Energy Saving Championship Scheme
As the community plays an indispensable role when it comes to energy conservation, we would like to appeal for supports from shopping malls, office buildings, residential buildings/ housing estates, primary and secondary schools, and tertiary education institutions by participating in the "Energy Saving Championship Scheme" (the Scheme) and setting targets to reduce your energy consumption comparable to or even exceeding Government targets, and to promote green building design and management as well.

The Scheme is to recognise leading organisations in the adoption of energy efficient technologies and equipment, application of operational optimisation of energy consuming systems (i.e. retro-commissioning), development of best practices in energy management and promotion of energy saving among tenants and occupants. Champions of each category will be invited as role models to share experience on application of energy efficient technologies and practices through visits or seminars for the trades.

We look forward to the concerted efforts of the Government and the community in promoting a healthy, liveable and sustainable environment in Hong Kong.
Date & Time : June 2016–May 2017
Venue : Not Applicable
Organisation : Environment Bureau and Electrical & Mechanical Services Department
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