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Humanity–Climate–Nature: A Future Museum Curators’ Exhibition
This exhibition features the result of an 18-month community engagement project (2021–2022), ECF Mobilizing Community Climate Action by Future Museum Curators. The project is supported by the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF). It recruited 70 secondary school students and, through a unique model of experiential and problem-based learning, equipped them with the knowledge and skills to become ‘Future Museum Curators’, and inspire action on climate change and sustainable development through exhibitions.

Earlier this year, the well-trained Future Museum Curators presented the results in 10 virtual exhibitions dealing with various sustainability challenges, such as climate change, carbon reduction and waste management. After public voting and a final assessment by a panel of expert judges, the winning Best Future Museum Curators teams were selected to work with the MoCC on a new physical exhibition on a theme of their choice, to be presented at the MoCC. The ‘Humanity–Climate–Nature: A Future Museum Curators’ Exhibition’ explores how human activity gives rise to sustainability challenges and calls for immediate climate action from the community to tackle these threats.
Date & Time : Ongoing
Venue : Yasumoto International Academic Park 8/F The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Organisation : The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change
中銀香港人與自然共融計劃「氣候變化減碳行動」2022-23 (Chinese only)
本計劃聯合本地多個專業團體,透過針對性的訓練及比賽培養青少年對氣候變化和減廢、減碳的興趣。大會支援大專學院和中小學培養學生在日常生活中如何做到減碳的方式,以及實踐可持續生活模式,發揮潛能,面向世界,為香港未來持續落實「碳中和」及人才培育做好準備。 (Chinese only)
Date & Time : 29 June 2022 - May 2023
Venue : N.A.
Organisation : Polar Museum Foundation, HK Discovery (coordinating agency), Environmental Protection Department (supporting organisation)
Low-carbon Office Operation Programme (LOOP)
Low-carbon Office Operation Programme was launched by World Wide Fund For Nature. The programme has been established to enable Hong Kong companies and organisations to become part of the solution to climate change. By participating in LOOP, companies or organisations are engaged with a group of like-minded forward-looking leaders to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions generated from office operation via the adoption of managerial and technological best practices, staff behavioural adaptation, and a labelling scheme. LOOP companies or organisations can access a tool-kit that allows the measurement and analysis of the carbon performance of an office, formulation of emissions reduction strategy, and reporting on their improved carbon performance.
Date & Time : Ongoing
Venue : N.A
Organisation : World Wide Fund For Nature
Carbon Neutral Challenge
Carbon Neutral Challenge promotes a progmatic low-carbon living model which continuously reduces carbon emissions through every simple act of life
Date & Time : Ongoing
Venue : N.A.
Organisation : Green Hub
Wan Chai Environmental Resource Centre
The Wan Chai Centre occupies the building that housed the Wan Chai Post Office from 1915 to 1992 and was declared a historical building in 1990. As the first Environmental Resource Centre, it includes an interactive learning room, library databank, information gallery and environmental garden. A short walk from Wan Chai MTR Station Exit A3, the Centre is conveniently accessible to the public at large.
Date & Time : Due to renovation works, the centre is temporarily closed until further notice.
Venue : 221 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Organisation : Environmental Protection Department
Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre
Operated jointly by the Environmental Protection Department and the University of Hong Kong, the Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre (LFSEEC) is located on the fringe of the University of Hong Kong campus and close to the Lung Fu Shan Country Park. The LFSEEC comprises three graded historical buildings, an eco-pond as well as a courtyard with abundant vegetation that attracts a diversity of bird and butterfly species. The Centre also includes exhibition area, information corner, activity room, library etc. and conducts numerous environmental education activities such as guided tours and workshops for the public.
Date & Time : Ongoing
Venue : No.50 Kotewall Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong.
Organisation : Operated jointly by the Environmental Protection Department and the University of Hong Kong

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