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Carbon Audit • Green Partner
Carbon Audit • Green Partner
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Description of Carbon Reduction Activities

UB Office Systems (HK) LtdUB Office Systems (HK) Ltd

Ms Patty Lee, Assistant Marketing Manager
Tel: (852) 2838-3262 Fax: (852) 2838-2690 E-mail: corporate.hk@novowsa.com

  • UB Office furniture designs emphasize on style and quality, as well as the structure, ergonomics and comfort. Our products are environmental friendly, GREENGUARD and ISO 14001 certified. Environmental protection and sustainable business practices are a very high priority at UB.

Reduce Electricity Consumption & Improve Energy Efficiency

  • Turn off lighting, air-conditioning units and office equipment when not in use (e.g. during lunch breaks)
  • Set office temperature at over 24oC in summer. Regular maintenance of air conditioning, office equipment and all electrical appliances
  • Adoption of energy efficient office equipment

Reuse and recycling

  • Reuse items such as single-sided paper, paper clips, envelopes, folders, paper bag, plastic bag etc.
  • Reduce the need to copy and print. Copy and print on both sides of the paper, use multi-pages on each side, where appropriate
  • Use environmentally friendly materials and products with recycle content
  • Arrangement for the re-use and recycling of personal computers, notebook computers, equipment and electrical appliances
  • Set up waste separation and recycling facilities. Organize recycling programs for paper, paper boxes, battery and plastic material etc.

Enhance Environmental Awareness of staffs

  • Organization of activities including seminars, training, visits, green tours, exhibitions etc. with theme of environmental protection and low carbon emission operation to cultivate green culture among staffs
  • Encourage staff awareness of environmental protection and energy saving by means of posters, internal newsletters and intranet
  • Pay attention to the developments and trends of carbon reduction

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UDomain Web Hosting Company LimitedUDomain Web Hosting Company Limited

Ms Tuby Tang, Marketing Manager
Tel: (852) 3575-1702 Fax: (852) 2554-7215 E-mail: tubytang@ud.hk

  • Adopt and actively apply 4Rs – Reduce, Recycle, Re-use and Replace.
  • Implement Paperless Office - use electronic communication & eStatement.
  • Formulate and implement online marketing strategy, such as, digital advertising (Digital Marketing / Advertising), social media (Social Media Marketing) and eDM mainly to reduce the use of print and paper media (e.g. Magazine / Newspaper Advertisements).
  • Ensure the computers and other appliances are switched off at the end of the working day.
  • Purchase energy efficient office equipment, for instance, LED lightbulbs or other appliances with Energy Label in the office to save energy.
  • Provide reusable tableware in office. Avoid using disposable dinnerware.

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Unistress Building Construction LtdUnistress Building Construction Ltd

Contract No : SS K518 – A 24-classroom primary school

  • Using product with Grade 1 energy label
  • Using of LED lighting
  • Maintaining indoor temperature at 24-26 degree Celsius
  • Set computer turn to standby mode when not using a period of time
  • Close all the electrical devices during non-office hours

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United Christian HospitalUnited Christian Hospital

Miss Janet Wong, Assistant Hospital Manager
Tel: (852) 3949-5485 Fax: (852) 2772-7098 E-mail: whw642@ha.org.hk

  • Arrange shuttle bus service for inter cluster hospital
  • Switch off partial lighting & air-conditioning in public area after office hour
  • Shut off lift service in night time
  • Using T5/T8 electronic ballast lighting
  • LED bedhead lighting
  • Reduce food waste for patient (e.g. default small size of meal for prenatal ward & postnatal ward)
  • Introduce low-carbon meal for patient
  • Adopt BEAMS plus certificate standard for hospital expansion project

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Ms Phoebe Wong / Ms Amy Tsang
Tel: (852) 3187-5481 Fax: (852) 3101-9611 E-mail:
phoebe@uppotential.com / amy@uppotential.com
  • Less using air-conditioning system
    • Open windows instead of switching on air-conditioning system
    • Smart causal wear is fine if there are no formal events
    • Maintaining room temperature at 25-26oC
  • Reducing usage of electricity
    • Un-plugging equipment when it is not in use
    • Offices adopted T5, T85 lighting and reduced unnecessary lighting
    • Switch off un-necessary lighting, air-conditioning and other equipment where such facilities are not necessary
    • Use energy saving light tubes instead of incandescent light bulbs
  • Learn more from ‘Energy Label’
    • Use energy-saving equipment with ‘Energy Label’
  • Less driving
    • Encouraging staffs to walk up stair step instead of taking elevator
    • Avoiding unnecessary business trips
  • Using public transportation
    • Encouraging staffs to use public transportation instead of driving cars
  • Selecting car with low-carbon fuels using
    • Select energy saving car
    • Switch off cars when it is stopped and use low-carbon fuels
  • More vegetables Less meat
    • Selecting food source from local
    • Having veggie diet once a week or once a day
    • Order the food proportion which you can finish in order to reduce the emission of carbon
  • Bring your own tableware and recycled bag
    • Bring your own recycled cup, chopsticks, handkerchief and shopping bag
    • Less drinking bottled water
    • Less using one-off product
  • Paper Saving
    • Paper saving with double page printing and using recycled paper
    • Waste can be classified for reproduction
    • Do not use over packaged product
    • Providing recycled collection boxes for newspapers and magazines recycling
    • Replacing paper mailing by email sending
    • Using email sending system for company internal communication including season greeting

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Urban GroupUrban Group

Mr Harvey Liu, Green Manager
Tel: (852) 2626-7333
E-mail: harveyliu@urban.com.hk

  • Urban Group aims at providing quality and professional real estate and facility management services to meet with our customers’ requirements. We have formulated the Environmental Management Policy to minimize the adverse effects on the environment from our daily operations. Our Policy is directed towards the following:
    • Waste Reduction - Recycling
    • Energy Saving - Noise Reduction
    • Environmental Protection - Pollution Prevention
    • Cost Saving - Legal Compliance
  • To achieve the above targets, we are committed to:
    • Formulating environmental measures to meet the customers’ requirements which comply with ISO 14001 standard, statutory and other requirements and
    • Setting environmental objectives, developing an assessment, inspection and recording system to evaluate the effectiveness of this Policy
    • Providing necessary and sufficient training to staff to ensure they can fully implement this Policy in daily operations
    • Inviting the participation of suppliers and contractors in the environmental management works by maintaining an effective monitoring and communication system
    • Maintaining an effective communication and co-ordination network with all stakeholders of the Company including our customers and contractors on environmental issues
    • Arousing the public concern on environmental protection and living quality
    • Regular review is carried out to ensure the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System and continuous improvement
    • Adopt a wide range of carbon reduction measures in our managed buildings

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Urban Property Management Ltd.Urban Property Management Ltd.

Chow Tai Fook Centre

Ms Feng Jinyun, Assistant Property Asset Officer
Tel: (852) 2136-0070 Fax: (852) 2136-0069 E-mail: ctfc@emo.urban.com.hk

    Chow Tai Fook Centre

  • Turning off lights in vacant shops
  • Using energy saving electrical appliances, e.g. LED lamps
  • 3-coloured waste separation bins to encourage recycling activities
  • Maintaining temperature setting of air-conditioner at 24-26 oC
  • Turning off electrical appliances when they are not in use
  • Using recycling paper

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