box files by reusing them after documents are stored or converted to electronic files. This will eliminate future purchase of new box files

Reduce Electricity Consumption & Improve Energy Efficiency

  • Install Environmental Friendly Lighting Device (e.g. replace all existing T8 fluorescent tubes with T5 fluorescent tubes in the office and factory)
  • Divide office into different areas to separately control the lighting and air-conditioning systems
  • Turn off lighting, air-conditioning units and office equipments when not in use (e.g. during lunch breaks)
  • Set office temperature at 25 oC in summer
  • Keep windows and doors closed when air-conditioning units are in operation
  • Switch off air conditioning units during winter and open air window for ventilation
  • Clean offices’ air-conditioning systems and dust filters regularly
  • Regular maintenance of office equipments and all electrical appliances
  • Use of digital cameras to reduce the use of photographic film, photo developing, printing and related packaging material. May select to print necessary photos when required
  • Adoption of energy efficient office equipments
  • Minimize overtime work in office to reduce additional energy consumption
  • Keep track of the power consumption records and take measures to minimize the increment in power consumption

Organize Recycling / Green Related Activities

  • Set up waste separation and recycling facilities for materials such as waste paper, plastic material and chemicals
  • Organize recycling programs for paper, paper boxes, and plastic material etc
  • Proper disposal and collect of chemical products

Conduct Internal Scheme / Training

  • Promote environmental awareness among employees
  • Encourage staff to save energy by placing smart notices in the office
  • Provide trainings for the focus of carbon emission reduction and environmental protection

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Kin Cheng Finance LimitedKin Cheng Finance Limited

Miss. Cheng, Graphic Designer
Tel: (852) 2896-0982 Fax: (852) 2897-3299 E-mail: admin@kcfinance.com.hk

  • Switch off all equipment power button when closed
  • Separate light switches for different light zones
  • Switch off air-conditioning when rooms are not in use
  • Air condition temperature between 26-28 o C, and not fully open all the air condition
  • To recycle paper with both sides fully used
  • Read PDF file format replace copy documents
  • Up to 70% office computer are energy-efficient laptops

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Kingkey Privilege Wealth Management Limited Kingkey Privilege Wealth Management Limited

Ms Crysties Shek, Marketing Officer
Tel: 3891 3956 Fax: 3891 3980 E-mail: crysties.shek@kkgroup.com.hk

  • Separate light switches for different light zones
  • Switch off air-conditioning when rooms are not in use
  • Set the air conditioning systems at a minimum of 25.5 degrees Celsius
  • Reuse paper or use paper on both sides, when possible
  • Set the computer and printers to default duplex and economical modes
  • Monitor printing volume regularly and set print quota for users as far as practicable
  • Set the computers to automatic standby/sleeping mode when idling
  • Use video conferencing for online presentations and conferences to substitute unnecessary overseas business travel

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Kiu Lok Service Management Co Ltd

Contact :
Tel : (852) 2802-7966 Fax : (852) 2824-0193 E-mail:

The Administrative Measures

  • As early as 2004, the company had established a clear environmental policy
  • The EHS committee was established in 2004 (members including of senior management to front staff), conducting regular meeting monthly with contractors and partners
  • In 2004, successfully obtained the ISO 14001 international environmental management system quality certification.
  • Annual environmental objectives are constituted by each department, to promote continuous improvement.
  • Collection tray to collect recycled paper has been set up in office for staff reuse
  • Printer / copier default setting is output black and white colour with duplex printing
  • The empty printer / copier toner cartridges will be returned to the recyclers
  • The torch to be used in company was adopting rechargeable batteries
  • In office, Internet, Intranet and e-mail system are mainly adopted to receive and transmit information and documents

Engineering Measures

  • Replacement of advanced and efficient dual-supply (both chilled water and hot water) heat pump system to replace the existing heat pump system. (The chilled water from new heat pump will be a supporting to the existing chilled water system)
  • Installation of frequency Inverter on major water pumps to effectively operate the water flow in partial loading condition and lead to energy saving
  • Heat Wheel heat exchanger is adopted in fresh air supply to absorb the waste energy of exhaust air from the building to reduce the energy consumption of Primary Air Handling Units
  • Lightings at public area are planned to be gradually switching to energy-saving lamps (Such as compact fluorescent lamps, T5 fluorescent tube, LED lamp, energy saving electronic ballasts, Induction lamp)
  • Set out of clear temperature control guidelines for central air conditioning system and to be strictly monitored and controlled by operator
  • Office lighting switches are all affixed with the label of energy-saving tips
  • Sensor set and inverter were adopted on the escalators which have less passenger rate for energy saving purpose
  • Replacement with lesser power rating chilled water pumps for partial load operation

Carbon Reduction Activities

  • "Earth Hour" lights-out campaign (WWF)
  • Energy Efficiency Registration Scheme (Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Services Department)
  • "Smart power" energy-saving competition (Friends of the Earth)
  • “Tree Planting Challenge” tree planting activities (Friends of the Earth)
  • Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence – Energywi$e logo (The Environmental Campaign Committee and relevant agencies)
  • Old Computer Recycling Program (EPD)
  • Low-carbon office lectures (WWF)
  • The Books Recycling Campaign (World Vision)

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KML Engineering LtdKML Engineering Ltd

Ms Helen Wai, Associate Director
Tel: (852) 2686-7933 Fax: (852) 2636-5652 E-mail: hywai@kml.com.hk

Company Activities

  • Evaluate the environmental impact of our business activities, products and services and devise environmental objectives, targets, plans and instructions for preventing, eliminating, reducing and controlling pollution to the environment as well as monitor and evaluate their effectiveness
  • Promote and support the inclusion of green essence in design, manufacture, driving, purchase and work practices
  • Conserve the use of resources, minimize waste generation at source and promote and support the 4R principles i.e. “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Responsibility”
  • Raise employees’ environmental awareness through in-house and external training, encourage their active participation in environmental matters and hold them accountable for enhancing environmental performance
  • Actively communicate with employees, customers, partners, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, the community as well as the environmental and government bodies, enhance understanding and promotion on environmental protection and carbon reduction and encourage stakeholders to enforce the environmental standards
  • Enforce and regularly review company Environmental Policy and revise it if necessary for meeting changes to the internal and external circumstances

Participation in External Campaigns

  • Environmental Protection Department “Carbon Reduction Charter”
  • WWF – Hong Kong “Earth Hour”
  • Friends of the Earth (HK) “Dim It Charter”
  • Friends of the Earth (HK) “Conscientious Recycling Charter”


  • Caring Company Logo
  • Energywi$e Label of the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE)
  • Wastewi$e Label of the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE)

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Konica Minolta Busness Solutions (HK) LtdKonica Minolta Business Solutions (HK) Ltd

Ms Jessica Ng, Human Resources and Administration Manager
Tel: (852) 2856-4711
Fax: (852) 2565-7613 E-mail: jessica.ng@bhk.konicaminolta.hk

  • Certification of ISO14001 Environmental Management System and setting of annual corporate targets in the reduction of electricity consumption and paper usage in the offices.
  • Internal memos to raise staffs’ awareness in energy savings and encourage paper recycling in the office.
  • Provide guidance notes to contractors and suppliers for their use of materials and resources to be both energy and resource efficient.
  • Reduction of paper usage by acquiring the fax management system and encourage the use of email communication over fax where applicable.
  • Use of FSC paper for company promotional materials such as name cards.
  • Regular maintenance of systems such as air-conditioning units and company trucks to ensure their efficiency.
  • Carry out energy audit to monitor the energy consumption of company’s activities and to implement procedures to reduce the consumption wherever applicable.

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Kornhill Inc LimitedKornhill Inc Limited

Ms Vicki CHIU, Administrative Officer
Tel: (852) 2426-7404 Fax: (852) 2426-7406 E-mail: vicki@kornhillinc.com

  • All the computers are set double-sided as default printing, as well as b/w printing to reduce color print
  • Place recycle box next to the photocopiers to collect one-sided paper for reuse
  • Plant green plant inside office area
  • Switching off air-conditioning, lighting in office zone not in operation (such as conference rooms)
  • Communicate via internet or intranet to save papers
  • Five-day work to reduce energy usage
  • Set idling photocopier and computer in sleep mode

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Kowloon Shangri-LaKowloon Shangri-La

Mr Jackson Lao, Director of Engineering
Tel: (852) 2733-8710 Fax: (852) 2312-1103 E-mail: jackson.lao@shangri-la.com

  • Further implementation of boiler operation time control, which saved about 6000 litres monthly
  • Retrofit of 180 T8 fluorescent tubes (1200 mm length), which operate 20 hours per day, with T5 fluorescent tubes equipped with “save it easy” energy saving adaptor (28 W) and disablement of the electromagnetic ballasts. This has helped to save 22% of electricity compared with original lighting fitting (36 W)
  • Installation of six motion sensors to control ON/OFF lighting automatically in six staff toilets, which operate 24 hours per day. This has helped to save up to 30% of electricity compared with local switch control
  • Installation of energy saving spot lights (9 W) in six newly renovated staff toilets, which operate 24 hours per day. This has helped to save about 55% of electricity compared with conventional spot lights (20 W)
  • Installation of 120 (20 W) energy saving lamps instead of conventional spot lights (80 W) at planter, which saved up to 75% of electricity compared with traditional lighting fitting
  • A total of 132 lamps at the heart of the hotel, which exceed the standard lighting levels of 114 kWh/day, have been de-lamped. The energy saving is around 33% of the total consumption of existing installation
  • Retrofit of 200 (3W) tungsten lights at The Lobby Lounge, which operate 14 hours per day, with 0.25W LED lights. This has helped to save 92% of electricity compared with original lighting fitting
  • Temporary suspension of two out of four services lifts for six hours per day during off-peak hours has saved 197.4 kWh / day. The saving is around 13% compared with existing system
  • Reprogramming of hotel heating system activation when ambient temperature drops to 160C instead of 180C, which has saved 1085 MW of heating load last winter. The energy saving is around 38 % which compare with existing setting
  • As there was no heat pump in the hotel initially, all wasted heat from the chillers was discharged into the sea and hot water was provided by boilers. In January 2008, heat pumps were installed to change the form of the wasted heat dissipated from the chillers to hot water supply, which saved 111,000 litres of diesel compared with year 2007
  • Installation of “Door Opening Alarm” for all walk-in fridges in kitchens to alert staff to close the doors of the fridges properly if they are ajar. It has prevented energy leakage and helps to prolong the life span of the fridges
  • In December 2006, the rooftop signage was replaced with a LED one to save electricity consumption by 10 times when compared with the conventional neon light. This was also found to be more environmental friendly to the ozone
  • In August 2005, the hotel neon light signages at the hotel entrances were replaced with LED to save electricity consumption by 10 times
  • Since 1997, we have participated in tree planting campaign and have planted over 1,000 trees
  • On-going study to replace other lights with LED ones in the hotel areas

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Kum Shing GroupKum Shing Group

Mr Alvin Law, Assistant Environmental Manager
Tel: (852) 2362-8688 Fax: (852) 2363 7425 E-mail: alvinlaw@kumshing.com.hk

  • Carry out energy management to monitor energy consumption and report carbon footprint calculation
  • Conduct carbon audit on office operation by external verification bodies
  • Adjust indoor temperature to around 22 – 25.5oC
  • Adopt office equipments with energy efficiency consideration
  • Promote environmentally friendly behaviour in efficient use of energy among staff
  • Imply 3R principles of ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ at all times
  • Introduce application of energy saving devices (e.g. motion sensor, T5 tubes or lighting control system, etc.)
  • Set measureable targets for continual improvement in reducing GHG emission
  • Implement waste recovery and recycling of papers, plastic bottle and aluminium cans
  • Increase adoption of hybrid / electric vehicles in corporate fleet
  • Encourage use of double-sided and multi-page copying and printing where appropriate
  • Introduce food decomposer to handle organic food waste
  • Arrange seminars / trainings with topic in relation to carbon footprint and climate change for staff
  • Support green purchasing to minimise package waste and adverse impact on the environment
  • Provide engineering services in the areas of LED lighting system and renewable energy works (e.g. photovoltaic systems) to support GHG reduction initiatives of others

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Kwai Hung GroupKwai Hung Group

Winkie Ng, Leasing Assistant (CSR)
Tel: (852) 2845-2833 Fax: (852) 2845-1030 E-mail: winkie.ng@kwaihung.com.hk

  • Display reminder notice on copier/printer, alert staff print documents in both sides or by re-use paper
  • Re-use used envelope, used file and used paper box
  • Record paper usage monthly in order to monitor and control the paper usage
  • Purchase pen and pencil with changeable parts, environmental friendly paper
  • Internal decoration in simple style in order to reduce heavily disposal when office removal
  • Remind staff by displaying notice to switch off light and air conditioning when leaving office or the areas will not be occupied for long time
  • Switch off electronic devices, air-conditioning & lighting after using meeting room or leaving office
  • Share documents in meeting to avoid over paper printing

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Kwong Ming SchoolKwong Ming School

Ms Tang Wing Yan, Teacher
Tel: (852) 2476-2616 Fax: (852) 2474-6722 E-mail: wytang@kms.edu.hk

  • Get pupils involved
  • Minimize waste
  • Stop selling plastic bottles products
  • Organize activities for collecting recycle items: Beverage cartons, plastic bottles and ink cartridges
  • Encourage pupils to use reusable drinking containers and cutlery
  • Make your own soap with coffee residue
  • Encourage zero-waste party
  • Encourage pupils come to school by public transportation system or on foot

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KYOCERA Document Solutions Hong Kong Limited
KYOCERA Document Solutions Hong Kong Limited

Mr CHU Kai Yuen, Daniel, Assistant Manager, Marketing
Tel: (852) 3185-1337 Fax: (852) 3185-1399 E-mail: daniel.chu@dhk.kyocera.com

  • KYOCERA Document Solutions has worked on environmental management, based on the "Kyocera Environmental Charter" and "Environmental Vision" through the operation of the environmental management system.
  • We strive for ecological and economic compatibility in three areas: Green Products, Green Factories, and Green Communication especially we contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society.
  • Being certified with ISO14001 EMS, we conduct environmental preservation activities, including energy conservation activities, periodic external and internal audits.
  • We comply with the laws and regulations regarding the environment, including air and water quality.
  • We provide systematic environmental education to help all employees understand the significance of environmental protection activities and their roles in them.
  • To conduct environmentally conscious activities in various aspects including:
    1. (1) longevity design that reduces part replacement or disposal
    2. (2) 3R design that focuses on "reduce", "reuse" and "recycling"
    3. (3) low consumption power design that reduces greenhouse effect gas emission

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