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Carbon Audit • Green Partner
Carbon Audit • Green Partner
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Description of Carbon Reduction Activities

ReadySpace LimitedReadySpace Limited

Ms Emily Chau, Administrative Officer
Tel: (852) 3568-3372 (Ext 504) Fax: (852) 3568 3376 E-mail: emily@readyspace.com.hk
  • Air-conditioning is prohibited under 28 degree Celsius
  • E-bill to customer instead by post

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Realtoy Initernational LtdRealtoy International Ltd

Ms Auness Lee
Tel: (852) 2422-4651 Fax: (852) 2420-3658 Email:
  • To be provided

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Reconnect LimitedReconnect Limited

Ms Tse Wing Yan, Miko, Project Coordinator
Tel: (852) 3955-9775   Email: mtse@reconnect.org.hk

Our Mission

  • Promote environmental awareness through environmental education program
  • Avoid using air-conditioning
  • Avoid paper where electronic submission is available
  • Setting up recycle bins in office
  • Setting up Aquaponic system in office
  • Offer environmental education talks and workshops to public
  • Run food waste reduction program at school

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Recyclebag.com Group LtdRecyclebag.com Group Ltd

Mr Chan
Tel : (852) 8208-9220 Fax : (852) 8208-9221

  • Implement 3R policies for REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE
  • Established long term targets on energy, emissions and waste reduction
    • Avoid using one-off disposables
    • Recycle office paper, plastics bags, and office equipment
    • Separate waste paper, aluminum cans, scrap metal and plastic waste for recycling
    • Switch off all electronic equipment, computers and lighting when not in use
    • Reduce the air conditioning output if the temperature constantly stays below 25.5oC
    • Aoid business travel to cut carbon emission
    • Adopt electronic means of communication with supply chain to save paper
    • Use double-sided printing whenever possible
    • Using reusable paper in printers and photocopiers
    • Use energy efficient lighting

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Reliance Accounting Services (HK) Co. LtdReliance Accounting Services (HK) Co. Ltd.

Mr Derek Chan, Director
Tel: (852) 3568-3637 Fax: (852) 3011-6151 E-mail: derek.reliance@gmail.com

  • Reducing paper use
    • Using double-sided printing and adjust the maximum range of paper before printing
    • Re-using envelops, folders and carton in office
    • Sending/Receiving faxes electronically
    • Using e-mail as the company's internal and external communication media
  • Reducing electricity consumption
    • Adjusting Air conditioner temperature not lower than 25oC
    • Setting the computer to "standby" mode. When not in use, it will automatically enter into hibernation.
    • Switch off the lights during lunch break
    • Turn off the centralized air-conditioning after work and during holidays
  • Avoid unnecessary outgoing trips and use public transport
  • Planting greeneries inside office area
  • Posting notices in office to encourage employee on energy saving
  • Setting up recycle bins for plastic bottles, ink cartridge and paper for recycle use.

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Richfield Realty LimitedRichfield Realty Limited

Ms Gloria Leung
  • Chinese version only

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RESET Carbon LimitedRESET Carbon Limited

Mr. Brian Au
Tel: (852) 2815-1999 Fax: (852) 2815-2111

Actions in our own operations:

  • Implement robust carbon accounting system to measure carbon emission to all operations, acknowledging standards such as GHG Protocol, ISO14064 and the HK EPD Guidelines
  • To become “Carbon Neutral” by mid 2009 by:
    • Reducing onsite energy and waste and setting targets for continual improvement
    • Using Gold Standard accredited offsets where it is not feasible or practical to make direct reductions
  • Developing and implementing a low carbon procurement strategy
  • Promoting staff awareness of low carbon actions they can undertake in the office and at home

Actions with our customers

  • Reset is a carbon management company. Our Mission is to support companies and individuals in Asia reduce their carbon emissions. We will achieve this by:
  • Bringing our customers the latest technological, financial and management solutions, and structuring these solutions into one-stop, bespoke services packages for individual clients. These include:
    • Carbon footprint assessments
    • Low carbon management planning
    • Target design
    • Energy efficiency services and financing
    • Brand management strategies
    • Product carbon footprinting
  • Providing advisory services to our customers in the following areas:
    • Carbon and energy management
    • Carbon market analysis
    • Policy and social research

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Ricoh Hong Kong LimitedRicoh Hong Kong Limited

Mr. F. H. Lo, Chairman, Environmental Management Committee
Tel: (852) 2893-0022 Fax: (852) 2834-5682 E-mail: fh.lo@ricoh.com.hk
  • Ricoh is committed to continuously improving our environmental performance and achieved ISO14001 certification
  • To comply with local environmental legal and other requirements
  • Sets targets to reduce stress on the environment in consideration of social expectations and we endeavor to attain our targets
  • To prevent pollution, utilize energy and resources effectively and to reduce and dispose of waste products in a responsible manner
  • To offer products and services which have minimal environmental impact and gives maximum consideration to safety
  • Raises environmental awareness of all our employees, suppliers and customers through training and environmental activities
  • To collect used Ricoh copiers, printers, toner bottles and toner cartridges from customers to reduce waste materials and facilitate toner bottle recycling
  • To promote activity 4Rs, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replace

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Ridgid Plumbing LtdRidgid Plumbing Ltd

Ms Jenny Yung, HR and Admin Manager
Tel: (852) 2402-1899 Fax: (852) 2490-3180 E-mail:

  • Divide regional office into different color zones for control of different area lighting and air conditioning systems
  • At lunch time, turn off all lighting and air conditioning systems
  • At non-office hour, turn off lighting and air conditioning and open only a part of the system
  • Replacement T5 compact fluorescent tubes with LED lighting for the whole office in 2009
  • In 2009, used the latest series of copies machine for the secure print function and print count function to reduce the use of paper. To encourage the colleagues using the double-sided printing and we have monthly copy report to monitor the use of paper for assessment
  • Set up the paper recycling bins
  • To reduce use of paper, using email system for internal communication
  • Using the computer fax system to replace the traditional electronic fax machine to receive and send faxes for reducing the use of paper
  • In a number of meetings and notices, to encourage employees to save energy
  • Set up the power-saving mode at computer
  • Setting the standard of temperature to 25 degrees in the switch of Air-conditioning
  • Recycled envelopes

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Rock Trading Company LimitedRock Trading Company Limited

Mr Wong Kam Wah, Manager
Tel: (852) 2563-4322 Fax: (852) 2814-0786 E-mail: info@rock-medical.com

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Roots Environmental GroupRoots Environmental Group

Mr Simon Ho, Director
Tel: (852) 2497-2455 Fax: (852) 3529-2587 E-mail:

  • Target Reduction on GHG:
    • Management target on achieve reduction on GHG with reduction electricity consumption by 10% in 12 months
  • Implementation:
    • Replacement all T8 lighting with LED lighting
    • Replacement with energy saving air-conditioning system
    • Reduce daily office operating by one hour for the energy saving purposes

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For general queries about climate change, please contact us at:

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