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Carbon Audit • Green Partner
Carbon Audit • Green Partner
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Description of Carbon Reduction Activities

Lam Geotechnics LimitedLam Geotechnics Limited

Mr. S. K. Li, General Manager
Tel: (852) 2882-3939 Fax: (852) 2882-3331 E-mail: info@lamconstruct.com.hk
  • Reduce volatile solvent usage in drilling machine and plant cleaning maintenance with solvent recovery device
  • Try out biodiesel in selected drilling machines and site vehicles to consider switching conventional diesel to biofuel in operational scale to further reduce carbon footprint

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Lausifu Window InspectionLausifu Window Inspection

Mr. Michael Lau, Manager
Tel: (852) 5613-0106  Fax: (852) 3020-9201  E-mail: sales@lausifu.com.hk

  • Select contractors, sub-contractors , qualified persons for mandatory window inspection that also adopt the best environmental practices
  • Company vehicles are all fuel efficient. Use energy efficient and low-loss equipment for window inspection and repairing
  • Flexible working hours to encourage employees to use public transportation more efficiently
  • Sponsor and volunteer district environmental campaigns and projects
  • Use LED energy saving light bulbs
  • Use recycled paper for printing, and double sided printing whenever possible
  • Participate the re-use and recycle of computers and computer accessories
  • Computers and all electronic appliances have been set to energy saving mode, and will be shut down during non-office hours

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LCH (Asia-Pacific) Surveyors LimitedLCH (Asia-Pacific) Surveyors Limited

Ms. Vivian Yeung, Secretary
Tel: (852) 2586-1737 Fax: (852) 2167-8557 E-mail: vivian@lchgroup.com
  • Divide the office into different zones to separately control the lighting and air-conditioning systems
  • Switch off lighting and air-conditioning systems in office zones not in operation (e.g. conference rooms)
  • Switch off the standby office equipments when the staff leave the office
  • Encourage staff to reduce production of waste paper by putting recycle box in office
  • Encourage reduction of printing and copying, or otherwise usage of both-side printing
  • Use email to distribute internal news and messages
  • Reuse office stationeries and equipments (e.g. envelope, file, plastic bag)
  • Arrange for reuse and recycle of personal computers, notebook computers, equipment and electrical appliances
  • Encourage staff to save energy by smart notices in office
  • Incorporate energy saving and GHG emission reduction factors into our purchase decisions

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Lee Kee Group Limited Lee Kee Group Limited

Mr Simon Wong, Associate Production Director
Tel: (852) 2789-0282 Fax: (852) 2789-0303 E-mail: marketing@leekeegroup.com

Energy Conservation

  • Conduct carbon audit to assess GHG emission levels from business operations
  • Provide carbon footprint information to Environmental Protection Department
  • An automatic switch off device is installed for the Induction Furnace in the Production Line. The Induction Furnace is switched off after 8 hours of the normal operations
  • Replace incandescent light tubes in office areas by T5 light tubes
  • Use LED light instead of light bulb when replacing the old ones
  • When LED light is not available for some areas, Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) with Energy Label grade 1 are used whenever possible
  • Replace Energy Label grade 1 air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. if applicable
  • Replace all obsolete plastic protection cushion of water cooling pipe
  • Bi-monthly maintenance service for air conditioning units
  • Yearly cleaning of fan coil units

Resource conservation

  • Use e-STAMP within the operations where applicable. This is to save the use of paper by reducing hardcopies
  • Use recycled paper whenever possible
  • Place "Reduce the use of Paper" notice next to photocopiers to enhance employee awareness
  • Use dry cooler instead of water cooling tower
  • Monthly check water pipework leakage

Employee awareness on Environmental Protection

  • Place environmental policy and objectives in office and production areas
  • Orientation training on environmental awareness for all new employees
  • Encourage recycle of paper, plastic cans and metal cans

Environmental Management System

  • Maintain ISO14001 Environmental Management System
  • Set up environmental policy and objectives
  • Promote the environmental awareness to suppliers and contractors
  • Regular checking of legal and regulatory environmental compliance

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Lidl Asia Pte. Limited (Hong Kong Branch) Lidl Asia Pte. Limited (Hong Kong Branch)

Ms Maggie Chan
Tel: (852) 3840-4850 E-mail: Maggie.yy.chan@lidl.com.hk

Reduce energy consumption

  • Purchase office equipment with high energy efficiency and green label
  • Replace traditional light bulbs with energy saving T5 fluorescent tubes and LED light bulbs to reduce energy consumption and reduce heat load
  • Turn off lightings, air-conditioners, computers, photocopiers and other electrical appliances in offices after working hours, or when rooms not being used
  • Lighting zones control in the whole office
  • Full height glass installed in Manager’s Room to allow sunlight streaming into the office
  • Light-colored wall paints to enhance the effect of natural light
  • Conduct regular maintenance of air-conditioning systems and clean all the dust filters to maintain high energy conservation
  • Automatic shutdown of air-conditioning after business hours
  • Air-conditioning controls installed in each internal office to allow air flow to be switched off
  • Open window blinds to allow natural lighting
  • Affix “Save Energy” stickers near the exit as a reminder
  • Maintaining the office temperature of air-conditioning at 25.5 degrees

Reduce waste production

  • Reuse of stationery such as paper clips, envelopes, folders, and etc
  • Use of rechargeable batteries
  • Reduce the need to copy and print
  • Placed recycle bags to collect used paper for recycling
  • Use of electronic means for communication, i.e. emails, phone and video conference
  • Installation of water purification systems to reduce the consumption of bottled water
  • Substitution of one-off disposables for both staff and guests with ceramic cups, plates and bowls and aluminum utensils
  • Minimize the use of plastic bags and package waste during purchase
  • Donation of sample products to Charity
  • Company vehicles shall be well maintained to ensure a low level of dark smoke emission
  • Copy and print on both sides of the paper, use multi-pages on each side, where appropriate
  • Purchase and use of recycled paper as appropriate
  • Arrangements for the re-use and recycling of personal computers, notebook computers, equipment and electrical appliances

Promote environmental awareness

  • Imply “4R” principle of “Reduce, Reuse, Recover and Recycle” at all times
  • Placed over 50 small to medium size green plants inside office area
  • Minimize business travel to cut carbon emission
  • Encourage the use of public transport
  • Encourage staff and clients to eat “more veggies, less meat” to help reduce carbon emission on diet
  • Encourage staff and clients to “order what you can eat” to avoid food wasting in business meals and PR events
  • Communicate via internet to save papers and share tips on environmental protection

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Life SolutionsLife Solutions

Mr. Vic Lai, Sales and Marketing Manager
Tel: (852) 2778-2055 Fax: (852) 2778-3280

  • Carry out regular leakage tests on concealed piping and check for overflowing tanks, waste, worn tap washers and other defects in the water supply system
  • Fix dripping taps immediately
  • Collect used water if possible for cooling purposes, floor cleaning and yard washing
  • Ensure that hot water pipe runs are as short as possible and that cold water pipes are laid away from heated areas
  • Place posters and other publicity materials in prominent places to encourage water conservation
  • Determine water requirements for each facility and check usage frequently
  • Use reclaimed water for non-drinking use
  • Close off areas that do not require air-conditioning, and turn air-conditioners off in unoccupied rooms
  • Clean or replace the filters in all air-conditioners at the beginning of summer, and clean them every two weeks from then on
  • Use energy-saving light bulbs
  • Switch off the lights and air-conditioning when not in use
  • Ensure that computers are switched off before the end of a working day
  • Switch off all electrical appliances or, where appropriate, switch them to the energy-saving mode when not in use
  • Use e-fax to screen junk fax
  • Place boxes and trays beside photocopiers as containers to collect single-sided paper for reuse and used paper for recycling
  • Encourage the staff to use paper on both sides, reuse envelopes and loose minute jackets, and use the backside of letter pads with outdated letterhead for drafting or printing

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Miss Honna Chow, Clerk
Tel: (852) 2453-4328 E-mail: lilliputiens@netvigator.com

  • To be provided

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Li Tong GroupLi Tong Group

Ms Teresa Ho, EHS Officer
Tel: (852) 3973-8830 E-mail: teresaho@litong.com.hk
  • Adoption of various energy saving measures, including
    • lamp removal program
    • room temperature control
    • utilization of T5 fluorescent lamp in new warehouses
    • reminding staff to switch off idling electrical appliances
  • Adoption of waste management plan, including recycling of paper, plastic, metal and glass materials, wood and ink cartridges

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Lingnan University Lingnan University

Mr. Marco Leung, Sr. Facilities Management Officer
Tel: (852) 2616-8868 Fax: (852) 2616-5153 E-mail: coom@LN.edu.hk

  • Adoption of various energy saving measures, including:
    • retrofitted lightings with high efficiency T5 fluorescent tubes
    • installed motion sensors in washrooms and back staircases to control lighting
    • encouraging and reminding staff and students to conserve energy at all times
  • Adoption of recycling / waste management scheme and associated educational efforts, including recycling of paper, plastic and glass materials, and ink cartridges
  • Tree Survey & Preservation Project
  • Green Roofing Project
  • Improve indoor air quality on campus – IAQ Certificate Scheme
  • Promote paperless office, and use of recycled paper for printing
  • Adoption of Green Purchasing
  • Incorporation of “sustainability” into the design, selection of equipment and materials for construction and maintenance

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Link-Pro CPA LimitedLink-Pro CPA Limited

Mr. Brian Lai, Director
Tel: (852) 2167 8127  Fax : (852) 2167 8931  E-mail: brian@link-procpa.com
  • Use cloud accounting software, reduce paper use
  • Displace reminder notice on copier/printer, alert staff print documents in both sides or by re-use paper
  • Encourage staff re-consider the necessary before copying and printing
  • Promote internal/external communication by electronic methods instead of paper
  • Re-use used envelop, used file and used paper box Share documents in meeting avoid over paper printing
  • Sending e-card instead of mailing paper type celebration card
  • Record paper usage monthly in order to monitor and control the paper using
  • Purchase copier with energy saving and both side printing functions

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L’Occitane (Far East) Limited L’Occitane (Far East) Limited

Ms. Morna Lee, HR Manager
E-mail: morna.lee@loccitane.com

With the following principles, we encourage affiliated companies worldwide to focus their CSR program in ‘Community’, ‘People’, and ‘Environment’.

a.      Community – through business ethnics and philanthropy
b.      People – by working for well-being at work and for human diversity
c.      Environment – by limiting the impacts of our activities on environment

Existing measures

  • Build  eco-friendly designed premises located at  factory in southern France to reduce waste in water, energy
  • Offer free company shuttle to encourage staff stop driving to work to reduce carbon emission
  • Educate our staff from the first day to recycle paper,  turn off their PC and printer and  lights in their zone before leaving
  • Donate old PCs what are still in good conditions
  • Continue seek different way in reduce waste

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Long Data Technology LimitedLong Data Technology Limited

Ms Chan Nga Ling Bonita, Executive Assistant
Tel: (852) 2528-6205 Fax: (852) 2528-0626  E-mail: bonita@Ldtech.com.hk

Office Energy Saving

  • Change the lighting to LED
  • Use electrical appliances with Energy Efficiency Label
  • Maintain the office temperature at 25 degrees
  • Encourage to wear light clothes to reduce energy from air-con
  • Encourage staff to save energy by various attractive notices in office
  • Turn off all electrical appliances (e.g. lights and air-con) not being used in office
  • Remind staff to switch off or switch to sleep mode of the appliances when they are not in use in order to save energy
  • Divide the office into various zones so as to control the lighting and air-conditioning systems efficiently
  • Set timer for the electrical appliances not being used after working hours or in holiday
  • Conduct regular maintenance of air-conditioning systems to maintain high energy conservation
  • Encourage to drink all water you have taken

Recycle of Useless Materials

  • Communicate by e-mail and SKYPE instead of using printed material for internal
  • Encourage to print necessary documents only
  • “Think Before Print”. We encourage staff to use recycle paper for internal documents
  • Encourage to print two-side of a paper
  • Purchase reusable or recyclable office materials
  • Place boxes next to photocopiers for the purpose of reuse and recycle of single-side paper
  • Reuse office stationeries
  • Arrange for electrical appliances reuse (e.g. personal computers, notebook computers, other equipment)


  • Change and use low CO2 company vehicles
  • Use fuel additives to reduce engine emissions and increase its efficiency to protect the environment
  • Respond to the WWF, promise to stop eating shark fin in our campaigns in order to maintain the ecological balance

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Love Actually StudioLove Actually Studio

Mr. Gordon Wong, Assistant Photographer
Tel: (852) 2103-1381 E-mail:

Reduce waste of office materials

  • Use e-mail and fax instead of using printed material for communication
  • Print paper on both sides in printing office material
  • Purchase reusable/ recyclable office materials
  • To reduce waste, use rechargeable batteries and re-writeable CD-ROM in office use

Reuse/ Recycle office materials

  • Purchase recycled paper for office use
  • Recycle office materials regularly
  • Encourage consumers to bring their own recycle bag

Energy saving

  • Use appliances with Energy Label (e.g. LED light, Air-con) in the shop to save energy
  • Remind the staff to switch off the light and air-con when they are not in use to save energy
  • Maintain shop temperature at 25.5°C
  • Ensure the computers and other appliances are switched off after use

Green Education

  • Promote green living though our services
  • Cooperate with some NGO to raise the awareness of environmental protection among the public

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LTK International LimitedLTK International Limited

Ms Kaman Tsang, Assistant EHS Manager
Tel: (852) 2382-1133 Fax: (852) 2480-6327 E-mail: kaman.tsang@ltkcable.com
  • EHS Policy - Establish the bilingual EHS policy and it is displayed at our main entrance to publicize our EHS requirement
  • Solar water heating system - Install the solar water heating system in dormitory, which can provide the hot water to 600 people at the same time
  • Natural Lighting Design - Extensive use of the glass in the entrance, library and the meeting room. In the bright days, no electrical lamps are required
  • Reflective Roof - In sunny day, there is no need to switch on the light. We use reflective roof and also T5 lamp to reduce electricity consumption up to 1300 kWh
  • Solar lamps - The solar lamps around the factory are used to illuminate the road during nights
  • Re-circulated Water Tank - Cooling water is collected and re-circulated for production use through the underground water tank. What’s more the water could be used for fire-fighting. Its capacity is 600m3.
  • Water Cooling Curtain Wall - Water cooling curtain wall is installed, it can cool the incoming air in the workplace and hence provide a comfortable environmental to employees. Meanwhile, it can reduce the use of air conditioner, reduce electricity consumption and reduce carbon emission.
  • Waste classification - Waste is classified in our workplace and office. The waste will be collected by licensed collectors for recycling

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