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Carbon Audit • Green Partner
Carbon Audit • Green Partner
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Description of Carbon Reduction Activities

Tai Po Environmental Association Tai Po Environmental Association

Tel: (852) 2739-2481  Fax: (852) 2690-3438

TPEA is committed to:

  • Carry out carbon and energy audit in Fung Yuen Culture and Education Centre and Tai Po Geoheritage centre
  • Provide in-house training programmes to pursue behavioral changes on carbon conservation
  • Review carbon emission performance to pursue carbon-neutral organization
  • Facilitate our stakeholders to become carbon partners.

On-going carbon reduction measures:

  • Air conditioning:
    • Switched-off the air conditioner unless room temperature kept at 28 oC or above
    • Adjusted the set point temperature from 24 oC to 27 oC.
  • Replacement of conventional lighting equipments to energy-efficient lightings (e.g. LED light bulb and T5 fluorescent tube)
  • Installed solar lightings to outdoor area
  • Installed water throttle to reduce water use for cleaning
  • Planted over 500 plants in Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve Area
  • Conducted environmental seminars to enhance awareness on energy-saving lifestyles

Carbon reduction opportunities:

In aims of pursuing carbon reduction opportunities, we are planned to:

  • Create green roof and green walls
  • Increase the applications of renewable energy
  • Provide education opportunities to our partners
  • Share our experience on carbon reduction opportunities

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Tai Wo Tung Medicine Co Ltd Tai Wo Tung Medicine Co Ltd

Ms Louise Lee, Marketing Manager
Tel: (852) 2896-7575  Fax: (852) 3529-1488  Email: cs@taiwotung.com

  • Turn off machines when not in use
  • Switch off lighting, air-conditioner after using meeting room and before leaving office
  • Encourage use of email instead of fax
  • Keep indoor temperature at 25°C
  • Replacement of T5 Fluorescent tube
  • Reduce printing, print on recycled paper and use double side printing
  • Set up recycling box to collect single sided paper and envelops
  • Use shark-fin-free banquet menus in company event

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Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd.

Ms Manlee Cheung, Senior Manager, Administration
Tel: (852) 2402-6827 Fax: (852) 2402-6468  E-mail:  manlee.cheung@tti.com.hk

  • To be provided

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The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce

Ms Carrie Szeto, Assistant-Trade Services Dept
Tel: (852) 2525-6385 Fax: (852) 2845-2610 E-mail: carrie@cgcc.org.hk
  • Encourage members to support "Green Hong Kong • Carbon Audit" campaign
  • Organize and co-organize activities to promote environmental protection
  • Invite other occupants of the building to take environmental friendly actions
  • Formulate staff guidelines on energy conservation, which includes
    • Increasing energy efficiency of computer, lighting, air-conditioning and other electrical equipments to avoid wastage
    •  Reducing paper consumption
    • Recycling waste paper

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CMA The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong

Mr. Francis Chu, HR & Administration Manager
Tel: (852) 2542-8670  Fax: (852) 2815-5713  Email: ma@cma.org.hk

  • Encourage and remind staff to conserve energy at all times.
  • Promote energy conservation awareness to the Association Members.
  • Switch off lightings, computers and air-conditionings when not in use.
  • Reduce paper consumption by promoting electronic communications. Use recycled paper and double-sided printing.
  • Use staircase instead of escalators.
  • Invite Property Management Company to join "Green Hong Kong • Carbon Audit" campaign.
  • Encourage Property Management Company to use energy efficient electronic equipment.

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The Chinese University of Hong Kong The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Link to Estate Management Office)

Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Office
Tel: (852) 3943-3972  E-mail: srsdo@cuhk.edu.hk
  • Energy Saving Incentive Scheme Phase I & II
  • Lighting Retrofit Scheme
  • Solar Hot Water System installation in 28 student hostels and 3 Sports Centre
  • Small Wind Turbine Installation Project for street lighting
  • Building Energy Code
  • ISO 14001 implementation
  • Waste Management and Reduction Scheme
  • Green Purchasing
  • Green House Gas Emission audit
  • CUHK Community Tree Afforestation Scheme
  • Tree Survey & Preservation
  • TEFMA Benchmarking
  • Sustainable Indicator report
  • Walking for Health activity
  • Carbon audit reports and improvement plans

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The Cityview The Cityview

Mr Gundam Ng, Chief Engineer
Tel: (852) 2783-3262  Fax: (852) 2771-5238  E-mail:  green@thecityview.com.hk

  • Green Committee reviews the carbon reduction programmes from time to time
  • Energy Saving
    • Install energy-saving lightings, e.g. LED and T5
    • Replacement of heat pumps and chillers with more efficient ones
    • Use equipment with energy saving labels
  • Water Saving
    • Install low-flow tap and shower fittings, and low/dual flush toilets
    • Use rainwater for irrigation
  • Waste Management
    • Enhance reuse of room amenities and reduce bedding / towels daily replacement in guest rooms
    • Enhance recycling of paper, plastic, metals, glass, soap, used cooking oil, clothes and ink/toner cartridges throughout the hotel and encourage contribution from guests
    • Recycle food waste into compost
    • Donate leftovers to charities
    • Donate furniture to charities upon renovation
  • Promote low-carbon menus at all of our outlets and light-banquet menus
  • Join green group programmes, e.g. Earth Hour of WWF to engage our staff and guests on carbon reduction
  • Promote carbon offset to our guests, including FLY Greener Programme organized by Cathay Pacific
  • Conduct trainings/ seminars for staff and key stakeholders on environmental protection and carbon reduction

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The Climate Group The Climate Group

Ms. Margaret Lo, Senior Programme Development Manager
Tel: (852) 2836-5719  Fax: (852) 2836-5707  E-mail: mlo@theclimategroup.org

  • Focus exclusively on advancing low carbon solutions by partnering with the most influential leaders from businesses and governments
  • Help its partners to take a leadership position on climate change
  • Communicate successes with a particular focus on the links between reduced GHG emissions and improved financial and economic performance
  • Facilitate stronger collaboration on market mechanisms and policy development
  • Conduct research projects internationally on climate change-related issues
  • The Climate Conference 2008 organised by TCG is a carbon neutral event. Carbon emissions generated from Conference venue operation, travelling incurred, as well as accommodation of overseas participants will be calculated and offset
  • Had completed carbon audit exercise for 2008 emissions and will continue to monitor, reduce and offset emissions from its global operations
  • To push video conferencing technology to keep business travel to a reasonable level

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The Edge Learning Center The Edge Learning Center

Mr. Chris Fuller, Marketing Manager
Tel: (852) 2972-2555   E-mail: chris.fuller@theedge.com.hk

  • Reduce printing and copying. Encourage staff to print on recycled paper or use double-sided printing, and send electronic documents instead of printed documents
  • Provide trays next to the printers to collect and reuse one-sided paper
  • Remind staff to turn off the lights and AC before they leave by placing “Energy Saving Reminder” stickers in the prominent area of office
  • Separate office into different working zones for switching off the lightings and AC in the areas that are not needed
  • Place recycle bins to separate all types of waste paper, plastics and aluminum cans for recycling

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The Education University of Hong Kong The Education University of Hong Kong

Mr SW Chau, Assistant Project & Facility Manager
Tel: (852) 2948 6270 E-mail: swchau@eduhk.hk

  • Replacement of air cooled chillers by water cooled chillers
  • Continual improvement of the Institute's sustainability culture on campus through education and promotion
  • Extension of Green Roof Project
  • Conducted carbon audit for whole campus to set baseline for monitoring and control
  • Conducted energy audit for Tai Po campus and Town Centre
  • Modification of VAV boxes in library and lecture theatres to be controlled by pressure auto- reset program
  • Installation of digital type thermostat to control air temperature of fan oil units in meeting / classrooms and office
  • Replaced Conventional type Exit signs by LED Exit signs
  • Installation of T5 light fittings for new renovated classrooms and offices
  • Application the frequency inverter for air handling units and chilled water pumps operation
  • Application of nano-flex reflectors in classrooms and library
  • Application of solar energy for water heaters in Amenities building
  • Application of harmonic filters for part of electrical systems
  • Installation of motion detector control in toilets to switch off lightings in main campus
  • Use environmental friendly refrigerant in new split ac units and VRV units
  • Use high efficiency motor to replace old fan and pump motors
  • Use Building management system to monitor and control air temperature in Lecture theaters and classrooms
  • Use of computerized SMART CARD control to operate lighting & power in classrooms and lecture theaters
  • Provided recycling bins for papers, plastic, metal and rechargeable batteries in common areas and student hostels
  • Application of infra-red sensor water taps in toilets
  • Replacement of two old Shuttle Light Buses by LPG models
  • Achieved IAQ standard of excellent class both in main campus and Town Centre
  • Participated in IAQWise and WasteWise Program
  • Joined the Hong Kong Energy Efficiency Registration Scheme for building in compliance with Code of Practice for energy efficiency of air conditioning Installation and Code of Practice for energy efficiency of lighting

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Langham PlaceThe Great Eagle Properties Management Company Limited
- Langham Place

Ms Susanna Yang, Quality Service Manager
Tel: (852) 3520-2831  Fax: (852) 35202829  E-mail: susanna.yang@langhamplace.com.hk


  • Retrofitting of T8 fluorescent lights by T5 battern and tubes
  • Turn off the lights when the room is not in use

Ventilation and Temperature Control Equipment

  • Turn off the air-conditioning when the room is not in use

Documents and papers

  • Reduce paper usage and increase computer usage for communication
  • Write, print or photocopy on both sides of the paper
  • Use recycled paper
  • Reuse used envelops, packaging and other materials

Materials and Resources

  • Use E-tendering for contractors
  • Written tender terms for contractors to follow our environmental requirements
  • Refurbish office furniture, instead of purchasing new one
  • Use energy-efficient computers, monitors, printers and other office equipment
  • Set PCs and other office equipment to sleepy mode or standby mode when applicable
  • Turn off PCs and other office equipment when not in use
  • Recycle ink cartridges toner and cartridges
  • Donate old computers to charity organizations

Audit by Third Party

  • Energy and Carbon Audit


  • Participation in the Power Smart Contest
  • Implementation of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

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The Harbourview The Harbourview

Mr. Wu Wai Chung, Engineering Manager
Tel: (852) 2802-4841 Fax: (852) 2827-9659
E-mail: wcwu@thebarbourview.com.hk

Reduce electricity consumption and energy saving

  • Retrofitting of T8 fluorescent lights by T5 battery and tubes
  • Replaced halogen lamps by LED lamps in guest floor lobby
  • Installed the key card of energy saving switch to switch on / off lights in guest room
  • Turn off the air-conditioning when the room is not in use
  • Suspend overnight and non-peak hours of elevator operation hours
  • Replace the aged boiler plant to high efficiency gas boiler for reduce running consumption
  • Encourage and remind staff to conserve energy at all times

Re-use and Recycling

  • Re-use stationary such as envelopes, folders
  • Reduce paper usage and increase computer usage for communication
  • Write, print or photocopy on both sides of the paper

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The HarbourView Place The HarbourView Place

Mr. Ping Ngai, Chief Engineer
Tel: (852) 3718-8878  Fax: (852) 3718-8028  E-mail: pngai@theharbourviewplace.com

Adoption of wide range of major energy saving initiatives:

  • Utilization of water-cooled centralization air-conditioning system
  • Utilization of heat-pumps to recover the deserted heat energy from air-conditioning for generating of hot water to guestrooms
  • Utilization of Building Management System to optimize of all centralization systems in maximal efficiency and performance
  • Utilization of recovering of condensation water from air-conditioning for cooling tower system
  • Utilization of T5 fluoresce light in offices and back-of-house areas

Establish and implement of the energy saving program in operation practices

  • To implement of “On-demand” concept for all electrical devices and air-conditioning
  • To install the friendly stickers on switches to remind turn-off of all power devices and lightings before leaving
  • To encourage of “Re-use, Reduction and Recycle” concept for all materials in operation practices
  • To suspend some of elevator and escalator in off-peak period
  • To encourage electronic communication to reduce paper

Energy saving innovation plan

  • Replacements of energy save LED light bulbs for all front-of-house areas
  • Installation and modification of “Services On Demand” system for escalators
  • Installation of Dehumidifiers and COP monitoring units for central air-conditioning system to increase the efficiency and performance

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The Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies Limited
  • To be provided

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Hong Kong and China Gas Company Ltd The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Ltd
Mr. Victor Kwong, General Manager - Corporate Sustainability
Tel: (852) 2963-1570  Fax: (852) 2590-6344  E-mail:  victor.kwong@towngas.com

Gas Production

  • Introduce natural gas as a partial feedstock replacement for naphtha for gas production since 2006
  • Utilise landfill gas from restored Shuen Wan, NENT and SENT landfills for gas production
  • Develop a heat recovery system at Tai Po Production Plant to recover and use waste heat generated from production processes
  • Install solar panel and wind generator to provide green power supplies to the LED display board at Tai Po Production Plant
  • Provide liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to taxis and mini buses in Hong Kong as a cleaner substitute to diesel

Gas Network

  • Install solar panels at 32 outdoor gas offtake / pigging station
  • Implement trenchless technologies for laying underground pipes to generate less waste and consume fewer resources

Gas Appliances

  • Offer a comprehensive range of modern, eco-friendly and energy efficient appliances
  • Collect used gas appliances for recycling

Customer Services

  • Provide Green Cooking Tips to help customers to maximize energy efficiency when using towngas
  • Raise public awareness of low carbon living through Low Carbon Action! Campaign

Office Operation

  • Replace conventional lighting with more energy efficient T5 fluorescent tubes, LED and induction lamps in offices, warehouse, lifts, and some common areas
  • Install energy efficient oil free water cooled centrifugal plant at North Point Building
  • Reduce energy consumption by using timer control, sensors, and environmentally-friendly appliances
  • Collect various types of materials for recycling or reuse
  • Promote eBilling services, e-procurement practices, and paperless inspection platform to reduce paper use

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The Hong Kong Construction Association Ltd

Mr Patrick Tang, Technical Secretary
Tel: (852) 2572-4414  Fax: (852) 2572-7104

Re-use and Recycling

  • Re-use stationary such as envelopes, folders
  • Recycling materials include plastic bottles, battery, CD-Rom and printer cartridge

Paper Saving

  • Copy and print on both side of the paper, use multi-pages on each side, where appropriate
  • All fax numbers to be registered onto the "Do-Not-Call-Registers" of the Office of the Telecommunications Authority to avoid receiving junk faxes and to reduce the use of papers
  • Reduce paper consumption through more extensive use of electronics means for communications internally and with external parties
  • Use 'Hand Dryer' instead of paper towels

Electricity Conservation

  • Using energy efficient electrical appliance where applicable
  • Switching off air-conditioning, lighting and equipment in office/conference room not in operation
  • Reduce number of fluorescent tube in office, conference room and back of house
  • Replace existing fluorescent lighting with advanced energy saving light fittings

Promoting Environmental Friendly Behaviour

  • Support projects in environmental protection
    Promote best practices for carbon reduction to our members and construction industry
  • Organize seminars for our members for knowledge sharing
  • Keep our members updated for the news and activities in relations to carbon reduction
  • Promote awareness and acceptance of the tenants and user of building regarding the GHG emission reduction measures
  • Use rechargeable batteries instead of regular disposal batteries
  • Use biodegradable mailing envelop for our Association information

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The Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited The Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited

Mr Gilbert Tang, Chief Facilities Manager
Tel: (852) 3166-3111 Fax: (852) 3166-3100  E-mail: gilberttang@cyberport.com.hk

  • Conducted energy audit and carbon audit
  • Encourage electronic communication to reduce paper
  • Implement environmental management program under the ISO 14001 environmental management system for continuous improvement
  • Adopt a wide range of energy saving measures to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions including:
    • Utilization of Building Management System (BMS) on zoning control of lighting, air-conditioning systems and optimization operation of central chiller plant
    • Application the frequency inverter minimum setting for air handling units operation
    • Daylight utilization on common areas where near curtain wall
    • Seasoning schedule operation on both interior and exterior lighting
    • Application of nanoflex reflector in lighting fixture of carpark
    • Re-programming of carpark ventilation control strategy for different operation modes
    • Installation of timer for lift call latent light in lobby
    • Installation of energy saving kits for lamps for staircases
    • Enforcement of house-keeping measures for back of house area and plant room areas
    • Lift and escalator are consisted energy saving technology to optimize the running consumption
    • Grey water reuse
    • Utilization of LED technology for exit signs
    • Pilot test for application of Polarized Refrigerant Oil Additive (PROA) for chiller unit
    • Pilot planning for retrofit of variable speed drive for water cooled chillers
  • Welcome visit our website:
    ( http://www.cyberport.com.hk/cyberport/en/home/home_flash.html)

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The Hongkong Electric Co. , Ltd The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd

Mr. YEE Tak Chow,   General Manager (Corporate Development)    
Tel: (852) 3143-3883  Fax: (852) 2810-0506  E-mail: tcyee@hkelectric.com

  • Increase the use of low carbon fuel – Natural Gas for power generation
  • Pursue a utility scale wind power development by conducting a feasibility study of a 100MW offshore wind farm in Hong Kong waters
  • Apply emission free renewable energy technologies at HK Electric’s premises
  • Participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) to report the corporate GHG emission inventory
  • Conduct carbon audits for HK Electric’s office buildings and implement energy saving initiatives
  • Encourage and remind staff to conserve energy at all times
  • Participate in the Carbon Reduction Certificates and EnergyWi$e Label scheme under the Hong Kong Award for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) to promote and implement energy efficiency measures and to reduce carbon footprint
  • Participate in the WasteWi$e Label scheme under HKAEE to promote and implement “4R” programme – waste Reduction, Recover & Recycle of materials and Reuse of resources
  • Implement environmental management programmes under the ISO 14001 environmental management system for continuous improvement in environmental performance
  • Implement energy management programmes under ISO 50001 energy management system for continuous improvement in energy efficiency performance at Lamma Power Station
  • Promote energy conservation and the use of renewable energy through community and education programmes such as Smart Power Campaign and Smart Power Fund
  • Provide free energy audit services to our non-domestic customers to identify energy-saving opportunities
  • Support the use of electric vehicles
  • Encourage customers to opt for e-billing to eliminate paper consumption wherever possible
  • Participate and support tree planting activities
  • For more details, please visit our website

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The Hong Kong Institute of Architects
  • To be provided

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Tel: (852) 2895-4446   Fax: (852) 2577-7791   E-mail: hkie-sec@hkie.org.hk
  • To be provided

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Ms Annie Luk, Admin Officer
Tel: (852) 2537-0456  E-mail:  info@hkifm.org.hk
  • To promote best practices for carbon reduction to the Facility Management community and the public
  • To organise CPD courses / forums / seminars for the Facility Management community and our members for knowledge sharing
  • To keep our members updated of the news and activities in relation to carbon reduction
  • To reduce paper consumption through more extensive use of electronics means for communication with our members

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The Hong Kong Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry The Hong Kong Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Tel: (852) 2577-6129  Fax: (852) 2577-0525  E-mail: jpcham@hkjcci.com.hk
  • Reducing unnecessary electricity usage through means such as
    • Activating “sleep” mode of photocopiers and printers during office hours
    • Activating the “power saving” function in all office computers
    • Switching off electricity of working area just before leaving the office. These include computers, monitors, air conditioning and lights
    • Encouraging staffs to not use the artificial lights if daylight is sufficient
    • Installing thermometers in order to maintain the office’s temperature at 24-25 degree Celsius
  • Reducing the use of paper through means such as
    • Promoting the use of emails and e-faxes
    • Minimizing photocopying by adopting
    • double-sided copying and multi pages on a single page
    • Minimizing the use of paper by copying on scrap paper
  • Strongly raising awareness of the environmental problems in Hong Kong to members of the HKJCC by
    • Passing out flyers made by the Environmental Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR government

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The Hong Kong Jockey Club The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Email:  sustainability@hkjc.org.hk

The Hong Kong Jockey Club is committed towards sustainability by implementing the energy conservation, environmental protection and other related programs. The relevant measures and plans are briefly summarized in below.

Property / Facilities Related Measures and Programs

  • Established the Environmental Management Policy
  • Developing carbon care sustainability awareness through the inter-departmental Environmental Ambassadors
  • Conducted carbon audit for Jockey Club Headquarters and plan to conduct a more comprehensive scale of carbon audit for all other critical premises for identifying the carbon footprint
  • Completed the Gap Analysis for LEED Certification for JCHQ
  • Conducting a clubwide energy audit for entire portfolio of club premises
  • Plan to conduct IAQ survey for JCHQ and OCBs
  • Completed emissions study for Olympic Game
  • Conducting staff communication via intranet and meeting for promoting green ideas and initiatives
  • Adopted central fresh water-cooled chiller plant for chiller retrofit and replacement projects
  • Conducting chiller plant optimization control by means of aggressive chilled water temperature reset control and late start/early stop of chillers in mild and winter season
  • Use of building management system to automate the controls of facilities and to schedule chiller running based on equipment efficiency monitoring
  • Adopting comprehensive metering system to monitor the running efficiency of all intensive energy consuming facilities and areas
  • Use of heat pump system for pre-heating the domestic hot water
  • Demand ventilation control by means of monitoring of indoor carbon dioxide level throughout club premises
  • Implementing those energy conservative measures as identified from energy audits
  • Daylight harvesting for lift lobbies in our office premises by photocell control and delamping
  • Customized the lighting control zones to reduce the energy consumption for lightings in extended service hours in headquarters
  • Use of motion detector control in meeting / conference rooms and executive rooms for room temperature setback control and automatic switch off of lightings
  • Implement replacement of all incandescent lamps to energy efficient type compact fluorescent lamps
  • Adopt LED technology and advanced lighting control technology in future office renovation project
  • Replace conventional EXIT sign to LED type
  • Adopt direct digital control for fan coil unit system in JCHQ for remote temperature monitoring and setback controls
  • Installing the digital type thermostat to automate fan speed of fan coil units in meeting / conference rooms and executive rooms
  • Conduct modernization program for all existing lift installations with consideration of latest energy standard
  • Rainwater recycling for toilet flushing purpose in Happy Valley racecourse
  • Conduct major retrofitting works with consideration of energy standard and requirements stipulated in EMSD Code of Practices or other relevant standards
  • Provided recycling bins for consumable goods and rechargeable batteries

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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

General Enquiry
E-mail:  fminfo@polyu.edu.hk

  • Adopted various carbon reduction measures to reduce carbon footprint of the operation on campus, including
    • Replacement of air-cooled chillers with water-cooled chillers
    • Incorporating heat / energy recovery units into air handling units
    • Installation of water mist system to increase the efficiency of air-cooled chillers
    • CO2-based Demand Control- application of variable speed drive for AHU / PAU
    • Installation of occupancy sensors in classrooms to ON/Off control of lighting and air-conditioning equipment
    • Removal of unnecessary lightings
    • Replacement of fluorescent-lamp-illuminated exit signs with LED ones
    • Replacement of old light panels with energy efficient T5 fluorescent luminaries
    • Application of sensor operated water taps
    • Encourage electronic communication to reduce paper
  • Setup Energy Management Sub-committee to promote awareness of energy conservation among staff and students
  • Participation in Carbon Reduction Charter, Energy Conservation Charter 2006 - Suitable Room Temperature, Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence, etc

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The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Mr Davis Bookhart, Senior Manager (Sustainability)
E-mail: green@ust.hk

Campus sustainability actions include:


  • Developed and adopted Green Campus Sustainability Strategy
  • Hired Campus Sustainability Officer
  • Established Environmental Sustainability Steering Committee (ESSCom)
  • Ratified Carbon Reduction Charter
  • Annual Environmental Reports

Campus design

  • Campus site selection and formation
  • Campus design and construction
    • Skylights at atrium
    • Glass curtain wall on east side to maximize natural light in AM
    • Façade and small windows on west side to minimize solar heat load in PM
  • Indirect sea water cooling
  • Computerized building management system (BMS)
  • New campus plan following a minimum of HK-BEAM Gold Standard

Energy savings

  • Performance Contracting 1996 ~ 2007
  • Value card operated A/C in dormitories
  • Energy saving controls on fume hoods
  • Service-on-demand escalators
  • Chiller condensing water waste heat recovery for Library humidity control
  • Strategic shading to minimize solar heat load
  • CO 2 heat pump at main plant room

Renewable energy projects

  • Solar powered LED lamp at main roundabout
  • Solar boosted heat pumps and water heaters at Residence Halls

Resource conservation

  • Sensor-operated urinals and taps
  • Water-saving tilting drum washer
  • Extracted groundwater for irrigation
  • Double-sided printing at computer barns and offices


  • Green Ambassador program
  • Live Green! Living Learning Community at student dormitory
  • Sustainability courses


  • Gold Wastewi$e award since 2004
  • Certificate of Merit, Green Innovative Practice, Hong Kong Eco-Business Award
  • IAQwise since 2008

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The Incorporated Owners of Wellington Place

Mr Steve Wong, Senior Manager or Ms Jamilah Mak, Officer
Tel: (852) 2534-1692 / 2534-1463 Fax(852) 2851-1249   
E-mail:  swywong@savills.com.hk / jamak@savills.com.hk

Energy Saving

  • Replace neon light bulbs by energy saving light bulbs or LED lights
  • Replace T8 fluorescent tube to T5 fluorescent tube in public area
  • Install timer control to minimize the number of lightings inside public lobbies not in operation during midnight
  • Change traditional exit light to LED exit light
  • Maintain the main lift hall at a comfortable temperature level between 24-25 centigrade
  • Install air curtain at building entrance to reduce the energy loss of air-conditioning
  • Turn off the air-conditioning supply in main lift hall not in operation at night time
  • Pre-set summer and winter mode of chilled water supply temperature to reduce energy consumption
  • Encourage owners/occupiers to turn off air-conditioning equipment and lighting when leaving the office
  • Carry out the lift modernization to install variable speed motors to achieve the energy effectiveness of lift operation
  • Set different lift modes to minimize the use of lift and reduce the energy consumption
  • Change to use extra low sulphur diesel for generator to reduce carbon emission
  • Adjust ball valve to maximum the storage of water tank to reduce the operation of upfeed pump
  • Keep track record of the power consumption, take periodically review on power consumption and implement measures to minimize the increase in power consumption
  • Change/Replace existing E&M equipment with energy-efficient equipment

Waste and Recycling

  • Arrange recycling programs for paper, carbon/inkjet cartridge, moon cake boxes and batteries
  • Encourage staff to use less plastic bag by means of using recycled bags
  • Closely monitor purchase order to avoid unnecessary wastage
  • Set up recycling bins in refuse collection point to separate waste for recycling

"Green" Management Office

  • Encourage management staff to re-use clothes hangers for laundry service
  • Reduce copying, printing, encourage printing on recycled paper or using double-sided printing
  • Encourage management staff to use re-chargeable batteries
  • Choose suppliers and contractors that follow environmentally-sound practices
  • Purchase locally manufactured goods and products saves cost on shipping and fright and reduce transportation and fuel consumption, thus reducing carbon emission.
  • Use e-mail rather than facsimile if available

Green And Environmental Activities

  • Participate in Friends of the Earth’s “Earth Hour”
  • Join into EPD’s Wastewise Label Scheme
  • Join into Programme on Source Separation of Commercial and Industrial Waste
  • Join into other Environmental and Green Activities if possible
  • Promote environmental awareness among owners & occupiers

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The Link Management Ltd The Link Management Ltd

Dr. Calvin Lee Kwan 
Tel: (852) 2175-1817   Fax: (852) 2175-1900  E-mail: Calvin.CL.Kwan@thelinkreit.com

  • Implementation of Energy Savings Initiatives, which include:-
    • Energy Management in daily operational activities for The Link’s Shopping Centers and Car Parks
    • Energy Efficiency Improvement Projects :-
      • Retrofit of Lighting Systems
      • Retrofit of Chiller Plants (e.g. air-cooled converted to water-cooled)
      • Optimization in Facility System Operation
  • Active Participation in Public Campaigns and Events relating to Preservation of Environment and Conservation of Energy Usage

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The Open University of Hong Kong The Open University of Hong Kong

Administration and Accommodation Unit
Tel: (852) 2768-6213  Fax: (852) 2624-7608  E-mail: lnng@ouhk.edu.hk
  • Use of water-cooled air conditioning system at Campus Phase II
  • Free cooling mode during cool air condition at Campus Phase II
  • Natural ventilation at communal areas at lower floors of Campus Phase II
  • Building management system on zone control of lighting, air-conditioning systems and scheduling operation of chiller plants
  • Installation of occupancy sensor to control lighting at classrooms, computer laboratories and language laboratories of Campus Phase II
  • Installation of photocell to lighting fittings at the internal boundary near curtain wall system
  • Installation of passenger detection sensor and automatic two speed control for escalators
  • Application of infra-red sensor water taps and urinals
  • Application of online venue booking system
  • Applied HK-BEAM building labeling at Campus Phase I and II
  • Light wells, atriums and curtain walls to maximize the use of natural light
  • To provide sky garden on roof of Campus Phase II
  • To conduct carbon reduction audit regularly

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The Peninsula Hong Kong The Peninsula Hong Kong

Mr Wilson So, Regional Director of Engineering
Tel: (852) 2696 6921  Fax: (852) 2696 6929  E-mail:  wilsonso@peninsula.com

Major energy saving and environmental protection practices:

  • Application of energy saving light fittings
  • Application of seawater-cooled chillers and heat pumps
  • Increase temperature setback of chillers
  • Application of variable speed drive for water pumps, air-con units and elevators
  • BMS control system to cut off lighting and switch air-conditioning to minimum in vacant guestrooms
  • Use of water-based paint with minimal VOC content
  • Educate the staff on environmentally friendly behaviour
    • Encourage staff to walk up 2 floors and down 3 floors in order to save electricity consumption of elevators
    • Turn off lights in offices, restaurant outlets and kitchens after operating hours
    • Switch off air-conditioning and lights in vacant meeting rooms
    • Turn off idle office equipment before leaving the office
  • Turn off one or two circuits of lighting in back-of-house corridors
  • Minimise use of lights and air-conditioning and lower all blinds and curtains in rooms on floors which are blocked off and not for guest use during slower periods
  • Active participation in waste recycling programmes, e.g. paper, plastic and glass bottles, aluminum cans, waste cooking oil, compact fluorescent tubes
  • Application of biodegradable plastic garbage bags

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The University of Hong KongThe University of Hong Kong (Estates Office)
Ann Kildahl, Sustainability Manager, The University of Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2241-5602  Fax: (852) 2517-0456  E-mail: akildahl@hku.hk
  • Annual Sustainability Report
  • Greenhouse gas emissions audit
  • Building energy audits and retrofitting for improved energy efficiency
  • Recycling/waste management and associated educational efforts
  • Water-saving, low-flow fixtures in university buildings
  • Motion sensors for lighting to reduce electricity use
  • Electronic processing of internal administrative processes
  • Improved sustainability in food services
  • Extension of green roof project
  • Research and teaching, including multi-disciplinary research, minor in global climate change, environmental studies major, etc.
  • Grant programs for student research projects on climate change/environmental topics
  • Expanded student service learning activities on- and off-campus

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Time Best Energy Saving Limited Time Best Energy Saving Limited

Mr Rono Lai
E-mail: ronolai@timebest.hk

Office Articles

  • Reduce un-necessary photocopying and printing; Where appropriate, to encourage double-sided copying and printing
  • By email for the paperless communication
  • Use of recycled paper and environmentally friendly equipment and materials
  • Recycle and reuse all kinds of office articles, stationery, personal computers, notebook computers, office equipment and electrical appliances to reduce waste
  • Use e-mail for internal communications instead of using paper
  • Switch off unused office equipment when leaving the office
  • Reduce disposal of batteries
  • Recycle rechargeable battery
  • Set computer to enter power-saving mode after 10 minutes of inactivity
  • Turn off the computer or set the sleeping mode when it is not in use

Energy conservation

  • Divide the office into different zones and switch off air-conditioning, lighting and equipment in office zones not in operation
  • Maintain air-conditioning temperature at an appropriate level
  • Using energy-saving lights to replace old light bulbs
  • Use energy-efficient T5 flourescent tubes or LED light
  • Use energy efficient electrical appliances
  • Regularly check the hidden water pipes to avoid leakage
  • Check internal water systems and repair of faulty water tank, faucets and other water supply facilities
  • Repair leaking tap immediately
  • Encourage the use of stairs instead of the elevator
  • Installed sensors for flushing in the toilet


  • Encourage the use of public transport help to reduce the urban heat island effect


  • Donation of office furniture and old clothes to charity
  • Reduce use of take-away plastic box by encouraging staff to have breakfast and lunch in staff restaurant
  • Proper food planning in corporate events
  • Provide internal environmental trainings to staff
  • Use of recycled paper for business cards, corporate letters and envelopes

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Times Square Limited Times Square Limited

Ms Yen Leng, Director
Tel: (852) 2118-8888   Fax: (852) 2118-8088  E-mail: yenleng@timessquare.com.hk
  • Times Square (TS) had been a green participant since its establishment of energy-saving working committee in 2003. Over the years, TS has been encouraging and promoting green business and operation by continuous review on opportunities and concrete exercise of various energy-efficient measures and green practices in reducing greenhouse gases emission. By mid-2009, it recorded over 8,500,000 kwh accumulative saving of electricity consumption against 2002, which represented reduction of 7,000 tonnes CO 2 emission.
  • Has implemented a variety of energy-efficient measures or green initiatives in different areas including:
    • Conversion of the air-cooled radiators of chiller plant into water-cooling tower in 2003
    • Broadly application of energy-saving luminaries like T5 tubes c/w electronic ballasts, PLC or LED
    • VSD application to E & M systems like air-conditioning plant, water pumps, lifts & escalators, etc.
    • Conversion of lift motor driving system into VVVF type
    • BMS control and Scheduled Maintenance to optimize the operation of plant & equipment
    • Scheduled air-duct cleaning & thermal insulation replacement
    • Re-zoning of lighting and balancing of chilled water supply and conditioned air distribution
    • Re-scheduling of lift & escalator operation for non-peak hours
    • Encouragement of 3R practices – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle
    • Reducing water using by utilizing bleed-off water of A/C cooling towers for toilet flushing, and broadly application of self-closing/ auto-sensing water taps
    • Reducing wastes by exercising re-cycling of paper, plastic, metal, etc.
    • Promotion of converting waste cooked oil into bio-diesel
    • Wet and Dry Garbage compactors to handle routine wastes
    • Stipulation of proper construction waste disposal and less VOC material using in fitout guidelines and construction work contracts
    • Use of environmental-friendly detergent for routine cleaning
    • Creation of green roof
    • Education to employees and contractors of responsible environmental practices like "to turn off light when leave", "to think before print", etc.
    • Green office operation such as paperless encouragement, lighting zoning control, energy-saving ambassador appointment, and fostering culture of "use if required, save if possible"
  • Obtained green-recognitions from the community in form of the following achievements or certifications:
    • Energy-Efficiency Award by EMSD in 2006
    • Indoor Air Quality Certification by EPD – Good class for the floors of shopping arcade and office towers since 2006
    • Quality Water Recognition Scheme for Buildings by WSD since 2007
    • Hygiene Control System Certification by HKQAA since 2004
  • Way Forward
    • Has determined to carry on its commitment to the environment and community by regular audit and continuous review on opportunities to efficiently use of energy and natural resources, and on the other hand, by sharing with and inspiring other stakeholders to execute in echo for help re-building a clean and beautiful world

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Traders Hotel, Hong KongTraders Hotel, Hong Kong
  • Conduct carbon audit regularly
  • Retrofit lighting system by using more energy saving lighting fittings such as LED light bulbs and energy saving light bulbs
  • Retrofit hot water system by using higher energy efficient heat pump system
  • Implement waste separation and recycling for paper, plastic bottles, aluminum cans
  • Turn off lightings / electrical appliances in offices when not in use
  • Regular maintenance of air-conditioning system
  • Participate in a used cooking oil recycling programme for manufacturing of a cleaner fuel - Bio-diesel
  • Participate in tree planting campaign
  • Apply dimmer control system to adjust lighting levels in restaurant at different timing

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Tradeport Hong Kong Limited Tradeport Hong Kong Limited

Ms May Wong, Quality Manager
Tel: (852) 2286-1395 Fax: (852) 2286-1323  E-mail: may.wong@tradeport-hongkong.com
  • Tradeport offers advanced logistics facilities and a wide range of quality supply chain services to customers. We obtained ISO14001:2004 certificate in November 2007 and have developed and promoted environmental policy for all levels of staff.
  • We are also committed to reducing carbon consumption to protect our Earth. Below are our current actions and plans.

Energy Consumption

  • Switch off lighting and office equipment (such as projector, copier) after using the meeting room or before leaving the office
  • Suspend certain passenger lift service during non-peak hours
  • Adjust temperature controls for central air-conditioning unit based on actual seasonal requirement to achieve efficient energy consumption
  • Adopt Building Management System on a variety of building facilities including operation and maintenance of air-conditioning system and the lighting system
  • Clean fan filter and coil regularly in order to maintain the most efficient energy consumption


  • Reduce the number of lamps to avoid excessive illumination
  • Install energy efficient light systems


  • Introduce recycling bins to collect recyclable materials (e.g. paper, plastic bottles, aluminum cans etc)
  • Participate in recycling collection programs, such as printer ink cartridges and toner cartridge recycling
  • Scrap obsolete or damaged office equipment (eg computer) in an environmental manner

Law and legislation

  • Comply with all applicable environmental legislation, rules and codes of practice


  • Provide appropriate training to enhance staff’s environmental awareness so that staff will have sufficient knowledge to implement the environmental protection measures


  • Use electronic means for data storage and internal communication

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Tropical Outdoor Co. Ltd. Tropical Outdoor Co. Limited

Mr Thomas YUE, Production & Quality Executive
Tel: (852) 2330-1673   Fax: (852) 2365-0309  E-mail: Thomas@tropicaloutdoor.com.hk

  • Tropical Outdoor Co. Ltd. is a company member of Pointech Group, specializing in providing high-end aluminium outdoor furniture.
  • Initiatives
    • Get ISO 14001:2004 certified
    • Calculate the office carbon footprint annually
    • Conduct Product carbon footprint accounting
    • Purchase carbon credits to compensate the emissions for certain products
    • Assist the factory to reduce its impact to the environment
    • Conduct energy audit to indentify the major energy source
    • Reduce electricity consumption by replacing all lighting tubes to energy efficient ones
    • Reduce paper consumption by initiate personal printing code scheme & monthly paper less event
    • Enhance recycling by appoint recycling company to recycle all waste paper
    • Organize event such as beach cleaning to enhance the awareness of environment protection
    • Encourage staff to print on both sides

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Tsun Yip Waterworks Construction Company Limited Tsun Yip Waterworks Construction Company Limited.


Miss Chan Lan Yan, Ellen,  Site Agent (3/WSD/13)
Tel:  (852) 5636 9962 / 2470 7310
Fax: (852) 2676 9122
E-mail: cy_ellenchan@yahoo.com.hk

Mr Dennis Cheung,  Senior Site Agent  (8/WSD/10)
Tel:  (852) 6928 4469 / 2470 7310
Fax: (852) 2676 9122 

E-mail:   dcyming@yahoo.com.hk

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TÜV NORD Hong Kong Ltd. TÜV NORD Hong Kong Ltd.

Bjoern Brandmeier, Product Manager Energy
Tel: (852) 2115-5042  Fax: (825) 2376-1801  E-Mail: bbrandmeier@tuv-nord.com

External activities

  • Climate protection services includes participation in the development of modern technologies to reduce or prevent harmful emissions, assistance with the organization of climate protection and energy efficiency projects and certification of reducing emission:
    • Green Carbon Academy (Training Courses)
    • Verification of Carbon Footprint of Products
    • Voluntary GHG management systems
    • Eco–Balance (Life Cycle assessment of products)
    • Carbon Footprint Verification for companies reporting to Carbon Disclosure Projects (CDP)
    • Climate protection service to in-house standards as well as on internationally accepted standards
    • Carbon Neutrality of Companies, Products & Events
    • International greenhouse gas reduction projects and operates as a Certification Body for Joint Implementation and Clean Development Mechanisms (JI/CDM)
    • Energy Efficiency Measurement /Carbon Audits/ Service Engineering for Power Generation
    • Implementation of Energy Management Systems (EnMS)
    • Certification of Energy Management Systems according to EN 16001
    • Certification of Environment management according to ISO 14001
    • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Working in partnership with all the stakeholders to promote carbon reduction and energy efficiency programs

Internal activities

  • Internal environment policy
  • Information for environmental friendly protection in the office and energy-saving tips for employees are published on internal webpage and magazines
  • Sustainability idea management
  • The rules on eco-shopping are being revised for internal and external documents and required prints to use paper from sustainable sources
  • Use double-sided printing
  • Reduce, Reuse of paper
  • Information via email for environmental friendly protection as far as possible
  • Switch off electrical appliances or switch them to energy-saving mode when not in use

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TÜV Rheinland Hong Kong Ltd. TÜV Rheinland Hong Kong Ltd.

Mr. Simon Hung, Marketing Manager
Tel: (852) 2192-1948  Fax: (825) 2192-1010  E-Mail: simon.hung@tuv.com

  • Electricity
    Last-man-out for switching off lighting and AC power switch
  • Electronic submission for finance documents
  • Encourage electronic invoice to clients
  • Internal education about Energy Efficiency

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