HKScifest 2018 Seminar: Exploring freshwater life in Hong Kong
To raise public awareness on wild freshwater fish in Hong Kong, AFCD, DSD and Hong Kong Science Museum are co-organising this series of lectures to promote the knowledge on stream ecology. This series of lectures (1) introduces freshwater habitats and fish species in Hong Kong; and (2) explores the impact of historical climate change on the evolutionary history and genetic population structure of local freshwater fishes; and lastly (3) looks into new directions in engineering our river channels to give us sustainable eco-friendly green corridors that provide habitats for animal and plant life.
Date & Time : 21/4/2018 (Saturday) 14:00-17:00
Venue : Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Science Museum
Organisation : Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department; Drainage Services Department; Hong Kong Science Museum
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