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Carbon Audit • Green Partner
Carbon Audit • Green Partner
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Description of Carbon Reduction Activities

Pacific Club Pacific Club

Ms Yoki Sin, Assistant Membership & Sustainability Manager
Tel: (852) 2118-1807 Fax: (852) 2118-0220 Email: yoki-sin@pacificclub.com.hk

Re-use and Recycling

  • Re-use stationary such as envelopes, folders
  • Donation of furniture, TV set, clothes to charity for re-use
  • Recycling materials including glass bottle, aluminium cans, paper, printer cartage, plastic and waste oil

Paper Saving

  • Copy and print on both side of the paper, use multi-pages on each side, where appropriate
  • All the fax numbers have been registered in the “Do-Not-Call-Registers” of the office the Telecommunications Authority to avoid receiving junk faxes and to reduce the use of papers
  • Use of electronics means for communications internally and with external parties

Electricity Conservation

  • Using energy efficient electrical appliances where applicable
  • Switching off air-conditioning, lighting and equipment in office / outlets not in operation
  • Reduce number of fluorescent tube in office and back of house
  • Set up timer to switch off the TV, lighting, electric fans and window air-conditioning in staff canteen
  • Changed spotlights to LED lamps
  • Use T8 fluorescent lighting
  • Covered staff canteen windows with anti-UV film to reduce light and heat absorption from sunlight

Promoting Environmental Friendly Behavior

  • Supporting projects in environmental protection. E.g. WWF Earth Hour
  • Established a Green Team to implement and promote of Green actions

Used Environmental Friendly Products

  • Use rechargeable batteries instead of regular disposal batteries
  • Use biodegradable mailing envelops for our Club Magazine
  • Use biodegradable plastic bags
  • Use non-toxic paints
  • Non-harmful chemicals for dishwashing machine

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Panalpina China LtdPanalpina China Ltd

Jacky Tang, BU Assistant Subcontractor & Incident Manager Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2760-2600 E-mail: jacky.tang@panalpina.com

  • Climate change has become a prominent issue all over the world. The transport industry accounts for 15% of its root cause, global CO2 emissions. In an effort to contribute to the global reduction of CO2 emissions, Panalpina has the Pangreen initiative. Panalpina is the first company in the logistics industry to be ISO 14001 certified. All worldwide offices are ISO 14001 certified.
  • In the meantime, Panalpina China Ltd were also participated in Wastewi$e scheme since 2011 which hosted by HKAEE.

Current Initiatives

  • Publishes articles on environmental issue and carry on stable development within corporate
  • Providing trainings to all staffs focusing on the eco-consumption and environmental protection
  • Keep track of eco consumption records and take necessary measure to minimize the increase of usage
  • Providing recycle boxes in each station for staffs to provide convenience on paper recycle
  • Recycling of glass bottles, aluminum cans, paper, printer cartridge, plastic, rechargeable batteries, energy saving light bulbs and fluorescent lights
  • Designated printer carrying recycle paper at all time
  • Donation of used computer accessories on yearly basis
  • Implementation of Electronic leave form, employee performance assessment, internal application form to reduce usage of paper
  • Encourage staffs to print on both sides of paper
  • Company vehicle on regular maintenance to provide maximum fuel saving to associated CO2 emission
  • Switching off air-conditioning, lights and equipment in office sections during lunch hour, off from work, and conference rooms when not in use
  • Reduce number of florescent tubes / lights in area not usual operating
  • Purchase equipment with high energy efficient label
  • Install water limiter in water tap for all washroom
  • Participate in Earth Hours by WWF

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Panda HotelPanda Hotel

Mr. Eric Guen, Chief Engineer
Tel: (852) 2409-3232

  • Review various energy savings measures for building services system
  • To make awareness to our staff and guests for importance of carbon reduction and energy conservation
  • To explore ways to reduce electricity
  • To reduce the use of paper by using more electronic communication and recycle paper

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Pangenia Lifesciences LimitedPangenia Lifesciences Limited

Ms Ella Ng, Assistant Marketing Manager
Tel: (852) 3989 7211  Fax : (852) 3989 6161  E-mail: info@pangenia.com
  • Provide trays to collect and reuse one-sided paper
  • Reduce copying, printing, encourage printing on recycled paper or using double-sided printing
  • Use e-mail rather than facsimile, writing and printing
  • Reuse stationery such as paper, folders, paper clips, envelopes, box, plastic bag, etc.
  • Every staff has a unique code for printing and photocopying so that such activities can be monitored and reduced
  • Switching off air-conditioning & lighting after using meeting room and office
  • Set idling printer, copier and computer in sleep mode
  • There are separate switches for lamps and air-conditioners for different small regions / partitions in the office
  • Set out the room temperature at reasonable level to avoid over usage of air conditioning
  • Encourage staff to save energy by smart notices in office
  • Develop a culture of environmental protection throughout the company

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PantaRei Design LimitedPantaRei Design Limited

Mr Yan Kai Pong, Francis
Tel: (852) 3576-3812 Fax: (852) 3753-3663 Email: info@pantarei-design.com

  • Use and provide cloud services to our clients, reduce purchase of server and related products, and electricity consumption for operating server and required air-conditioning
  • Mainly use electronic communication for both internal and external channels
  • Place recycle papers next to printer
  • Replace traditional fax receiving by e-fax, which reduce usage of paper
  • Reuse office supplies including recycle papers, envelopes, document clips and paper bags
  • Switch off air-conditioning and lighting after using meeting room
  • Switch off standby office equipment before leaving office
  • Encourage use of public transport among staff
  • Five day work

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Paramatta Estate Management Limited

Mr. Sam Chan,
Public Relation Manager
Tel: (852) 2648-4644 Fax: (852) 2637-9055
E-mail: samchan@emo.urban.com.hk

  • Carbon audit for swimming pool and 3 types of residential towers
  • ISO14001 Implementation
  • Direct Emission Control
    • Use of non-leaded vehicle petrol for company van
    • Use of environment-friendly petrol for emergency generator
    • Use of water-base paint or low VOC paint in daily maintenance work
    • Advice of “Stop Engine While Waiting” by security guard to driver on private road
    • Indirect Emission Control from General
  • Energy Use
    • Replacement of energy saving fluorescent tube and use of electronic ballast in 1,581 corridors
    • Partial lighting applied to tower lobbies at mid-night and at noon
    • Replacement of 1,581 typical floor garbage rooms’ lighting to T-5 tube
    • Installation of light sensors to control lighting at open ground
    • Application of temperature control for air-conditioning in tower lobbies
    • Adjustment of sensor of fresh and flush water tanks to reduce the frequency of operating of water pumps
    • Suspension of portion of lift service at midnight
    • Adoption of zonal lighting in office and turn-off of equipments while not in use
    • Installation of heat pumps to support storage-type boiler to supply hot water for shower trays of swimming pool
  • Other Indirect Emission Control
    • Installation of leakage detector for fire service system of 52 residential towers
    • Conversion of fountain to environmental flowerbed
    • Campaign of reuse of books, toys, clothes and electrical appliances for residents and staff
    • Reduction of use of paper by double-sided copying and printing and by posting up notice onto website
    • Replacement of timber furniture and pergolas by recycle plastic
  • Education
    • Organization of activities including carnival, seminars, visits, green tours, exhibitions, competitions with theme of environmental protection and low carbon emission operation to cultivate green culture among residents and staff

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Parkland Property Management LimitedParkland Property Management Limited

Mr. Peter Ng, Regional Manager
Tel: (852) 2869-0178 Fax: (852) 2810 5306 E-mail:

Existing Actions

  • Replace T8 fluorescent lamps to T5 fluorescent lamps
  • Use compact fluorescent lamps
  • Install energy efficient cost saver
  • Adjust on and off time of lighting in different seasons
  • Suspend service of selected lifts during non-peak hours
  • Implement energy-cum-carbon audit under the environment and conservation fund
  • Await approval for energy efficiency project under the environment and conservation fund
  • Recycle of computers and electrical appliances
  • Use recycled paper
  • Use e-mail rather than facsimile
  • Print both sides of paper if possible
  • Switch copiers, printers and computers on standby mode

Future Actions

  • Replace T8 exit signs with LED exit signs
  • Replace all outdoor incandescent lamps with LED lamps
  • Install capacitors to reduce the maximum kva valve or improve the power factor
  • Replace the lifts DC motors with VVVF motors subject to EEP & IO’s approval

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Parkland Property Management LimitedPaul Y. – Able Joint Venture
Mr Max Chin, Environmental Officer
Tel: (852) 36188270 E-mail:

Reduce Energy Consumption (Energy Saving)

  • Maintain the indoor temperature at 25°C
  • Switch off the computers, air-conditioning & lightings when not in use
  • Use energy-efficient flourescent tubes or LED lights
  • Purchase energy-efficient electrical appliances with Grade 1 or 2 Energy Labels

Reduce Paper Consumption (Paper Saving)

  • Disseminate information and communicate by electronic email or whatsapp instead of using paper
  • Place boxes or trays beside photocopiers or printers as containers to collect single-sided paper for reuse
  • Encourage the staff to copy and print on both sides of the paper, use multi-pages on each side and reuse envelopes
  • Before a document must be printed, try to reduce unnecessary paper consumption, e.g. deletion of unnecessary space, reduction of the font size, etc.
  • Use own mugs instead of using paper cups in the office
  • Re-use stationery such as envelopes and folders, and use scrap paper to take notes

Green Purchase

  • Support Green purchasing to minimize packaging waste as well as the adverse impact on the environment


  • Promote environmental awareness among fellow colleagues, business partners and the sub-contractors
  • Choose suppliers and sub-contractors that follow environmentally-sound practices

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Paul Y. Engineering Group Limited Paul Y. Engineering Group Limited

Tel: (852) 2831-8338  Fax: (852) 2341-4808  E-mail: info@pyengineering.com

  • The Group is committed to promoting green building design that is environmentally-responsible and resource-efficient.
  • The Group proposes low-carbon initiatives right from the beginning of the bidding process, and adopt systematic, scientific processes during construction.

ISO 50001 Certification
  • The Group is among the first batch enterprises to receive ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems certification from the Hong Kong Quality Assessment Authority. ISO 50001 standard is the internationally recognised energy management framework, which helps minimise the cost and reduce carbon emission.
  • The Group implements the system through “planning, implementation, monitoring and improvement” as specified by ISO 50001 standard practice to ensure that the green measures and facilities are effective, and enhance energy efficiency.

Pollution Control
  • Use Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) for diesel-powered machinery and vehicles and adopt environmental-friendly plants and machinery whenever possible.
  • Invested in wastewater treatment facilities at all sites, to remove excessive suspended solids and ensure that the pH level of wastewater is at a suitable level before it is discharged into the public drainage network.
  • Treated wastewater was re-used for dust suppression measures at suitable site.

Green Office
  • Indoor temperature is maintained at between 23-25 degrees Celsius.
  • Plants are introduced to improve IAQ Index in site offices and for decorative purposes.
  • Paper printed on one side is reused for printing, while paper printed on both sides is recycled.
  • Environmental protection, energy saving and green office information is displayed on the notice board for employees to read.
  • Solar energy heating systems are used in some sites.

Wise Use of Natural Resources
  • Advise property developers to use materials that have a minimal negative impact on the environment.
  • Purchase suitable recycled building materials.
  • Biodegradable products such as orange mesh and warning tape are widely used on our sites.
  • Photovoltaic panels are installed to provide energy for electrical signage boards, flashing and beacon lamps, mosquito-killing devices and water-heating systems.

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Plaza Hollywood LimitedPlaza Hollywood Limited


Mr Simon Tse, Technical Manager Mr Eric Ng, Senior Technical Officer
Tel: (852) 2118-8783 Fax:(852) 2118-8078
Tel: (852) 2118-8780 Fax:(852) 2118-8078
  • Replace lighting at shopping mall with energy efficient luminaires such as LED and T5 Fluorescent lamp
  • Replace façade lighting with high power LED floodlight
  • Install Variable Speed Drives for all water pump system
  • Replace deteriorate air cool chillers
  • Optimize the chillers operation 
  • Switch off idle electrical equipment when not in use at office, mall and carpark
  • Conduct regular energy audits by QSP
  • Use sensor faucet with water saving fitting at all toilets
  • Use reusable paper in printers and photocopiers
  • Use of electronic means for internal/external communication instead of paper use
  • Provide Food Waste Decomposer to recycle the restaurant’s food waste

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PLH Fashion Group LimitedPLH Fashion Group Limited

Ms Christine Fu, HRA Officer
Tel: (852) 3910-0777   Fax: (852) 3910-0701   E-mail: Christine.fu@plsfashion.com

  • Reuse office supplies like recycle paper, clips, envelopes, files, folders, plastic bags etc
  • Donate computer equipment to charity, to arrange for other people in need
  • Make appropriate arrangements to promote personal computers, notebooks, office equipment and appliances reuse
  • Arrange recycling company to collect waste paper
  • Put plastic boxes / aluminum items to the recycling bin provided by Management Office

Reduce Paper Usage

  • Sending e-card instead of mailing paper type celebration card
  • Use e-fax to receive fax to reduce paper usage
  • Encourage staff re-consider the necessary before copying and printing
  • Encourage staff use electronic communication ways to communicate with internal/external instead of using paper
  • Put a box next to the printer to collect the non-confidential document paper for note or draft paper
  • Use email / intranet to make announcement to all staff instead of using printing materials
  • Each of our staff has their own login for copying in order to monitor and reduce consumption basis

Energy Saving

  • Staff who is the last one leave office to check and make sure all the lights, air conditioners and other electronic equipment are all turned off
  • Set out the room temperature at reasonable level to avoid over usage of air conditioning (our standard is always keep 25 C°)
  • Five day work reduce the energy usage
  • We do not require staff to wear suit or traditional officer dressing in order to use less air conditioning
  • Turn off all the lights and air conditioner in meeting rooms if in non-usage time
  • Switch off the lighting of reception area after office hour
  • Air conditioning systems and filters cleaned regularly within the Office
  • Use compact fluorescent electro-optic tube / bulb / LED to replace traditional lighting systems
  • To reduce travel by telephone or videoconference and flexible work schedule
  • The office is divided into a plurality of regions can be independently controlled lighting and air conditioning systems in all regions
  • Turn off lightings, air-conditioners, computers, photocopiers and other electrical appliances in offices after working hours, lunch hour or when rooms not being used, for instance, the conference rooms
  • Use computer equipment / electronic products with Saving Energy label
  • A variety of plants are in the office

Staff Education

  • Remind staff during staff meeting for how to save energy and use less paper in order to protect our environment
  • Send leaflet / information related to environmental protection by email to all staff

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Pointech Industrial LimitedPointech Industrial Limited

Sandra Ormiston, Vice President
Tel: (852) 2330-1673 Fax: (852) 2365-0309 E-mail: Sandra.ormiston@pointech.biz

  • Founded in 1987 in Hong Kong, POINTECH is the product-outsourcing company for quality, private-lable brands specializing in travel bags and related goods for the back-to-school market, high-end, solid-wood home furniture and wide variety of do-it-yourself product for home and office.
  • Initiatives
    • Get ISO 14001:2004 certified
    • Calculate the office carbon footprint annually
    • Conduct energy audit to indentify the major energy source
    • Reduce electricity consumption by replacing all lighting tubes to energy efficient ones
    • Reduce paper consumption by initiate personal printing code scheme & monthly paper less event
    • Enhance recycling by appoint recycling company to recycle all waste paper
    • Organize event such as beach cleaning to enhance the awareness of environment protection
    • Encourage staff to print on both sides

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Pollution & Protection Services LimitedPollution & Protection Services Limited

Mr. Stevn Chan, Account Manager
Tel: (852) 2831-7816 Fax: (852) 2838-0990 E-mail: sales@hkpps.com.hk

  • Develop a culture of environmental protection throughout the company and provide awareness
  • Separate waste paper, aluminum cans, scrap metal and plastic waste for recycling
  • Keep the office temperature in air-conditioned premises at 25.5ºC
  • Using waste paper to take notes
  • Copy and print on both sides of the paper whenever possible
  • Using reusable paper in printers and photocopiers
  • Use email to contact our clients as far as possible
  • Encourage our staff walking up stairs instead of taking a lift
  • Comply with all applicable Environmental legislation and other relevant requirements

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Polybag.com.hk LtdPolybag.com.hk Ltd

Ms Carol Tsang
Tel : (852) 2343-0030 Fax : (852) 2763-0484 E-mail: info@polybag.com.hk

  • Reduce Single-use Consumables
  • Double-sized printing, reuse second hand paper & envelope
  • Establish waste classification bins and plastic bags collection bin for recycle
  • Encourage Reduction, Reuse and Recycle
  • Proper use of hand paper, selectively use of flushing water (flushing cisterns have been installed with selective half of water flush button)
  • Keep the office temperature at 25.5°C
  • Use energy-efficient appliances and lighting equipment
  • Water Heater in pantry have been installed with timer to reduce energy wasted
  • Electronic facsimile, instead of print out the non-essential copy
  • Using E-mail as major communication method
  • Document stored electronically

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Polytrade Paper Corporation LimitedPolytrade Paper Corporation Limited

Mr. Charles Chan, Assistant Manager – Business Development
Tel: (852) 2873-1977 Fax: (852) 2870-0759 E-mail:

  • Polytrade Paper is a specialist and a forerunner in the area of high quality environmental-friendly paper. Determined to be part of the solutions to the problem of climate change, Polytrade became the world’s first paper merchant to calculate and neutralize its carbon footprint in accordance with the renowned independent PAS2060 standard by BSI. Furthermore, we introduced a variety of low carbon papers: Impact Climate Paper, Cyclus Offset, Cyclus Print and RePrint DeLuxe to Hong Kong.
  • Major Milestones in Carbon Management
    • 2008: First started measuring our corporate carbon footprint
    • 2009: First offset our corporate footprint
    • 2010: Organized our first “carbon neutral” event “A Journey Through Time”
    • 2011: Calculate, reduced and offset our corporate carbon emission in accordance to the new global standard, PAS2060.
  • Public Awareness Activities
    • 2010: Hosted a carbon neutral product launch event “A Journey Through Time”. The concept of carbon management and features of low carbon made paper were introduced. It was the first carbon neutral event organized by a paper merchant in Hong Kong.
    • 2010: Organized “Think. Carbon Free”, a call for entry event to raise public’s awareness for the importance of carbon reduction and low carbon living. Over 170 design works were submitted and exhibited. A book with information on carbon reduction and submitted designed works was published and sold in major bookstores and convenient stores.
    • 2011: Hosted a seminar with the topic “Carbon FreeSixty”, with speakers from WWF, HKPC, RESET Carbon Limited, sharing their views on the new trend of Carbon Management.
  • Energy Consumption
    • Light off when not in use
    • Light off during lunch hour
    • Office light zoning
    • Use energy saving T5 light tubes/ LED bulbs
    • Dim or turn off lightings when there is sufficient natural light
  • Paper Consumption
    • Double-sided printing/copying
    • Collect waste paper for recycle
    • Encourage the use of emails for internal communications
  • Air conditioning
    • Air conditioning setting at about 25.5 oC
    • Clean dust filters/ventilation system regularly
    • Turn off air-conditioners when not in use
  • Computer and electrical appliances
    • Activate power saving functions for office machines (e.g. computers, printers)
    • Procure Energy Star-compliant computers and electrical appliances
  • Others
    • Reduce travel by flight unless necessary
    • Reduce business travel by taxi
    • Recycle and reduce use of disposable utensils
    • Recycle aluminum cans and plastic bottles
    • Turn off company vehicle engine if waiting for more than 3 minutes
    • Encourage staffs to participate in activities which promote environmental conservation

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Price.com.hk LimitedPrice.com.hk Limited
Tel: (852) 3702-1997 E-mail:

Promoting environmental protection

  • Communicate via intranet or internet to save papers
  • Use of electronic means for communications internally and with external parties as far as possible

Supporting reuse and recycling activities

  • Arrangement for the reuse and recycling of personal computers, notebook computers, equipment and electrical appliances
  • Reuse stationery such as paper clips, envelopes, folders, etc.
  • Reduce copying and printing, encourage printing on recycled paper or using double-sided printing
  • Provide trays to collect and reuse one-sided paper

Saving Electricity

  • Allow separate switching on and off of lights in areas that are only used occasionally
  • Set idling printer, copier and computer in sleep mode
  • Switching off air-conditioning, lighting and equipment in office zones not in operation to save energy
  • Encourage staff to save energy by smart notices in office (i.e. shut down PC's at the end of each day)

Improve energy efficiency

  • Adopt energy-efficient office equipment
  • Open blinds to take advantage of natural light, paint walls in light colors to enhance the effect of natural light
  • Keep the air-conditioners temperature at 25 °C to save energy

Reducing Usage of Water

  • Regularly check the external water equipment and pipes
  • Encourage staff to use less water


  • Plant green plant in office area

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Prince HotelPrince Hotel

Ms Anita Lee, Human Resources Manager
Tel: (852) 2113-6181 Fax: (852) 2113-0087 Email:
  • Suspend overnight and non-peak hours of elevator operation hours
  • Lighting retrofit application of T5 fluorescent lamp with electronic ballast, LED light bulb and energy saving light bulb
  • Variable speed drive with frequency inverter application of Primary Air Handling Units and Air Handling Units
  • Improve power quality by the application of power factor capacitor to maintain stable incoming power source
  • Turn off idle office lighting, air-conditioning and equipments before leaving
  • Replace the aged boiler plant to heat pump system for reduce fuel clause and running consumption
  • Reduce overnight operation hours of heat pump system and lower down the set-point of hot water supply temperature to minimal electricity and running consumption
  • Reduce number of fluorescent tubes / lights in back of house, lobbies and guest corridors
  • Use programmable dimming system to control lighting levels in the function rooms and restaurants at different timing
  • Establish office zoning system to eliminate waste when not in use

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Professional and Social Services AssociationProfessional and Social Services Association

Mr Lam, Program Officer
Tel: (852) 3107-9380 Fax: (852) 2806-1940 E-mail: info@pass.org.hk
  • Be a non-profit organization which supports the reduction of Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by adopting the following policies:
  • Activities such as seminars and campaigns on the topics such as carbon emission reduction, environmental protection & corporate social responsibility will be held
  • Regularly conduct Internal Energy Audit to ensure the effectiveness of the energy saving policy
  • Ongoing internal energy savings & waste reduction initiatives with target settings
  • Adoption of energy efficient office equipment with energy labels
  • Optimizing office’s temperature to 25 ℃
  • Turning off unnecessary equipments when the office is idle
  • Reduce the use of paper by double-sided printing
  • Encourage correspondence via electronic means

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For general queries about climate change, please contact us at:

Telephone: (852) 2838-3111    Fax: (852) 2838-2155    Email: climatechange@eeb.gov.hk


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