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2019-07-05 00:00:00
Energy Saving for All 2019 Campaign launched
     The Environment Bureau (ENB) and the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) launched the Energy Saving for All 2019 Campaign today (July 5) to encourage the public to save energy and take action to mitigate climate change. 

     Speaking at the launching ceremony, the Secretary for the Environment, Mr Wong Kam-sing, said that the Government is championing the low-carbon transition of Hong Kong, and has invited the Council for Sustainable Development to conduct the public engagement on Long-term Decarbonisation Strategy to further respond to the Paris Agreement. "I encourage members of the public to actively provide their views on issues such as energy saving and carbon emission reduction, with a view to supporting Hong Kong to deepen decarbonisation and combat climate change," he said.

     Jointly organised by the ENB and the EMSD, the Energy Saving for All 2019 Campaign comprises the Energy Saving Charter 2019, the 4T Charter and the Energy Saving Championship Scheme 2019, as well as the award presentation ceremony of the Energy Saving Championship Scheme 2018.

     About 3 800 organisations have signed up to the Energy Saving Charter this year. They pledged to maintain the average indoor temperature at their premises between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius during the high summer months from June to September, switch off appliances when not in use, and procure energy-efficient appliances. In addition, appreciation certificates will be presented to 12 organisations to commend their efforts in recruiting participants for the Charter.  

     As for the 4T Charter, over 1 500 premises have joined by setting a target with an action timeline, enhancing transparency of reporting of energy saving results and building energy efficiency data, and encouraging stakeholders to work together on the formulation and implementation of 4T energy saving measures.  

     At today's ceremony, Mr Wong and the Acting Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services, Mr Harry Lai, presented awards to winning organisations of the Energy Saving Championship Scheme 2018. The Scheme seeks to encourage organisations from different sectors to take the lead to plan for and adopt the application of innovation and technology on energy efficiency and conservation and/or renewable energy technology, offer premises to facilitate field testing, and share their experience.  

     The competition has received an encouraging response with over 800 entries. The Hanson Supreme Grand Award is awarded to REC Green Technologies Co Ltd with its Energy Optimization Solution for the Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning System. The Hanson Grand Award winner for the Secondary and Post-secondary Schools category is HKTA the Yuen Yuen Institute No.2 Secondary School while YLPMS Alumni Association Primary School and HKUGA Primary School were crowned the winners of the Grand Award for Primary Schools. The winning organisations will take the lead in promoting energy saving among their peers by discussing their experience in seminars, as well as sharing their energy saving initiatives with the public by posting green tips on the Energy Saving for All website.

     The Energy Saving for All 2019 Campaign will also feature the Energy Saving Championship Scheme 2019, which encourages the adoption of retro-commissioning in existing buildings to save energy, while the student category aims to inspire the creativity of young people in energy saving and the application of renewable energy. 

     For details of the Energy Saving for All 2019 Campaign and the full list of winning organisations of the Energy Saving Championship Scheme 2018, please visit the thematic website (www.energysaving.gov.hk/en/home/index.html). 
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