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Carbon Audit • Green Partner
Carbon Audit • Green Partner
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Description of Carbon Reduction Activities

Ocean Park CorporationOcean Park Hong Kong 

Ocean Park Hong Kong (OPHK) has been active in pursuing new strategy and policy to combat the Climate Change. Since 2008, OPHK has started carbon audit and explored different pathways for integrating carbon reduction program into its Edutainment business. As a responsible Corporate, OPHK has developed its Carbon Strategy to reduce its carbon footprints. Carbon reduction initiatives include:

Carbon Reduction Measures and Program

  • Waste Recycling programs, such as paper, metal, plastic, cooking oil, food waste, calendars, computers, mooncake boxes, toner cartridges and rechargeable batteries
  • Energy Efficiency Programs, such as install energy efficient lighting and install variable speed drives on motors
  • No straw campaign
  • Promotional programs such as environmental signage for water and electricity saving
  • Use of green energy such as solar panel for electric cart
  • Use of electronic means (e.g. email and intranet) for communications
  • Staff Incentive Program, to encourage the staff to use their own food containers for takeouts from the staff canteen

Environmental Management

  • Environment and Carbon Management Steering Committee led by the top Management to oversee the implementation of the Park’s Environmental and Carbon Management Policy and programs
  • Develop Green Guidelines for internal applications (e.g. Environmental procurement and solid waste management)
  • Appoint Environmental & Safety Ambassadors for all departments to help monitoring department’s environmental performance
  • Founding member of Green Purchasing Charter
  • Develop Sustainable Design Checklist and enabling new project design can comply with sustainable design principles
  • Conduct carbon audit regularly
  • Training and Education
  • Integrate environmental awareness training session into the staff orientation program, comprehensive training are also conducted to further promote environmental and conservation concept for general staff
  • Raise the guest awareness of environmental protection and conservation by hosting edutainment activities
  • Promote the importance of a clean-air environment by “Clean Air Outreach Program”

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Office Systems LimitedOffice Systems Limited (OSL)

Mr Jeremy Ng, Marketing Manager
E-mail: jeremy@osl.com

Energy saving

  • Use energy saving office equipment (i.e. Environmental friendly paper shredder, T5 fluorescent tube etc)
  • Room temperate set at 25.5 Celsius degree
  • Switch off lightings & air-conditioning whenever not in use
  • Staff are required to pre-set their computers using hibernation mode or standby mode

Green Issue

  • We are a member of Green Council' (Green Purchasing Charter) ,also had applied our Green products into the Cyber Green Center

Staff training

  • Has formulated and am implementing energy saving plan for carbon reduction, e.g. reduce air travels and use of video conferencing, less electricity and fuel consumption
  • Reduce to use the papers, educate our staffs to save the energy and water
  • Set up a small team to report the processing of carbon reduction  


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On Talent Technology LimitedOn Talent Technology Limited

Mr Mark Li, Senior Manager
Tel: (852) 2204-8600   Fax: (852) 3005-7190  E-mail: mark.li@on-talent.com

  • Switch off before unplug electrical appliances after usage
  • Reuse cardboard boxes and containers for storage
  • Recycle used paper
  • Reduce the usage of air-conditioners
  • Bring your own utensils when taking takeaway food
  • Recycle newspaper or read the news online

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Optegy LimitedOptegy Limited

Ms Rebecca Kennedy, Project Director
Tel: (852) 2559-1174  Fax: (852) 2559-1140  E-mail: info@optegy.com


  • Installed power analyser so that we can monitor and manage our electricity load profile
  • Use natural daylight in our office
  • Use natural ventilation during cooler months
  • Operate our IT cooling at 28 degrees
  • All office equipment is Energy Star compliant
  • Recycling programme for paper, toner cartridges, cans
  • Purchased shares in sustainable forests 

For our customers

  • Carried out energy audits and developed energy management programmes for over 100 building owners and managers
  • Assisted customers to reduce their energy consumption and CO2 emissions through identifying energy savings, developing technical action plans, managing projects to retrofit energy-efficient equipment
  • Developed Energy Performance Contracts to enable the purchase and implementation of more energy-efficient equipment
  • Undertaken measurement and verification (M&V) of energy and carbon reductions 

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Orient Overseas Container Line Limited Orient Overseas Container Line Limited

Corporate Sustainability Affairs
Tel: 2833 3888 E-mail: env_enq@oocl.com

  • OOCL recognizes that it is the responsibility of corporate businesses to protect the environment. OOCL is committed to advocating innovative environmental initiatives and incorporating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) into the Company’s corporate sustainability framework, to help tackle global environmental and social challenges in a pro-active manner.
  • Support the provision of Paris Agreement and UNSDGs.
  • Align with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) strategy on the reduction of GHG emissions, reduce the total annual GHG emissions by at least 50% by 2050 compared to 2008.
  • Help our customers achieve a lower carbon footprint in their supply chains by using Carbon Calculator that offers multiple shipment searches and full intermodal emission data to select low-carbon shipments.
  • A total of 814 solar panels were installed which reduced approximately 123,000kg of CO2 emissions each year.
  • Introduce efficient and environmentally friendly vessels which is 48% higher that the IMO requirement on EEDI level.
  • Employ independent checker to assure our GHG Scope 1-3 emission data integrity.
  • Arrange vessels to undergo initial shore power testing in the terminal and switch off the auxiliary engine.

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Ornament Enterprises Co., LtdOrnament Enterprises Co., Ltd

Mr Jeff Wong, Director
Tel: (852) 2370-2993  Fax: (852) 2370-2995  E-mail:


  • Actively develop environmentally friendly products to promote low power consumption and low carbon emissions consciousness, introduce and describe a variety of environmental and energy-saving products to enter the Hong Kong market, such as LED illumination system
  • Respond to and promote the Environmental Protection Department (EPD)'s "Carbon Audit" action
  • Promote “3R” principle of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle


  • Replace the traditional fluorescent tubes by LED light tubes and use natural daylight for office lighting to reduce power consumption
  • Turn off all lights and appliances when not in use
  • Follow the guidelines of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department to purchase the products with Grade One or Grade Two Energy Label
  • Reuse stationery (such as papers and envelopes), encourage the use of environmentally friendly recycled paper and double-sided printing
  • In cooler months, take advantage of natural ventilation

Promote environmental protection and sustainable development

  • To lobby for and encourage customers to use energy-saving product-based LED, to promote low power consumption and low carbon emissions targets, to assist users selection of the lowest cost-saving products, to facilitate customers committed to environmental protection in order to change traditional habits, so enhance awareness of environmental protection and low carbon emissions

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Overseas Management Company (Asia) LimitedOverseas Management Company (Asia) Limited

Mr. Henry Sze, Business Development Manager
Tel: (852) 2851-9623 
E-mail: henry@omchk.com.hk

Reduce & Replace

  • Email-statement for our customers
  • Use recycled paper in printers and copy machines.  
  • Use paper on both sides and communicate via email 
  • Switch off air-conditioning, lightings and equipment in premises not in operation 

Reuse & Recycling

  • Provide Trays to Collect and Reuse One-Sided Paper  
  • Reuse items such as paper clips, envelopes, folders, etc  
  • Implement office policy to minimize unnecessary equipment use 

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Oxfam HKOxfam Hong Kong
Ms. Cherry Kan, Office Administration & Human Resources Officer
Tel: (852) 3120-5284  Fax: (852) 2375-2433   Email: cherry.kan@oxfam.org.hk

Long-term Planning 

  • Has formulated and am implementing energy saving plan for carbon reduction, e.g. reduce air travels and use of video conferencing, less electricity and fuel consumption
  • Has formed a cross-unit Green Committee to introduce and promote green related measures and “Re-use, Reduction and Recycle” concept within the organization
  • Has engaged a consultant to record and audit our carbon footprint and keep updating the dashboard on a regular basis

Energy saving

  • Room temperate set at 25.5 Celsius degree
    - Switch off lightings & air-conditioning whenever not in use
  • Staff are required to pre-set their computers using hibernation mode or standby mode 
  • Use energy saving fluorescent tubes/bulbs 
  • Following guidelines from Electrical & Mechanical Services Department for Grade 1 or Grade 2 Energy Labels when purchasing office equipments/electric appliances

Green Purchase 

  • Purchase organic product that is environmental friendly, e.g. coffee, tea, sugar and chocolate powder

Use of recycled product 

  • Use of recycled paper towel for pantry and toilet use 
  • Use non chlorine 100% recycled copying paper & FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper 
  • Recycle of used printing cartridge, aluminum can, chargeable batteries 
  • Recycle of used plastic bottles 
  • Use of recycled / organic cleansing detergent Use green washing product, e.g. detergent and soap 
  • Use of recycled printing of all kinds e.g. letterhead, envelopes and compliment 
  • Use of recycled paper for all OHK’s publications

Internal Education

  • There is a “Green Corner” platform at Oxfam Hong Kong’s intranet to provide staff with updated green-related information and tips and for staff to share and exchange their experience in promoting green practices their daily life 
  • Green related activities held by other green organizations or government will be introduced to staff whenever available via email or at staff meeting
  • Green Tips applicable to daily life will be provided to staff via email monthly 
  • Organized various events to raise colleagues’ awareness of protecting the Earth, e.g. “Plastic Bag Collection Box Design Contest”, OHK’s “light out lunch hour” etc.

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For general queries about climate change, please contact us at:

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