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Carbon Audit • Green Partner
Carbon Audit • Green Partner
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Description of Carbon Reduction Activities

4M Industrial Development Limited 4M Industrial Development Limited

Ms Annis Chung, Administrative Officer
Tel: (852) 3589-8218  Fax: (852) 3589-8201  E-mail: annischung@4m-ind.com

  • Power saving and drinking water saving
  • Reduce the use of paper by using electronic methods
  • Purchase copier with both side printing functions
  • Organizing events to arouse staff awareness of environment protection
  • Staff required to shut down PC at the end of each day
  • Recycling for paper, plastic bottles, aluminum cans
  • Reuse envelopes
  • Turn off lightings and electrical appliances in office when not in use

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MAGIC3 Production (HK) Limited MAGIC3 Production (HK) Limited

Ms Mandy Man, Senior Project Manager
Tel: (852) 3646-3466  Fax: (852) 3590-3557  E-mail: marketing@magic3.com.hk

2014-2015 Office Environmental Rules

  • Acquire the most energy-efficient and highly recyclable desktop computer, such as Mac instead of PC
  • Set all computers to “Power Saving Mode” after three minutes inactivity
  • Turn off all air-conditioners, electric equipment and lights after using the rehearsal room
  • The last employee who leaves the office MUST turn off all electric equipment
  • Use LED lights instead of traditional light bulbs
  • Priority to use emails or whatsapp to communicate with clients, use 27-inch Mach for showing meeting information to save papers
  • Keep the air-conditioners temperature at 25.5 degree
  • Create “Green Office” by planting

Way Forward

  • Promote “Green Office” to other companies and “Less Paper” concept to magical and production industry
  • Encourage more companies to join EPD’s activities
  • Participate the “ WWF Earth Hour ”
  • Participate the “ UNIDO and United Nations University World Water Day ”
  • Organize environmental knowledge courses to employees

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Man Hing Hong Properties Company Limited Man Hing Hong Properties Company Limited

Mr K K Lo, Senior Property Manager
Tel: (852) 2160-4168  Fax: (852) 2869-6228  E-mail: kk.kk.lo@mhh.com.hk

  • Close off areas that do not require air-conditioning, and turn air-conditioners off in unoccupied rooms
  • Carry out regular leakage check on the air-conditioning system to check for possible leakage of refrigerants
  • Use energy-saving light bulbs
  • Use daylight whenever possible
  • Use dimmers where possible (expect for fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent bulbs)
  • Switch off the lights and air-conditioning when not in use
  • Ensure that computers are switched off before the end of a working day
  • Place boxes and trays beside photocopiers as containers to collect single-sided paper for reuse and used paper for recycling
  • Think carefully how many copies you need and do not copy too much
  • Use e-fax to screen junk fax
  • Carry out regular leakage tests on concealed piping and check for overflowing tanks, waste, worn tap washers and other defects in the water supply system
  • Place posters and other publicity materials in prominent places to encourage water conservation
  • Determine water requirements for each facility and check usage frequently
  • Use energy efficient electronic equipment as far as possible
  • Keep track of the power consumption records and take measures to reduce the increase in power consumption

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Maple Design Consultant Engineering Limited Maple Design Consultant Engineering Limited

Mr Vincent LEE, CEO
Tel: (852) 2441-1000  Fax: (852) 2441-3000  E-mail: info@mapledesign.com.hk

  • Staff were encouraged to switch off its individual air-conditioning before leaving for a long time (>1 hour)
  • Staff were encouraged to switch off light after the use of a room
  • Staff were encouraged to recycle computers, printers, scanners, photo copiers and fax machines through EPD assigned recyclers (e.g. Computer Recycling program, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Recycling program)
  • Continuous improvement was observed for the use of electronic information system to replace paper use
  • Designated area was assigned for collection of recycling materials
  • Multi-function devices (with printing, scanning, photocopy, fax) were widely adopted (>80%)
  • Rechargeable batteries were widely adopted
  • Energy saving products were selected if the extra cost could be break even within 5 years

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Maison Platinum Service Company Limited

Mr Yeung Chun Kit, Assistant Technical Manager
Tel: (852) 3989-6022  Fax: (852) 2682-8266  E-mail: kit.yeung@maison.hk

  • EV Charger in carpark
  • Nursery Garden
  • Self-farming
  • Electric Vehicle Transfer Service
  • Motion sensors are installed for controlling the operation of lightings where the pedestrian flow is less frequent
  • Replacing lighting from T5 fluorescent tubes into T8 LED tubes with motion sensors
  • Timers are installed in plant rooms which to controlling the operation of A/C or ventilation system
  • Environmental Practice – Sustainable Energy good using in solar energy equipment, lightings, CCTV, mosquito killer and fans, etc.

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Marco Polo Hotels - Hong Kong Marco Polo Hotels - Hong Kong

Ms Cyrina Chan, Director of Human Resources
Tel: (852) 2113-3138  Fax: (852) 2113-0089  E-mail: Cyrina.chan@marcopolohotels.com
  • Suspend overnight and non-peak hours of elevator operation hours 
  • Lighting retrofit application of T5 fluorescent lamp with electronic ballast, LED light bulb and energy saving light bulb
  • Programmable dimming system to control lighting levels in the hotel lobby and restaurants at different time slot
  • Variable speed drive with frequency inverter application of Chiller Water Pumps
  • Improve power quality by the application of power factor capacitor to maintain stable incoming power source
  • Turn off idle office lighting, air-conditioning and equipments before leaving
  • Reduce overnight operation hours of boiler plant and chiller plant to minimal fuel clause, electricity and running consumption
  • Lower down the set-point of the hot water supply temperature to reduce fuel clause
  • Raise up the set-point of the chiller water supply temperature to reduce electricity consumption
  • Use direct sea water cooling system to maintain high COP of Chiller plant operation
  • Computerized Departmental System to reduce printing / travelling, i.e.
    • Share Point as an online platform for inter-department updates
    • Winspan as online performance appraisal for management
    • SCM as an online centralized purchasing system
    • Lync as an online tool for cross-properties meeting
    • Central Reservation System for Revenue Department
    • MP2 i.e. Work order system for Technical Department
  • Shut down the boiler plant whenever not in use to reduce greenhouse gas emission
  • Automated sensor for lighting in corridor
  • Consolidating Back-of-the-House departments to save up office space & resources
  • Hold regular meetings to review the environmental performance
  • Donate excess food to charities
  • Use recyclable paper for printing purpose
  • Encourage use of stairs to reduce the usage of elevators
  • Launch the recycling program i.e. soap, glass bottles, clothes, computers, mobile phones, printing cartridges
  • Sleeping mode for electrical appliances whenever not in use
  • Include environmental friendly reminder in email signage block to encourage less printing
  • Widely promote Food Wise Campaign to encourage no food wastage

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Marco Polo Hotels Marco Polo Hotels

Mr Bernard Kam, Group Director of Human Resources
Tel: (852) 2118-7210  E-mail:  bernard.kam@macropolohotels.com

Reduction of Paper Usage

  • E-Communications
  • Incorporate an always up-to-date layout on all e-letterheads, thereby eliminating outdated, leftover paper letterhead stock
  • Print forms and memos directly from the computer instead of using pre-printed forms
  • Send and receive faxes via computer instead of using print-outs
  • Use e-mail instead of memos and faxes
  • Transfer documents on disk or through e-mail for editing and review
  • Provide annual reports and major documents on disk to all recipients
  • Develop an internet web page for frequently requested information
  • Computer Printing
  • Default printer to double-sided mode for draft documents
  • When printing web pages, choose printer-friendly or text only version if available
  • Use print preview function to avoid printing unnecessary information
  • Print only what you need rather than printing the entire document
  • Print more words on one page e.g. smaller font, narrower margins, narrower line spacing
  • Bookmark useful web pages instead of printing them out for reference
  • Photocopy
  • Think twice before making copies. Copy only what you need
  • Avoid fault printing by checking the mode setting before pressing the copy button
  • Use duplex mode to copy on both sides of paper
  • Shrink the size of document
  • Fax
  • Don’t use non-recyclable thermal paper to print faxes. Use normal paper
  • Don’t fax a cover page unless necessary. Write the receiver’s name and fax number on the corner of the document instead
  • Don’t print confirmation sheets after each fax unless required. Print summary report that records many transactions on one sheet instead
  • Others
  • Reuse one-side paper and recycle waste paper
  • Switching to lighter sheets of paper
  • Consolidate forms
  • Consolidate multiple checks to individual vendors and bills to individual customers
  • Update mailing and distribution lists and eliminate outdated information

Reuse and Recycle

  • Reuse stationeries such as paper clips, envelopes, folders
  • Recycle paper and printer cartridge
  • Make use of recycled paper for business cards, corporate letters and envelopes
  • Implement office policy to minimize unnecessary equipment use

Water Saving

  • Flushing and wash basin to be controlled by sensor controlled valves for hygiene and water saving scheduled to be implemented in 2010

Reduction of Electricity Consumption

  • Use energy efficient electrical appliances when appropriate
  • Regular review of the operating time for all lightings and air conditioning systems
  • Office lighting and air-conditioning to be turned off when the area is unoccupied/ unattended
  • A/C temperature of the office environment to be set to 25-26 degree to reduce energy consumption
  • Operating hours of all office lifts to be controlled by timer with specific entry through security office
  • Toilets air conditioning and lighting to be controlled by timer switches
  • General application of T5 fluorescent lamp with electronic ballast
  • Use double glass windows facing main road to save energy

Enhance Environmental Awareness

  • Organize incentives schemes such as “Save paper awareness Campaign” included Save Paper Slogan Design Competition to encourage employees to participate
  • Encourage staff awareness of environmental protection by means of posters, internal newsletters and intranet
  • Organize regular green talks with Green Power and workshops to educate employees 

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Medtimes Medical Group Limited Medtimes Medical Group Limited

Mr Billon Wong, Human Resources Manager
Tel: 3589 6203 Fax: 3575 9726 E-mail: billon.wong@medtimes.com.hk

Reduction of Paper Usage

  • Print and copy on both sides of the paper
  • Use environmentally friendly paper
  • Use environmentally friendly stationery (such as solar calculator)

Reuse and Recycle

  • Reuse envelopes and other materials as much as possible until they are exhausted
  • Recycling waste paper
  • Reuse tableware, teacups and glasses

Water Conservation

  • After use, turn off the water source

Reduction of Electricity Consumption

  • All lighting, air conditioning and equipment to be turned off before leaving the office or when the area is unoccupied/ unattended

Encourage Carbon Emission Reduction Activities

  • Encourage employees to take public transport
  • Encourage employees to participate in environmental activities organized by environmental groups
  • Encourage employees to make good use of video conferencing for online publications and seminars to replace non-essential overseas business
  • Encourage employees to avoid using disposable items at the event
  • Activities organized in a convenient location

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Mega Rich Group Limited Mega Rich Group Limited

Tel: (852) 3959-9099

Paper Management

  • Using Double-sided printing
  • Using recycled paper printing
  • Using Paperless strategy, such as Cloud, online system
  • Using online communication such as Email and QQ

Saving Power Strategy

  • Set target of Carbon emission reduction by monthly and yearly
  • The monthly target is 1,200 CO2e/KG
  • The yearly target is 14,400 CO2e/KG
  • Power saving mode
  • Switch off unnecessary light
  • Air conditioner keeps 24-26 temperature by government suggestion

Encourage Carbon Emission Reduction Activities

  • Reducing business travel
  • Using videoconferencing such as Face Time
  • Encourage taking public transport
  • Encourage Using zero-emission transportation methods such as walking or cycling
  • Recycling such as reuse folders, folders, recycled paper
  • Activities organized in a convenient location
  • Avoid using disposable items

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Melco Group Melco Group

Miss Pinky Chow, Senior Officer, Group Corporate Communications, 

Tel: (852) 3151-3754  Fax: (852) 3162-8375
E-mail: csr@melco-group.com

  • Set out plans and targets for environmental enhancement, such as energy management, water saving, recycling and green hotel practices at the operating level
  • Monitoring carbon emissions at corporate offices and develop “Green Office Practices”
  • Participated in the Low-carbon Office Operation Program organized by WWFParticipated in the Low-carbon Office Operation Program organized by WWF
  • Participated in the Wastewi$e Labeling Scheme of Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence
  • Use of FSC certified paper for corporate publicationsUse of FSC certified paper for corporate publications
  • Switched off the non-essential lights at Corporate Office at 8:00pm every evening
  • Promoting staff awareness on carbon reduction by regular dissemination of internal corporate informationPromoting staff awareness on carbon reduction by regular dissemination of internal corporate information
  • Supported fundraising initiatives that promote conservation and green living in the wider community
  • Fully sponsored the Environmental Play Project organized by Playright to give children the opportunity to learn about the natural world through play and to raise the public awareness of caring for the natural environment
  • Participated in the Earth Hour event organized by WWF
  • Organized an educational visit to the Hong Kong Mai Po Nature Reserve for staff and their family members to appreciate and concern the natural beauty of local biodiversity
  • Fully supported Green Council’s Hong Kong Green Day and Green School Program to educate approximate 40,000 students environmental protection with green talks, green visits, uniform recycle program, exhibitions and campaign

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Memorial Park Hong Kong Limited Memorial Park Hong Kong Limited

Ms Lisa LI, Consultant
Tel: (852) 2690-2911  Fax: (852) 2690-5710  E-mail: yilisa2@gmail.com

Reduction of Electricity Consumption

  • Switching off air-conditioning, lights and equipment in office sections not in operation
  • Use energy saving light bulbs and Occupancy sensors
  • Establish office light zoning system to eliminate waste when not in use

Reuse and Recycle

  • Recycling of aluminum cans, paper, printer cartridge, plastic, rechargeable batteries, energy saving light bulbs and fluorescent lights
  • Reuse envelopes, paper folders, filing cards and other office items

Reduction of Paper Consumption

  • Copy and print on both side of the paper
  • Use of electronic means for internal/external communication
  • Reuse of stationary such as envelopes and folders
  • Extensive use of e-filing practices
  • Use scrap paper for notes

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MGB METRO Group Buying HK Limited MGB METRO Group Buying HK Limited

Green Offices

  • Electronic data centre to replace filing system
  • Centralised copiers to discourage printing


  • Weekly materials collection for recycle (paper, aluminum, plastic, glass)
  • Daily food waste collection for recycle

Waste Management

  • Waste separation by labelled rubbish bins

Water Management

  • Water control by water-saving faucets

Electricity Management

  • T5 energy saving light tubes and reflective panel to place T8 lighting system
  • LED lighting in showrooms to replace normal light bulbs
  • Keep air-con temperature between 22.5oC to 25.5oC
  • Electrical appliances switch off when not in use
  • Lighting sensor control in all areas

Planned initiatives

  • LED lighting to replace T5 lighting

Review and Encouragement

  • Carbon Audit exercise
  • Constant update with all colleagues through Intranet platform

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Million Aim Ltd

Mr Paul Hsu, Manager
Tel: (852) 6538-0919 E-mail:

  • To be provided

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Ming Pao Ming Pao

Mr. John Woo

Tel: (852) 2595-3111  Fax: (852) 2898-2691  E-mail: admin@mingpao.com

  • Incorporate energy saving and GHG emission reduction factors into our purchase decisions
  • Enhance staff’s awareness on energy saving and GHG emission reduction
  • Carry out energy audit to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency
  • Establish and implement temperature settings of chiller system and indoor thermostats of air-conditioners
  • Clean condensor coils of chiller system and filters of air-conditioners regularly
  • Carry out regular checking on air-conditioning system to prevent leakage of refrigerants
  • Establish and implement office procedures to turn off the lights and air-conditioning when not in use
  • Choose energy-saving light bulbs, electronic ballasts and reflective light boxes when buying new lighting
  • Keep company cars under proper maintenance
  • Promote Green office practices e.g. places boxes beside photocopiers to collect used paper for reuse and use recycled toners as far as possible

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Miss Honna Chow, Clerk
Tel: (852) 2453-4328  E-mail:

  • To be provided

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Mission Hills Group Mission Hills Group

29th Floor, No. 9 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
Tel: (+852) 2122-1616  E-mail: info@missionhillschina.com

  • All water used for course irrigation in Shenzhen and Dongguan is from our sewage treatment plants, constructed wetlands, rainwater and water from the course drainage system, thereby avoiding use of valuable tap water
  • An advanced irrigation and drainage system with centralized computer control is employed to enhance water conservation
  • Adopted renewable energy platforms, such as wind, solar, hybrid street lights and solar water heating
  • Installed heat recovery system in our hotel, saving 570 tons of carbon annually
  • Upgraded to LED lighting in our Shenzhen and Dongguan clubhouses
  • Office lights are switched off during lunch time
  • Recycle over 300 tons of waste plant material every year and convert into organic fertilizer
  • More than 3,000 caddies help with golf course maintenance by pulling weeds, reducing the use of herbicide by 50%
  • Organize staff environmental campaigns and regularly educate employees with the aim of improving overall environmental awareness

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Mott MacDonald Hong Kong Limited Mott MacDonald Hong Kong Limited

Mr. Eric CHING, Director - Environment
Tel: (852) 2828-5825 E-mail:

Summary of Existing Actions

  • Mott MacDonald is committed to reduce its carbon footprint by 5% compared to 2008 emissions in line with our global initiatives
  • We provide a wide range of consultancy services including environmental and social impact assessments, carbon, water and energy audits, life-cycle assessments, energy-efficient and green building designs and sustainable design and construction services as well as integrated and master planning for eco cities and developments 
  • We integrate sustainability into our traditional work stages from schematic design throughout detailed designs and upon completion and aftercare stages
  • Mott MacDonald has received over 100 awards in 2008 including those for International Firm of the Year, Best for Innovative Projects, Best marketing Communications to Encourage CSR, Best Companies (no. 5), Best Technical Adviser Award, numerous RIBA awards for sustainable design, Major Sustainable Building Award and Sustainable Design. For details of our projects and awards we have received for sustainable design and energy please click the link to our Group website: www.sustainability.mottmac.com
  • Reduce 2015 carbon footprint by 5% compare to 2014 level
  • Reduce electricity consumption by 5% on 2014 consumption level based on per Power Consumption per Capita (kWh/ capita)
  • Reduce consumption of paper by 5% on 2014 levels based on reams per Net Revenue
  • Reduce 2015 carbon footprint due to transportation by 5% compared to 2014 level
  • Carry out review study to identify strategy(ies) in 2015 to reduce water wastage
  • Increase recycling of used paper in 2015
  • To reduce disposal of recyclable material in office waste bins by recycling of used paper in 2015
  • Conduct at least one company-wide activity to enhance staff’s overall environmental awareness

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mReferral Mortgage Brokerage Services mReferral Mortgage Brokerage Services

Mr. Chris Chung, Head of Advertising - Marketing
Tel: (852) 3196-6616  Fax: (852) 3196-6550  Email:

5R of mReferral’s Green Philosophy: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace, and Review & Encouragement.


  • Setup the energy saving mode on all computer systems
  • Turn off air-conditioners, lightings and other electrical appliances after office hours
  • Divide the office areas into different zones. Each zone is equipped with an individual switch to control the power for lightings and air conditioners
  • Switch to sleep mode when the photo-copying machines, printers and computers are idle
  • Maintain the room temperature at 25.5°C
  • Minimize the need on photo copying and printing
  • Use email for internal communication
  • Adopt electronic means of communication, such as email, SMS, e-card to get in touch with customers instead of traditional printed matters


  • Set up recycle box and encourage staff to use less paper
  • Encourage staff to use recycled paper and print on both sides
  • Reuse office stationaries, such as envelopes, clips and box files


  • Stock up the used toner cartridges for recycling
  • Arrange recycled paper company to collect the used papers
  • Donate old computers to green organization


  • Place green plants at office for improving air quality, instead of using air purifying chemicals
  • Use solar window film to reduce extra UV and heat, so the use of air conditioning can be more efficient
  • Replace traditional light bulbs with energy saving TL5 fluorescent tubes
  • Purchase environment-friendly stationaries, such as ballpen with ink refills
  • Use energy-efficient appliances with “Energy Label”
  • Use the toner that meet with the environmental standard
  • Clean the air conditioners regularly to maintain its high efficiency
  • Install fans to enhance air circulation and air purifying machines to maintain the air clean and fresh
  • Use franking machine instead of paper stamps
  • Use low VOC content ink for printing purpose
  • Introduce flexible lunch hours so to use less disposable utensils
  • No shark fin on business lunch menu

Review & Encouragement

  • Maintain air conditioning and lighting system at their efficient level
  • Monitor the paper consumption of photo-copying machines regularly
  • Post the notices at office to remind staff about energy conservation
  • Promote ECO concept to staff regarding Green Life and Carbon Reduction
  • Support and sponsor the charitable activities with green initiatives
  • Encourage staff to provide opinions on energy saving in office

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Mediterranean Shipping Company (HK) Ltd Mediterranean Shipping Company (HK) Ltd

Ms. Amy Lo, Senior Manager – Human Resources
Tel: (852) 2902-5555  Fax: (852) 2169-0356  Email:

Reduce electricity usage

  • Arranged 5 day working days per week to reduce extra electric and Air-conditioning supply
  • Each workstations have their own Fan Coil Units individual switch panel
  • Turn off idle office lighting, air-conditioning before leaving
  • Keep air-con temperature between 25.5°C to 26.5°C
  • Double-glazed windows and window shades to reduce solar gain
  • Automatic shutdown of air-conditioning after business hours
  • Sleeping mode for electrical appliances whenever not in use
  • Each Department will provide limited printer machines to reduce electric supply and toner supply
  • Turn off all electric appliances, where applicable, after work
  • Avoid unnecessary overseas business trip
  • Encourage staff consider the environment before print out the documents


  • Weekly materials collection for recycle (paper, aluminum, plastic, glass)
  • Joined Ricoh Toner Bottle and Cartridge Recycling Program to reduce waste
  • Double-sided and 2-page-up printing and use of recycled paper, where appropriate

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Multilingual Translation Services Multilingual Translation Services

Mr Stephen Yiu, General Manager
Tel: (852) 2581-9099   Fax: (852) 2581-9066   E-mail: syiu@multilingual.com.hk

  • Air-conditioning outlets and switches are made separate for different zones in the premises and can be turned on as needed for relevant areas.  If no people are working in the relevant area or the relevant area is left idle, switching on of air-conditioning system is prohibited.
  • The air-con temperature is kept at 25℃ or lower.  Make sure there is no leakage of conditioned air.
  • Use air-conditioners less often and allow natural air flows by opening windows more especially in winters.
  • In addition to satisfying electricity or fire-fighting regulations for the positioning of fluorescent lights and lamps, switches for lights in the office are made separate for different zones in the premises.  Switching on and off of part of the lights for different areas as needed is enabled.  If no people are working in the relevant area or the relevant area is left idle, switching on of lights is prohibited.
  • Energy-saving florescent lights are used for their longer life, better cost-saving effect and enhanced environmental friendliness.
  • Switch off lights for an hour during lunchtime of a working day.  Switch off all unnecessary basic lightings and office machines such as typing machines.  Photocopiers, computers and screens are adjusted to the standby mode.
  • People will bring their own cups to reduce wastage of paper cups.  They will bring their own chopsticks and cutlery to reduce use of disposable tableware.  They will bring their own towels and shopping bags to reduce wastage of tissue papers and plastic bags.  Consume less bottled water or packaged dinks.  Use less disposable goods.
  • The firm will use recycled paper for printing and photocopying.  Both sides of paper will be used.  Used paper will be recycled.  Goods with excessive packaging will not be used.  Resources will be reused.
  • Employees are encouraged to save the World and think before they print.  Try to avoid wastage of paper and reduce carbon emission at photocopiers.
  • The firm will use products with an environmental friendliness label, an energy-saving label and a water-saving label as well as a high EER value, in order to further save energy and reduce carbon emission.

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Musiczone Musiczone

Mr Jacky Ko, Marketing Director
Tel: (852) 2380-7321  E-mail: jackyko1109@yahoo.com.hk

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MVision Strategic (Asia) Limited MVision Strategic (Asia) Limited

Ms Chun Wai Chung Carol, Administrative Assistant
Tel: (852) 3965-3192   E-mail: cwc@mvision.com

  • Recycle paper
  • Use LED lighting
  • Use equipment that is energy efficient e.g. copier
  • Turn off computer screens and lighting when office is unoccupied
  • Air conditioning turns off when office is unoccupied

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