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Carbon Audit • Green Partner
Carbon Audit • Green Partner
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Description of Carbon Reduction Activities

ReadySpace LimitedReadySpace Limited

Ms Emily Chau, Administrative Officer
Tel: (852) 3568-3372 (Ext 504) Fax: (852) 3568 3376 E-mail: emily@readyspace.com.hk
  • Air-conditioning is prohibited under 28 degree Celsius
  • E-bill to customer instead by post

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Realtoy Initernational LtdRealtoy International Ltd

Ms Auness Lee
Tel: (852) 2422-4651 Fax: (852) 2420-3658 Email:
  • To be provided

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Reconnect LimitedReconnect Limited

Ms Tse Wing Yan, Miko, Project Coordinator
Tel: (852) 3955-9775   Email: mtse@reconnect.org.hk

Our Mission

  • Promote environmental awareness through environmental education program
  • Avoid using air-conditioning
  • Avoid paper where electronic submission is available
  • Setting up recycle bins in office
  • Setting up Aquaponic system in office
  • Offer environmental education talks and workshops to public
  • Run food waste reduction program at school

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Recyclebag.com Group LtdRecyclebag.com Group Ltd

Mr Chan
Tel : (852) 8208-9220 Fax : (852) 8208-9221

  • Implement 3R policies for REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE
  • Established long term targets on energy, emissions and waste reduction
    • Avoid using one-off disposables
    • Recycle office paper, plastics bags, and office equipment
    • Separate waste paper, aluminum cans, scrap metal and plastic waste for recycling
    • Switch off all electronic equipment, computers and lighting when not in use
    • Reduce the air conditioning output if the temperature constantly stays below 25.5oC
    • Aoid business travel to cut carbon emission
    • Adopt electronic means of communication with supply chain to save paper
    • Use double-sided printing whenever possible
    • Using reusable paper in printers and photocopiers
    • Use energy efficient lighting

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Reliance Accounting Services (HK) Co. LtdReliance Accounting Services (HK) Co. Ltd.

Mr Derek Chan, Director
Tel: (852) 3568-3637 Fax: (852) 3011-6151 E-mail: derek.reliance@gmail.com

  • Reducing paper use
    • Using double-sided printing and adjust the maximum range of paper before printing
    • Re-using envelops, folders and carton in office
    • Sending/Receiving faxes electronically
    • Using e-mail as the company's internal and external communication media
  • Reducing electricity consumption
    • Adjusting Air conditioner temperature not lower than 25oC
    • Setting the computer to "standby" mode. When not in use, it will automatically enter into hibernation.
    • Switch off the lights during lunch break
    • Turn off the centralized air-conditioning after work and during holidays
  • Avoid unnecessary outgoing trips and use public transport
  • Planting greeneries inside office area
  • Posting notices in office to encourage employee on energy saving
  • Setting up recycle bins for plastic bottles, ink cartridge and paper for recycle use.

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Richfield Realty LimitedRichfield Realty Limited

Ms Gloria Leung
  • Chinese version only

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RESET Carbon LimitedRESET Carbon Limited

Mr. Brian Au
Tel: (852) 2815-1999 Fax: (852) 2815-2111

Actions in our own operations:

  • Implement robust carbon accounting system to measure carbon emission to all operations, acknowledging standards such as GHG Protocol, ISO14064 and the HK EPD Guidelines
  • To become “Carbon Neutral” by mid 2009 by:
    • Reducing onsite energy and waste and setting targets for continual improvement
    • Using Gold Standard accredited offsets where it is not feasible or practical to make direct reductions
  • Developing and implementing a low carbon procurement strategy
  • Promoting staff awareness of low carbon actions they can undertake in the office and at home

Actions with our customers

  • Reset is a carbon management company. Our Mission is to support companies and individuals in Asia reduce their carbon emissions. We will achieve this by:
  • Bringing our customers the latest technological, financial and management solutions, and structuring these solutions into one-stop, bespoke services packages for individual clients. These include:
    • Carbon footprint assessments
    • Low carbon management planning
    • Target design
    • Energy efficiency services and financing
    • Brand management strategies
    • Product carbon footprinting
  • Providing advisory services to our customers in the following areas:
    • Carbon and energy management
    • Carbon market analysis
    • Policy and social research

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Ricoh Hong Kong LimitedRicoh Hong Kong Limited

Mr. F. H. Lo, Chairman, Environmental Management Committee
Tel: (852) 2893-0022 Fax: (852) 2834-5682 E-mail: fh.lo@ricoh.com.hk
  • Ricoh is committed to continuously improving our environmental performance and achieved ISO14001 certification
  • To comply with local environmental legal and other requirements
  • Sets targets to reduce stress on the environment in consideration of social expectations and we endeavor to attain our targets
  • To prevent pollution, utilize energy and resources effectively and to reduce and dispose of waste products in a responsible manner
  • To offer products and services which have minimal environmental impact and gives maximum consideration to safety
  • Raises environmental awareness of all our employees, suppliers and customers through training and environmental activities
  • To collect used Ricoh copiers, printers, toner bottles and toner cartridges from customers to reduce waste materials and facilitate toner bottle recycling
  • To promote activity 4Rs, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replace

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Rider Levett Bucknall LimitedRider Levett Bucknall Limited

Ms. Linda Lo, Marketing & Communications Manager
Tel: (852) 2823-3944 E-mail: communications@hk.rlb.com
  • Set up a Carbon Committee to plan for long term carbon reduction roadmap and measures
  • Obtain environmental management system certification and conduct environmental audits in accordance with ISO14001:2015
  • Paper Saving
    • Use both sides of paper
    • Use suitable font size / shrinkage mode to minimize pages, if possible
    • Use electronic media for circulation / communication to minimize using paper
    • Covers are not used unless necessary
    • Implement internal administration via online platform for application and approval
    • Centralise data management system to reduce archive of hardcopy documents
  • Materials Re-use and Conservation
    • Choose proper-sized materials for packing
    • Choose waste papers as fillers for packing and or reduce using fillers, if possible
    • Handle and store materials carefully to reduce breakage and wastage
    • Reuse boxes, fillers and other material for packaging, storage and delivery
  • Water Conservation
    • Report leaking faucet or pipe to the relevant authority
    • Turn off the tap when not in use
  • Electricity Conservation
    • Set energy saving mode where possible, for computers the idle automatically mode is 20 minutes or less
    • Set the room temperature range between 20°C to 25.5°C. The ideal optimal temperature is 25.5°C
    • Switch off unnecessary lighting
    • Switch off power supply when they are not in use
    • Switch off all power supply in the area before leaving the work station
    • Switch off all computers and monitoring screens before leaving the work station
  • Stationery Conservation
    • Use environmental friendly stationery. (e.g. refillable, durable stationery with no chemicals)
    • Reuse cord binder, envelopes and other materials until worn out
    • Reuse stationery as far as possible
  • Green Pantry
    • Use reusable cutleries, cups and glasses
    • Use environmental friendly cleaning products. (e.g. biodegradable detergent, refillable soap, etc.)
  • Proper Management of General Refuse
    • Establish waste segregation with separately allocated containers (e.g. paper, toner cartridge) to facilitate recycling of general solid wastes
    • All food and waste shall be properly bagged and bundles to avoid water or waste leakage. Food and waste food shall only be disposed in designated bins within the pantry areas. All pantry and office areas must always be kept in a hygienic state
  • Toner Cartridge Recovery
    • Collect used toner cartridges and arrange appropriate contractor for recycling
  • Waste Paper Recycling
    • General waste paper are placed in the designated containers, while contaminated papar (e.g. food contaminated paper) and non-recyclable paper (e.g. carbon paper, plastic laminated paper) shall be processed separately
  • Waste Computers and Accessories
    • Collect and reuse waste computer accessories in other computers or systems wherever practicable
  • Batteries Collection
    • Encourage the use of rechargeable batteries
    • Collect spent batteries for recycling / proper disposal
  • Indoor Air Quality
    • Place large-leafed green plants in office areas where possible. Encourage staff to keep small green plants
    • Implement a no smoking policy within office
    • Arrange pest control, ventilation system and carpet cleaning on a regular basis
  • Participate in WWF’s ‘Earth Hour’ campaign
  • Join ‘Green Earth Companion Programme’
  • Organise Green Low Carbon Day, offering green lunch and seminar to colleagues
  • Participate in The Green Earth - Plantation Enrichment Programme to plant native seedlings in the Country Park
  • Reduce overseas travel and utilise video conferencing for global meetings
  • Use electrical car for daily documents delivery

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Ridgid Plumbing LtdRidgid Plumbing Ltd

Ms Jenny Yung, HR and Admin Manager
Tel: (852) 2402-1899 Fax: (852) 2490-3180 E-mail:

  • Divide regional office into different color zones for control of different area lighting and air conditioning systems
  • At lunch time, turn off all lighting and air conditioning systems
  • At non-office hour, turn off lighting and air conditioning and open only a part of the system
  • Replacement T5 compact fluorescent tubes with LED lighting for the whole office in 2009
  • In 2009, used the latest series of copies machine for the secure print function and print count function to reduce the use of paper. To encourage the colleagues using the double-sided printing and we have monthly copy report to monitor the use of paper for assessment
  • Set up the paper recycling bins
  • To reduce use of paper, using email system for internal communication
  • Using the computer fax system to replace the traditional electronic fax machine to receive and send faxes for reducing the use of paper
  • In a number of meetings and notices, to encourage employees to save energy
  • Set up the power-saving mode at computer
  • Setting the standard of temperature to 25 degrees in the switch of Air-conditioning
  • Recycled envelopes

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Rock Trading Company LimitedRock Trading Company Limited

Mr Wong Kam Wah, Manager
Tel: (852) 2563-4322 Fax: (852) 2814-0786 E-mail: info@rock-medical.com

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Roots Environmental GroupRoots Environmental Group

Mr Simon Ho, Director
Tel: (852) 2497-2455 Fax: (852) 3529-2587 E-mail:

  • Target Reduction on GHG:
    • Management target on achieve reduction on GHG with reduction electricity consumption by 10% in 12 months
  • Implementation:
    • Replacement all T8 lighting with LED lighting
    • Replacement with energy saving air-conditioning system
    • Reduce daily office operating by one hour for the energy saving purposes

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Royal Elite Service Company Limited Royal Elite Service Company Limited

Mount One
Mr TANG KAM YUEN, Area Manager
Tel: (852) 2679-9197 Fax: (852) 2679-9177 E-mail:  mountone@royalelite.com.hk

Century Link
Ms Elaine Ng, Area Manager
Tel: (852) 2679-9197 Fax: (852) 2679-9177 E-mail:  elaineng@royalelite.com.hk

Ms Wong Hang Ting, Assistant Area Manager
Tel: (852) 3955-0888 Fax: (852) 3954-5488 E-mail:  hontaswong@royalelite.com.hk

Mr Eric Wong, Senior Area Manager
Tel: (852) 3192-8989 Fax: (852) 3192-8980 E-mail:  ericwong@royalelite.com.hk

King's Hill
Ms CHENG CHAU NA, Assistant General Manager
Tel: (852) 2703-4880 Fax: (852) 2679-9177 E-mail:  kingshill@royalelite.com.hk

Ms Sandra Yeung, Area Manager
Tel: (852) 2539-0003 Fax: (852) 2539-6988 E-mail:  tpkt@townplacehk.com

Mr Wat Ho Yin, Administrative Officer
Tel: (852) 2491-2655 Fax: (852) 2491-2318 E-mail:  andywat@royalelite.com.hk

Manhattan Hill
Mr Kam Wing Hung Winson, Assistant Area Manager
Tel: (852) 3667-2668 Fax: (852) 3667-2667 E-mail:  winsonkam@royalelite.com.hk

Peak One
Mr Cheung Siu Kong, Senior Area Manager
Tel: (852) 3921-0000 Fax: (852) 3921-0020 E-mail:  calvincheung@royalelite.com.hk

Sky One
Mr Cheung Siu Kong, Senior Area Manager
Tel: (852) 3921-0000 Fax: (852) 3921-0020 E-mail:  calvincheung@royalelite.com.hk

Peak House
Mr Cheung Siu Kong, Senior Area Manager
Tel: (852) 3921-0000 Fax: (852) 3921-0020 E-mail:  calvincheung@royalelite.com.hk

Imperial Cullinan
Ms Suen Yan Lam Ellen, Senior Area Manager
Tel: (852) 3928-6088 Fax: (852) 2795-8222 E-mail:  ic@royalelite.com.hk

St. Moritz
Ms Suen Yan Lam Ellen, Senior Area Manager
Tel: (852) 2480-6068 Fax: (852) 2480-3876 E-mail:  stm@royalelite.com.hk

St. Barths
Tel: (852) 2656-6133 Fax: (852) 2656-1101 E-mail:  richardchan@royalelite.com.hk

  • To comply with environmental regulations and other relevant requirements, and endeavor to go beyond these if practicable
  • To promote staffs in environmental awareness continuously
  • To engage tenants adoption of energy saving practices together
  • To implement both-sides printing and adopt paper recycling
  • To adopt using energy saving lighting products
  • To perform environmental management office
  • To maintain an average indoor temperature between 24-26°C during the summer months of June to September
  • To switch off electrical appliances and systems when not in use
  • To procure energy efficient electrical appliances
  • To shorten the operating hours of external lighting
  • To reduce the operation hours of the water features. The associated pump of water features will only be turned on during peak hours by applying timer control.
  • To apply mechanical on/off device at the door of refuse collection room on every storey. The lighting keeps off all the time unless people open the door.
Imperial Cullinan
St. Moritz
  • Low-E-glass panels were adopted for the building façade which insolate 90% UV, reduce sound and heat transmission. The external wall of building applied Low-E-Glass and double glass design which insulate 90% UV.
  • Install 3M solar film to insulate UV and achieve more comfortable temperature at our lobby and restaurant
  • Electric Vehicle Charger Network fully covers the carpark area and driveway.
  • Install timer to reduce the operation time of water features, irrigation system, lighting and ventilation system.
St. Barths
  • EV Charger in carpark
  • Motion sensors are installed for controlling the operation of lightings where the pedestrian flow is less frequent
  • Timers are installed in plant rooms which to controlling the operation of A/C or ventilation system
  • Environmental Practice – Sustainable Energy good using in solar energy equipment, lightings, CCTV, mosquito killer and fans, etc.

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For general queries about climate change, please contact us at:

Telephone: (852) 2838-3111    Fax: (852) 2838-2155    Email: climatechange@eeb.gov.hk


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