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Carbon Audit • Green Partner
Carbon Audit • Green Partner
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Description of Carbon Reduction Activities

V Make Manufacturing and Printing Ltd.V Make Manufacturing and Printing Ltd.

Mr Sam Li, IT Officer
Tel: (852) 8200-9933 Fax: (852) 8200-9929
E-mail: sam@dingzao.com

To reuse:

  • Provide trays to collect reusable items in offices to promote the use of reusable items such as single-sided paper, paper clips, envelopes, folders etc.

To reduce:

  • To use paperless ERP system in our offices.
  • Office room temperature is set at 23 degree.
  • To use filtered water instead of distilled water.

To recycle:

  • Provide recycle bin with plastic, metal and paper compartments.

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Vico Systems LimitedVico Systems Limited

Mr Terence Chan, Project Director
Tel: (852) 3460-1888 Fax: (852) 2152-7555
E-mail: terence@vicosys.com.hk

  • External Environmental Initiatives:
  • Encouraging staff to turn off light, air-conditioner and electronic appliances
  • Recycling of paper
  • Recycling of carbon toner
  • Actively promote the use of e-Fax to replace the traditional Fax machine to save paper
  • Actively promote the use of electronic system to reduce the use of paper

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Viva China Holdings LimitedViva China Holdings Limited

Tel: (852) 3796-1111 Fax: (852) 3796-1100
E-mail: info@vivachina.hk

External Environmental Initiatives:

  • Organize vegetarian lunch on a monthly basis
  • Participated in WWF's “Earth Hour” campaign
  • Participated in Green Sense's “No Air Con Night”
  • Place recycle box to collect “Red Packets” and donate to charity
  • Place recycle box to collect moon cake tin box and donate to charity

Energy Saving:

  • 5-day work to reduce the energy usage
  • Turn off lighting / conditioned air supply during lunch break
  • Turn off lighting / conditioned air supply in conference room when the room not in use
  • Staff training to turn off electrical appliances before leaving office
  • Install the insulated curtains to block solar heat for reduce electricity consumption

Reduce usage of paper:

  • Purchase and use recycled A4 paper
  • Set up recycle box next to the printer to collect used paper for recycling
  • Encourage staff to print on both sides and to use recycled paper
  • Use email and e-fax to save paper

Recycling and Reusing:

  • Arrange “Green Collection program” regularly and donate to Christian Action
  • Collect used printer cartridges and donate to Friends of the Earth
  • Place recycle bag to collect paper for recycling monthly
  • Place boxes to recycle plastic material (e.g. bottle and package bags etc.)
  • Reuse stationery such as paper clips, envelopes, folders, etc.

Monitor and Control:

  • Conduct regular maintenance of air conditioning system
  • Record electricity usage monthly in order to monitor and control the energy usage

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VSL-Intrafor Hong KongVSL-Intrafor Hong Kong

Mr Joe Mok, Quality, Safety & Environmental Manager
Tel: (852) 2590-2288 Fax: (852) 2590-0290

  • To be provided

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Vizz GroupVizz Group

Ms Jacqueline Cheung, Marketing Manager
Tel (852) 2388-6836 Fax: (852) 2328-8742 Email:

Reducing electricity consumption and energy efficiency

  • Lighting zones to allow separate switching on and off of lights in areas that are only used occasionally
  • Switching off air-conditioning, lighting and equipment in office zones not in operation (such as meeting rooms and conference areas)
  • Set comfortable room temperature of air-conditioned offices during cooling mode
  • Clean air-conditioning systems and dust filters of the offices regularly

Promoting environmentally friendly behavior

  • Communicate via email, intranet or internet to save papers and share tips on environmental protection
  • Use of electronic means for communications internally and with external parties as far as possible

Supporting reuse and recycling activities

  • Arrangement for the re-use and recycling of personal computers, notebook computers, equipment and electrical appliances
  • Supporting and sponsoring community projects in promoting environmental protection
  • Use of recycled paper as appropriate
  • Reuse stationery such as paper clips, packaging and courier bags, envelopes, folders, etc.
  • Reduce the need to copy and print, do so only when needed. Copy and print on both sides of the paper, where appropriate
  • Provide trays to collect and reuse one-sided paper

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For general queries about climate change, please contact us at:

Telephone: (852) 2838-3111    Fax: (852) 2838-2155    Email: climatechange@eeb.gov.hk


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