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Carbon Audit • Green Partner
Carbon Audit • Green Partner
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Description of Carbon Reduction Activities

Y28. Com LimitedY28.Com Limited


Reduce Paper Usage

  • Email-billing for our customers 
  • Use recycled paper in printers and copy machines. 
  • Use e-fax to avoid the problems of junk fax, fax line jam and wasting fax paper
  • Educate our staff use paper on both sides and communicate via email
  • Set Computer Defaults to Print Double-Sided

Reduce Electricity Usage

  • Encourage our staff walking up stairs instead of taking a lift
  • Keep the office temperature in air-conditioned premises at 25.5°C
  • Turn off lights, computer and other office equipment when not in use. To save energy, we request that the person last to leave the office checks to make sure all lights and office equipment have been turned off
  • Replaced with the energy-saving light bulb

Reuse & Recycling

  • Provide Trays to Collect and Reuse One-Sided Paper
  • Reuse items such as paper clips, envelopes, folders, etc
  • Use the back sides of old photocopies, printed sheets, and outdated letterhead for notes and scratch paper. Pages can be used in full sheets, or cut in half or quarters. Stack the pages in labeled trays, or staple them into notepads. Store them near printers and photocopiers, along with a stock of used envelopes that can be used to route internal communications
  • Implement office policy to minimize unnecessary equipment use
  • Deposit and re-use surplus office materials including computers, telephones, stationery and even furniture before buying new products
  • Implement office policy to minimize unnecessary equipment use

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Yau Lee Construction Co., Ltd.Yau Lee Construction Co., Ltd.

Ms Shirley S. Y. Lee, Senior Management System Officer
Tel: (852) 3473-3726  Fax: (852) 2753-4300  E-mail:

Reducing electricity consumption and improving energy efficiency

  • Maintain average indoor air temperature between 24-26oC during the summer months of June to Septembe
  • Replace low energy performance electrical equipment by high energy performance product 
  • Separated zones to allow lighting and air conditioning can be switched off separately when not in use
  • Regularly clean the filter and maintain the air conditioning system in the best energy saving conditions
  • Set computer to enter power-saving mode after 10 minutes of inactivity
  • Analyse electricity usage regularly to monitor and control the electricity consumption and make improvement accordingly

Reducing paper consumption

  • Utilize internet and intranet for paperless communication to eliminate unnecessary photocopies and avoid unnecessary printouts
  • Encourage double-sided copying/printing
  • Place collection boxes near copiers to collect single-sided printed papers for internal reuse
  • Analyse paper usage regularly to monitor and control the paper consumption and make improvement accordingly

Water Conservation

  • Adjust the water flow of water taps in the toilet to reduce water consumption
  • Fix dripping taps immediately
  • Encourage staff to save water by company notices in toilet

Reuse and Recycle

  • Reuse stationery such as paper, folders, paper clips, envelopes
  • Place boxes beside copiers to collect double-sided paper, envelope, magazine and newspaper for recycling

Having granted the following awards, labels and certificates

  • EMSD – Energy Saving Charter
  • EMSD – 4Ts Charter
  • EPD – Green Hong Kong – Carbon Audit Campaign
  • World Green Organisation - Green Office and Eco-Healthy Workplace Awards Labelling Scheme
  • Hong Kong Construction Association – Hong Kong Construction Environmental Awards
  • Green Council - Green Management Award (Corporate)
  • Bank of China (HK) – BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards (EcoChallenger)
  • Environmental Campaign Committee - Carbon Reduction Certificate
  • Environmental Campaign Committee - “Class of Excellence” Wastewi$e Certificate
  • Environmental Campaign Committee - “Class of Excellence” Energywi$e Certificate
  • Environmental Campaign Committee – Hong Kong Green Organisation Certification

Environmental Management

  • Adopt ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 50001 Energy Management System in the Whole Company
  • Disclosure of Carbon Footprint Repository on Environmental Protection Department website (Carbon Footprint Repository for Listed Companies in Hong Kong)
  • Purchase green product such as Ultra-Low-Sulphur Diesel, Low VOC Paints and FSC Wood/Paper Product
  • Promote environmental events to raise environmental awareness to staff
  • Set environmental performance targets and monitor the performance regularly

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Yue Man Square Management Company LimitedYue Man Square Management Company Limited

Mr Michael Li, Property Manager
Tel: (852) 2567-0008  Fax: (852) 2567-1118  E-mail:

  • Commit to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gases emissions.
  • Commit to reduce GHG emissions and to maintain a healthy living environment and improving air quality.
  • Commit to play a useful part to reduce GHG emissions from buildings.
  • Commit to conduct carbon audit on buildings and improve GHG emission performance in accordance with the recommendations arising from the audit.
  • Commit to formulate implementation plans with measurable targets to promote and support the reduction of the overall GHG emissions from buildings.
  • Commit to facilitate GHG emission reduction by supporting offsetting activities to compensate for the GHG emissions from building.
  • Commit to facilitate the adoption of environment-friendly equipment, products and practices in buildings wherever possible.
  • Commit to work in partnership with all the stakeholders to promote best practices and behavioral changes to reduce GHG emissions.

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For general queries about climate change, please contact us at:

Telephone: (852) 2838-3111    Fax: (852) 2838-2155    Email: climatechange@eeb.gov.hk


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