Technical Visit to Solar Farm at the Siu Ho Wan Sewage Treatment Works and Organic Resources Recovery Centre, O-PARK1, at Siu Ho Wan
The Solar Farm at the Siu Ho Wan Sewage Treatment Works came into operation in 2016. The largest of its kind in Hong Kong, the solar farm comprises over 4,200 polycrystalline photovoltaic panels with an installed generation capacity of 1,100 kilowatts. The electricity generated by the solar farm will be fed through an internal power distribution network to various facilities inside the plant, which account for about 25 per cent of the current annual electricity consumption of the plant.

While the O∙PARK1 located at Siu Ho Wan is a self-sustainable food waste recycling facility. Apart from generating heat and power for internal use, it is estimated that about 14 million kWh of surplus electricity, an equivalent of the energy consumption of about 3 000 households, can be generated by O∙PARK1. It is also estimated that some 25 000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced each year. In addition, O∙PARK1 also helps the recycling of resources by generating about 6 500 tonnes of compost per year as a by-product. Since the operation of O∙PARK1 commenced in July 2018, more than 8 000 tonnes of food waste have already been treated and its treatment capacity will gradually increase.

This visit will allow participants to tour around both venues, and gain better understanding of the photo-voltaic system, the food waste treatment process as well as the 1st dry membrane fixed tank gasholder in Hong Kong.
Date & Time : 6 April 2019, 8:00 am – 1:00 pm
Venue : Siu Ho Wan Sewage Treatment Works & Organic Resources Recovery Centre, O-PARK1, Siu Ho Wan
Organisation : The Gas & Energy Division of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
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