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2022-09-28 15:13:00
Sixth round of Countryside Conservation Funding Scheme approves three projects
     The Secretariat of the Countryside Conservation Funding Scheme (CCFS) said today (September 28) that three projects involving a total grant of around $9 million have been approved in the new round of application. Together with the previous five rounds of application, a total of 33 projects involving a total amount of around $165 million have been approved.

     The CCFS supports local non-profit-making organisations to organise diverse and innovative conservation and revitalisation projects in collaboration with villagers. The CCFS covers a wide spectrum of conservation areas ranging from natural environment/habitats and non-graded built heritage to cultural and historic assets. All CCFS applications are examined and considered by the Advisory Committee on Countryside Conservation chaired by the Secretary for Environment and Ecology.

     The three approved projects in this round of application are located in Mui Tsz Lam Village in the North District, Kuk Po, and the Mai Po Nature Reserve respectively. The topics of these projects include restoring Mui Tsz Lam Village's built structure for communal use, promoting its Hakka built heritage and culture, and integrating green design concepts in the village; revitalising a village house and its adjacent space in Kuk Po Lo Wai, enhancing the spatial quality of the village and expanding its network of eco-cultural tourism; and increasing wetland management efficiency of Mai Po Nature Reserve through enhancement of the environmental monitoring by Internet of Things.

     The CCFS will continue to make the best use of public resources to promote the sustainable conservation and revitalisation of the remote countryside in a holistic approach, create green job opportunities and push for achieving carbon neutrality. Details of the approved projects are available on the CCFS webpage (www.epd.gov.hk/epd/english/environmentinhk/conservation/ccfs/ccfs_approved_projects.html).
Ends/Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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