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2016-06-05 00:00:00
Low-carbon living event held
The Environmental Campaign Committee held the World Environment Day 2016 publicity event in Tamar Park today.

The event was to promote low-carbon living to combat climate change.

Speaking at the event, Secretary for the Environment KS Wong said climate change is a pressing issue for the world and the Government has formed an inter-departmental steering committee to co-ordinate and implement the work on combating climate change.

He called for collaborative efforts from various community sectors to build a low-carbon Hong Kong.

Display panels introduced the achievements of anti-climate-change work in the past three years and tips on low-carbon living.

Workshops and games were also held to promote carbon reduction and energy saving, and to encourage the public to lead a low-carbon life.

The United Nations has been celebrating World Environment Day on June 5 every year since 1972 to encourage worldwide efforts to protect the environment.

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